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Weirdest games on PS4

The weirdest games on PS4

Some games are just weird by their very design. Whether it’s their premise, their gameplay, or both, there are some titles that you simply load up and then spend your time thinking, “just how did anyone come up with this idea?”. We’re absolutely here for it though: these weirdest games on PS4 are all wonderful in their own way.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the weirdest games on PS4, which we urge you to seek out and play. Whether they’re weird because of their premise, or because they have you doing outlandish things such as spinning around a limousine to trigger FMV scenes (Roundabout, we’re looking at you), they all bring something unique and loveable to your console.

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1. We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie

We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie
Image: Bandai Namco

There are few games on PS4 as weird as Katamari. Don’t let its mouthful of a name put you off: this remaster is an absolute joy to play — and it’s absurd in all the right ways. If you’re not familiar with the Katamari series of games, you’re put in control of ‘The Prince’, a tiny person in charge of pushing around a ball called a katamari. It’s not your typical ball, though: it can collect up items smaller than it, and the more items it collects, the bigger the ball grows.

And so, play through We Love Katamari, and you’ll start off collecting things like pushpins and paperclips from a bedroom. But in time, you’ll be gathering up cows, cars, whole buildings and, eventually, the entire world. Brilliant, hilarious and, if you think about it for too long, absolutely terrifying.

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2. What the Golf?

What the Golf screenshot
Image: Triband

What’s weird about a golf game, you might be thinking. A-ha, but What the Golf? is anything but your ordinary golf game. Developer Triband absolutely set out to make one of the weirdest games ever with this, and now it’s on PS4, you can absolutely revel in its delightful absurdity.

What the Golf? is basically the antithesis of every golf game you’ve ever played. Forget about hitting a ball with a club: how about simply lobbing your club down the green instead? Or flinging yourself, ragdoll physics and all? Or how about turning a game of golf into Angry Birds, or Flappy Bird, or even SUPERHOT? Yeah, it’s all here, and it’s as delightful as you could imagine.

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3. Fashion Police Squad

Fashion Police Squad
Image: No More Robots

Delightfully camp and an utter joy to play, Fashion Police Squad is one of our favourite of all the weirdest games on PS4, hands down. It’s technically a retro-inspired first-person shooter, but it’s absolutely unlike any other FPS you’ve ever seen. You aren’t shooting any ordinary gun here for starters. And you can forget about laying waste to demons: instead, you’re going to be shooting crimes of fashion out of existence.

Seen a badly-dressed pedestrian out on the streets? Simply aim your gun at them and fix their outfit right up. Everyone will be looking fabulous in no time, darling.

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4. Buildings Have Feelings Too!

Buildings Have Feelings Too
Image: Merge Games

Imagine a city-building game, but rather than building to please people, you’re trying to please the buildings themselves. Yeah, in Buildings Have Feelings Too, you rhouses, shops and other buildings are all sentient. They can move around with little arms and legs (aww), and they’ll voice their preferences about where they want to be positioned.

Some buildings won’t want to sit next to another, for example. While others will be happiest when placed together. You’ll need to keep all buildings’ preferences in mind to truly succeed here, making it quite unlike any city builder you’ve played before — and definitely the weirdest.

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5. Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break

Rock of Ages 3 screenshot
Image: Maximum Entertainment

It’s Rock of Ages 3’s sense of humour which makes it one of the weirdest games on PS4, but its gameplay is pretty out-there too. You see, the entire game centres around rolling boulders of various shapes and sizes around obstacle courses, or trying to disrupt your enemies as they do the same.

But it’s not just regular boulders you’ll be dealing with. You’ll encounter sheep tied up into a ball, rounds of cheese, snowman heads, and even a hapless Humpty Dumpty. Add that to the endless visual gags and silly historically-flavoured humour that peppers the game, and Rock of Ages 3 is a weird and wonderful delight from start to finish.

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6. I am Bread

I Am Bread screenshot
Image: TinyBuild

I am Bread puts you in control of a sentient slice of bread on a mission to become toast. If that doesn’t sound weird to you then you should probably get yourself checked out.

As a slice of bread, getting around is rather challenging. Your journey will demand that you escape from the confines of the kitchen, travel throughout the house, and eventually venture outside. But hey! A slice of bread’s gotta do what a slice of bread’s gotta do to become toast of its own volition, right?

Coming complete with a host of additional game modes to complement the sentient slice of bread’s story, I am Bread might be one of the weirdest games on PS4, but it’s also challenging and a whole lot of fun.

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7. Roundabout

Roundabout screenshot
Image: No Goblin

Roundabout is perhaps the most out-there of all the entries on this list of weirdest games on PS4. It really is absolutely bonkers, but that’s why we love it so.

In Roundabout, you’re placed in the sensible driving shoes of Georgio Manos, the world’s first rotating limousine driver. That’s right – normal driving etiquette just isn’t good enough for Georgio; instead, she likes to go about her business while endlessly spinning in circles.

As you explore Roundabout’s open world you’ll accept missions which trigger some of the most ludicrous video sequences ever recorded, but the game’s story kicks up a gear when a rival appears whom it seems you have unwittingly trained. Cue a crazy tale of love, pride, competition and loss, in which manoeuvring a limousine that never stops turning around becomes an entertaining challenge. We love it.

8. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 screenshot
Image: SEGA

Yakuza 0 is perhaps the very definition of weird and wonderful. One minute you can be mashing a goon’s face into a brick wall, and the next, enjoying a relaxing game of pool in a bar. The story shifts between being serious and dark to light and humorous in a split second, and some of its characters – ahem, Majima – are truly unhinged. It’s because of this that we absolutely adore it.

No other game lets you win a chicken for getting a turkey while bowling or asks you to give some pointers to a dominatrix to step up her game. Yakuza 0 stands out from the crowd by being totally off-the-wall, and for that reason it deserves to be played.

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9. Manual Samuel

Manual Samuel screenshot
Image: Perfectly Paranormal

How much effort do you have to exert to breathe or blink? None, right? How about standing up straight? That requires a bit of effort but it’s still a cinch, surely? For Manual Samuel’s titular Samuel, however, all of those tasks are quite a hardship. You see, Samuel’s come a-cropper after a road accident, and after doing a deal with Death he returns to the land of the living with one condition: he must perform his everyday bodily functions manually for 24 hours.

In practice it means that you have to control each of Samuel’s arms and legs as he goes about his daily business, as well as remembering to breathe in and out, blink and maintain his posture. Sounds troublesome, doesn’t it? And indeed it is, but it’s also rather hilarious.

Ordinary tasks like making coffee, eating and even going to the toilet become challenges fraught with peril, and Samuel’s day only gets worse when he gets to work. It’s frustrating in just the right sort of way, and playing through Manual Samuel is an absolute joy.

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10. Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad: Dadliest Catch screenshot
Image: Young Horses

What could be weirder than being a suit-wearing octopus, with a human wife and kids? Not much, if you ask us, which is why Octodad: Dadliest Catch is one of the weirdest games on PS4. Octodad himself is tricky to control, with you controlling his tentacle-laden arms and legs separately. It takes some mastering, which just adds to the weird and wacky shenanigans throughout the game.

Perhaps what really sets Octodad apart as one of the weirdest games, though, is the fact that many of the tasks you carry out in the game are so… ordinary. You need to clean the dishes. And go to the supermarket. And simply keep the kids entertained. Yet when you’re in control of Octodad, everyday tasks are far from boring. You better hope you can keep your limbs in check though — you don’t want your family discovering that you’re an octopus after all…

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