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WWE 2K24 review — Could this be the best wrestling game ever made?

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Since the disaster that was WWE 2K20, it’s impressive how Visual Concepts has been able to turn things around. WWE 2K22 put the series on the right track, WWE 2K23 improved on that formula with very impressive results, and WWE 2K24 takes things even further. In fact, as far as wrestling games go, it might just be the best yet.

It’s primarily due to the further refinement of the gameplay. WWE 2K24 feels more responsive and intuitive to play than ever before, with everything looking and feeling that bit more natural. There’s certainly less snappiness to it, that’s for sure. It makes stepping into the ring with any of the game’s 200-odd fighters an absolute delight, whether you win or lose.

The changes made to the core systems are really beginning to shine now with some tweaking, too. It’s much easier to get your head around grappling, submissions and more, leading to matches that feel more dynamic and varied and on the whole.

All that being said, Visual Concepts hasn’t just tweaked what already exists and called it a day: it’s added some new features, too. There’s a new trading blows mini-game, for example, which adds a bit of fun and flair to matches.

WWE 2K24 screenshot
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Players jumping into WWE 2K24 will also find that they can now pull off Super Finishers to really lay the hurt on their opponents, and other new features include being able to hit multiple opponents outside of the ring when jumping off the top rope, throwing weapons at your opponents, and more. Needless to say, there’s a lot to discover and incorporate into your matches.

When it comes to modes there’s nothing new here, but every one has been enhanced or expanded upon in some way. MyRise once again features two new stories, for example, perhaps tempting you to create both a male and female superstar and lead them to glory. There are wealth of unlockable here, too, and for the first time there’s voice acting from the likes of Cody Rhodes and Mick Foley. Oh, and you’re now able to carry over your MyRise characters and unlockables into MyGM and MyFaction modes, which will no doubt make some players happy.

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On the subject of MyGM and MyFaction, in the former players will find multiple new General Managers to take control of, including Teddy Long. Other improvements includes superstar trading between brands and superstar contract management, as well as the superstar journey that allows superstars to earn XP, train and level up to gain new benefits by participating in matches.

Fans of MyFaction mode, on the other hand, will like love the return of weekly towers, and the introduction of the direct purchase card market. There are other improvements, too, such as ranked matchmaking with unique rewards, and Persona cards that offer an alternative attire not only in MyFaction, but also across the rest of the game.

The real draw for many here though, might be this year’s Showcase mode, titled 2K Showcase… of the Immortals. Celebrating 40 years of Wrestlemania, it focuses on some of the most legendary wrestlers to have ever graced WWE, including the likes of “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and Shawn Michaels. As ever, gameplay is mixed seamlessly into footage, with players rewarded for completing objectives that make the fight play out closely to the original. The more objectives you complete, the more rewards you earn, and there are some neat unlockables up for grabs.

WWE 2K screenshot
Image: 2K

Away from the modes, creativity plays a large role. There are more options here than ever before, allowing players to go wild when it comes to creating their own wrestlers and a whole lot more. Hell, there’s a whole new create a referee option. There are even four more match types to inflict upon your wrestlers: Gauntlet, Ambulance, Casket and Special Referee. This is in addition to some valuable enhancements in the Backstage Brawl and Royal Rumble match types, which now have better multiplayer support.

Really, it’s hard to us to find genuine fault with WWE 2K24. Things can still get a bit messy when there are four or more wrestlers in the ring, as you’ve got the added task of making sure you’re targeting the right opponent, and while it feels like the most polished release yet, there’s still the occasional glitch. On the whole though, when you boot up WWE 2K24 you’re left with a massive grin on your face, whether it’s because of the ridiculous storylines in MyRise mode, or the sheer entertainment of the in-ring action.

Whether you’re a fan of WWE or wrestling in general, WWE 2K24 is pretty much a must-have. As ever, it’s a comprehensive package that has something for everybody, and with its enhanced gameplay and expanded creativity options, it’s a title that you’ll likely go back to again and again. It’s assuredly the best WWE game in a very long time — and might actually be a contender for the title of best wrestling game ever.

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This review of WWE 2K24 is based on the PS5 version, with a code provided by the game’s publisher. It’s available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
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