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Xsolla unveils its Cross-Play Cross-Pay strategy for multi-platform monetisation for mobile games

Video game commerce company Xsolla has introduced a new innovative approach to monetising mobile games. Known as Cross-Play Cross-Pay, it’s a response to the evolving landscape of mobile gaming and it will allow developers to seamlessly transfer their games between mobile, desktop and the cloud while also enabling profitable direct-to-consumer sales.

With the arrival of Cross-Play to the Xsolla Launcher, it’s now easier than ever for developers to make use of the capabilities of desktop gaming. The enhanced power, graphics and depth of gameplay is now within reach, making porting mobile games to PC easier than ever.

David Stelzer, president of Xsolla says: “The advancements made with Cross-Play Cross-Pay have been a focus of our innovation over the past year after collaborating with numerous partners and launching over 200 web shops in 2023. This extensive real-world application with customer feedback has helped mobile game developers to efficiently market their games online by operating within the platform guidelines. Cross-Play Cross-Pay is our strategic innovation to meet the continuously evolving demands of the ever-changing mobile game industry. By delivering a multi-platform solution for mobile game developers, we can help them to reach more players and to grow their business.”

Cross-Play also allows for consistent and fair monetisation across all platforms. It means that players will have equal access to content, no matter what platform they’re playing on. It goes hand-in-hand with the Xsolla Web Shop, which is a web purchase solution making the foundation of Xsolla’s direct-to-consumer strategy.

Web Shops are designed to be customisable branded stores equipped to allow in-game web purchases. The newest iteration of the Xsolla Web Shop solution is based on innovative updates and expertise that Xsollas has gained from the more than 210 web shops it has already launched — including 40 of the top 100 highest-grossing mobile games worldwide. The next version of Web Shop features advanced LiveOps tools, additional personalisation features and an improved user flow.

This, along with the comprehensive suite of Cross-Play Cross-Pay solutions means that mobile developers have more tools than ever to ensure their games reach a wide audience.

Click here for more information about Xsolla Web Shop. Alternatively, to learn more about Xsolla Launcher, click here.

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