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Xsolla Wallet empowers devs and creators with new finance solutions and instance earnings

Global video game company Xsolla has officially announced Xsolla Wallet, a unique solution offering embedded finance options for game developers, creators and influencers. It’s the next step in Xsolla providing developers with next-level tools to create games without boundaries.

With Xsolla Wallet, the company hopes that developers will more easily be able to overcome various monetisation challenges. The new system simplifies the process of providing incentives along with making the earning and spending process more efficient and straightforward. Importantly, Xsolla Wallet also ensures global compliance with different countries’ rules and regulations.

The rollout of Xsolla Wallet will enable developers and creators to spend less time on financial issues and concentrate on what matters the most: creating good games and making engaging content

The following features in Xsolla Wallet are designed to make a developer’s life easier:

  • Simplified incentives for creators: Developers can easily and simply provide various incentives for influencers and creators making content about their game
  • No need to worry about compliance: With Xsolla’s “Know Your Customer” system and various tax services, users won’t need to worry about global compliance.
  • Expand influence: Alongside the Xsolla gaming ecosystem, Xsolla Wallet provides new tools to attract new influencers.

But Xsolla Wallet hasn’t been designed just for developers. Creators and influencers will benefit from it too, with the following tools:

  • Get paid: Creators will have an immediate and easy way to spend earnings using an Xsolla Mastercard, amongst other payout options
  • Manage earnings: Creators and influences can aggregate earnings across platforms to manage income streams from areas like merchandise sales and crowdfunding.

David Stelzer, Xsolla president, says, “By bringing together our expertise and the Xsolla Wallet’s embedded finance functionality, we are bringing developers and creators together in an unparalleled financial ecosystem tailored for video games. We aim to provide an equal opportunity for every developer, creator, and influencer to have fast and secure access to ways to monetize their work in the global creator economy.” 

Mastercard is also happy to be part of Xsolla Wallet. Sherri Haymond, the EVP of Global Digital Partnerships at Mastercard, says, “As a long-standing supporter of the video gaming community, Mastercard is thrilled to continue building on our partnership with Xsolla, delivering choice and value to creators and developers alike with the launch of the Xsolla Mastercard. Together we’re enabling convenient, seamless payments options that add tools to developers’ toolkits, help solve challenges for creators and foster an inclusive gaming community for all.”

Xsolla Wallet is just the latest in a suite of tools created by Xsolla to empower game developers and creators. It’s a reflection of Xsolla’s commitment to creating a supportive and productive environment for developers to make games and for creators to make content.

More details about Xsolla Wallet can be found on its official website.

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