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Big changes are coming to Balatro soon in update 1.0.1

Balatro Jokers screenshot
Image: Playstack

A new update has rolled out to an experimental beta branch of Balatro in Steam — and it’ll be coming to all versions of the game at some point next week. Regular players of the popular poker-based roguelike will notice some big, big changes — particularly to the functions of Joker cards.

Balatro update 1.0.1, as its called, is available to players on Steam by opting into the public_experimental beta branch (right-click Balatro in your Steam library, go to Properties > Betas > Beta Participation). For everyone else, developer LocalThunk hopes to roll it out within a week, providing everything works smoothly in the experimental branch.

As for what changes we can look forward to? Well, a lot, by the looks of things. Some Jokers’ actions are being completely changed, while some values are being tinkered with. Ante scaling is being rebalanced and a number of bugs are being fixed – along with general performance improvements on Steam.

The full Balatro patch notes can be viewed on the r/Balatro subreddit (via the official Discord), but we’ve condensed the most interesting changes below:

  • Added toggle for ‘Reduced Motion’, removing the swirly background and gyrating card motion
  • Changed ante scaling in white stake:
    • Ante 3: 2800 -> 2000
    • Ante 4: 6000 -> 5000
  • Changed ante scaling in green stake:
    • Ante 2: 1000 -> 900
    • Ante 3: 3200 -> 2400
    • Ante 4: 9000 -> 7000
  • Changed ante scaling in purple stake:
    • Ante 2: 1200 -> 1000
    • Ante 3: 3600 -> 3000
    • Ante 4: 10000 -> 8000
    • Ante 5: 25000 -> 22000
  • Changed Orange Stake
    • Scrapped increasing pack cost
    • Added new ‘Perishable’ mechanic, Jokers have a 30% chance to have a ‘Perishable’ sticker, disabling them after 5 rounds
  • Changed Gold Stake
    • Scrapped -1 hand size
    • Added new ‘Rental’ mechanic, Jokers have a 30% chance to have a ‘Rental’ sticker (stacks with eternal/perishable), making them cost $1 up front and $3 every round
  • Changed the first shop in every run to always include a normal Buffoon pack as one of the pack options
  • Buffed Saturn: Now gives +3 mult instead of +2 mult for Straights
  • Buffed Neptune: Now gives +4 mult instead of +3 mult for Straight Flush
  • Buffed Eris: Now gives +50 chips instead of +40 chips for Flush Five
  • Buffed Ceres: Now gives +4 mult instead of +3 mult for Flush House
  • Changed Uncommon tag – Now makes the uncommon joker free
  • Changed Rare tag – Now makes the rare joker free
  • Negative, Polychrome, Holo, Foil tags all make their respective joker free
  • Changed Investment to give $25 instead of $15
  • Changed Magician Tarot – now applies lucky to 2 cards instead of 1
  • Changed Midas Mask – now only applies Gold enhancement to scoring face cards, costs $7 was $6
  • Changed Swashbuckler – Now adds sell value of all other Jokers to Mult, not just the Jokers to the left
  • Changed Hanging Chad – Now retriggers the first played card 2 times instead of once
  • Changed all 4 Sinful Jokers (one for each suit) – they now each give +3 mult per suit instead of +4 mult
  • Changed Banner – now gives +30 chips per remaining discard instead of +40 chips
  • Changed Steel Joker – Now gives X0.2 mult per Steel card in full deck instead of X0.25 mult
  • Changed Hiker – Now gives +5 chips to every scoring card played instead of +4 chips
  • Changed Smily Face – Now give +5 mult per face card, was +4 mult
  • Changed Glass Joker – Now gives X0.75 mult per glass card destroyed, was X0.5 mult
  • Changed Stuntman – Now gives +250 Chips, was +300
  • Changed Invisible Joker – Now requires 2 rounds and costs $8, was 3 rounds and $10
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