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Botany Manor screenshot

Botany Manor walkthrough – full puzzle solutions and clue locations

Have you picked up Botany Manor to play through? You’ve made an excellent, excellent choice. In our Botany Manor review, we scored it a very rare and very coveted 10/10, calling it “one of the best puzzle games we’ve ever played”. And so, you’re in for a great time. If you need help with any of the puzzles in Botany Manor, though, we’re here to help with our full walkthrough.

While none of its puzzles are completely obtuse, it’s easy to miss a clue or be unsure of how to interpret a piece of information. There’s no shame in needing help, and hopefully our Botany Manor walkthrough will point you in the right direction.

Here, you’ll find a rundown of each of its five chapters, pointing you to each clue, how to solve each of the game’s puzzles and linking you to detailed guides on how to grow each flower. We’ve separated these out for a couple of reasons. One, it keeps the length of this document down, and two, it gives you the opportunity to solve it for yourself once you’ve got everything you need.

You’ll also find video walkthroughs in this guide to completing Botany Manor. But if you prefer text, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide of where to go in written form, too.

A note on how to use this Botany Manor walkthrough

Botany Manor involves finding objects, which act as clues, then piecing those clues together in order to figure out how to bloom a particular flower. A chapter typically has two or three flowers to tackle at once. Rather than doing one at a time, we’ve gathered all the clues first. Once we’ve got everything, we’ve then assigned them to a flower to figure out the bloom puzzle.

You can play the game however you want, but following our guide will ensure you’ve not missed any vital clues. We’ve broken up our guide into chapters, and bolded each item you can interact with that forms a clue.

Jump to: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Botany Manor walkthrough – Chapter 1

  1. Look at the letter and the book on the desk to your left. Walk through the door into the greenhouse.
  2. Look at the wildflowers poster and the temperature chart on the blackboard to your right. Then walk over to the desk on the opposite side and look at the postcard and newspaper.
  3. Pick up the windmill wort seed from the planting desk and plant a seed. Place a pot on the desk, put in soil, then the seed, then water it.
  4. Take the plant pot over to near the heat vent. Set the boiler to 60c.
  5. Walk through the garden to the gatehouse and pick up the key.
  6. Head up the path to the main garden.

Chapter 2

  1. Head into the main house. Go left and read the letter in the side room. Enter into the hallway and read the letter under the family tree. You don’t need to look a the family tree just yet but you’ll need to come back later!
  2. Head into the side corridor and look at the Dartmoor poster and the Pyrophiles book.
  3. Go back into the main entrance and across to open the door leading into the apothecary. Before going in, pick up the Fulguria seeds and look at the three photos.
  4. Go through to the apothecary then the dining room and look at the folklore book.
  5. In the drawing room, pick up the back terrace key, look at the flash powder, letter from farmer Charles, and flash lamp manual.
  6. Head to the back terrace door and open it. Go down the stairs, collect the ash plume seeds from the table and read the seed log book.
  7. Keep following the path down until you read the end. Pick up the kitchen key and read the kitchen note about the broken mortar.
  8. Head to the kitchen. Look at the cookbook about chestnuts, the Dartmoor lecture poster, and the broken mortar. Go into the staff quarters, look at the poem and the romantic card. Examine the ornamental duck (for achievements!)
  9. Head up the stairs and out into the kitchen garden. Look at the smoking book.

Now, that’s everything you need to grow Ash Plume and Fulguria. Below, we’ve listed the specific items that form the clue for each flower. You can piece together everything yourself, or follow our links through to our grow guides.

Ash Plume clues

  • Seed log
  • Poem
  • Pyrophiles
  • Smoking book
  • Cooking book
  • Dartmoore poster
  • Dartmoor lecture

Read our guide on how to grow Ash Plume in Botany Manor

Fulguria clues

  • Folklore book
  • Flash lamp manual
  • Flash powder bottle
  • Letter from farmer
  • Photographs

Read our guide on how to grow Fulguria in Botany Manor

Once both plants are grown, you’ll be notified that a delivery waits for you at the gatehouse. Head there, and pick up the orchard key.

Botany Manor walkthrough – Chapter 3

Now you’ve got the orchard key, head to the orchard entrance — it’s at the left side of the garden as you’re approaching the main entrance of the house. Open the gate, and it’s time to explore to find all the clues you need.

  1. Read the nursery rhyme book and the letter on the table just ahead.
    Head through to the cider kitchen and look at the apple blending note and the cider apples poster.
  2. Head back out into the orchard and to the table with a microscope. Look at the slides, the iodine and the chloroplasts book. Walk up to see the priest holes book and letter from historian.
  3. Walk across the grass and get the pixie tears seeds from the greenhouse. Look at the pot notes.
  4. Head up towards the steps and look at the builder’s letter before heading up. Look in the tower and see the broken anemometer.
  5. Go further up the steps to the terrace. Look at the tower wind research book and the alpine exploration guide. Open the door to the orangery and collect the painting room key, read the note about the stairs, the envelope with stamp and letter from natty.
  6. Open the back door to the orangery out onto the back terrace. Head into the house and unlock the painting room to your left.
  7. Look at the manor floorplan, the symbology book, and the note about the scale.
  8. Head into the kitchen and examine the symbol on the shelf on the far side. It’s now time to open the hidden priest hole. Ooh!

How to find the priest hole in Botany Manor and reach the ground floor of the Orangery

Before you can continue, you first need to figure out how to get to the ground floor of the Orangery in Botany Manor: it means finding the priest hole mentioned in the clue we found earlier.

The door to the priest hole is in the kitchen pantry. See those shelves on the far wall? There’s a strange symbol on them — and if you paid attention to the symbology book in the painting room, you’ll see it’s the Catholicism symbol.

Head into the kitchen and read the poem again on the wall: that’s your clue. It mentions the year the house was built — and we also saw that in the painting room. It’s on the map of the manor on the wall: 1593.

So: 1593 is the solution we need, and the key to opening the priest hole is the weights in the pantry. You need to put weights 1, 5, 9 and 3 on the scale in that order. Doing so will move the shelves backwards, opening a doorway.

  1. Now the priest hole is open, walk through the door and follow the tunnel. Read the letter from the priest and look at the tufted duck.
  2. Go up the stairs and through the door to enter the ground floor of the orangery.
  3. Pick up the wolfglove seeds, look at the coins, the old advert in the bin and the field trip journal.
  4. Interact with the wood panels to repair the stairs and make your way quickly back up.

You’ve now got all the clues to grow the flowers. Use the clues, which we’ve grouped below, or read our individual guides to grow each one.

Pixie tears clues

  • Pot notes
  • Microscope slides
  • Chloroplasts book
  • Apple blending
  • Cider apples

Read our guide on how to grow pixie tears

Wolfglove clues

  • Nursery rhyme
  • Wind research
  • Alpine weather
  • Envelope with stamp
  • Letter about Alps
  • Letter from builder
  • Coin collection

Read our guide on how to grow wolfglove

Once again, you’ll be notified that something is waiting for you at the gatehouse when both flowers have bloomed. Head back to the gatehouse and read the letter from your sister, Elizabeth. It’s a clue to open the library lock upstairs in Botany Manor: you’ll need the three initials of her name.

You’ll find the initials on the family tree. Remember you’ll need her current, married name, so Elizabeth Anne Hopgood. That means the library lock combination is EAH.

Botany Manor walkthrough – Chapter 4

Chapter four of Botany Manor sees you exploring the entire upstairs of the house — and for the first time, you’ll have three flowers to grow at once instead of two. With a bedroom, bathroom, library, study, bell tower and attic to sift through, there’s a lot of stuff to collect, and it’s easy to miss something. We’ll start in the library.

  1. Head into the library and examine the Fox and the Crow book and the Night Sky book.
  2. Head upstairs and look at the Golden Fish book, the Hare and the Tortoise book, and the Rising Sun.

How to solve the library puzzle and access the secret room

Those five books you’ve just looked at? They’re the key to opening the secret room in Botany Manor’s library. On the ground floor, just to the left of the entrance, you’ll find a series of white buttons. There’s one button for each book in the library.

Each open fable mentions a time of day: The Golden Fish is bright morning, The Hare and the Tortoise is midday, and Fox and the Crow is evening. The Rising Sun and Wonders of the Night Sky are self explanatory. Each button needs pushing in order of the time of day, starting with the earliest:

  1. The Rising Sun
  2. Golden Fish
  3. Hare and the Tortoise
  4. Fox and the Crow
  5. Night Sky

Voila! A shelf will move backwards, revealing a secret room in the library.

  1. Now you’re in the secret room, look at the sunset paintings, the old newspaper, and grandma’s research notes. Pick up the nightfall seeds and the study key.
  2. Head across the hall to the study and unlock the door. Look at the eggs, the tree diseases book, the fungi book, and the professor’s note. Collect the sapphire gloom seeds.
  3. We need to access more of the upstairs, so time to get rid of the tree.

How to get rid of the tree inside Botany Manor

You can’t get rid of the tree in Botany Manor until you’ve reached chapter four and accessed the study. But at this point in the game, it’s very easy! In the study, you’ll have found sapphire gloom seeds, as well as some literature about tree diseases and fungi (incidentally, the two clues for sapphire gloom in your botany book). Simply plant the sapphire gloom, then place the pot at the base of the tree in the house hallway.

Voila: the fungi will take hold of the tree, moving the position of the branch upstairs, allowing you to pass through the previously blocked door.

  1. Head through the door previously blocked by the tree. In the hallway, look at the trapped fairy painting, the letter about weeds and the cradle fern painting.
  2. Head into the bedroom and look at the weed removal ad, petition and trapped fairy story. Pick up the cradle fern seeds.
  3. Head into the bathroom. Look at the plumbing quote and bath geyser manual. Fix the pipes, using our image below as a guide. (Flush the toilet for an achievement!)
Botany Manor screenshot - how to fix the pipes in the bathroom
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go back out into the corridor and straight across to the bell tower. Look at the river trust letter and the government notice on the board. Collect the attic key.
  2. In the next room, look at the Rivers of Somerset poster and the letter about melodies. Head up the stairs and look at the bird calls book.
  3. Head back down and into the corridor. Walk down to the attic door and open it. Look at the trapped moths leaflet, the moths of England poster, and the moth calendar.
  4. Go upstairs and look at the sight of plants and botanist’s digest. There’s also a duck, which you’ll need for an achievement. Pick up the brook chalice seeds.

We now have all the clues so can grow all the flowers! Once again, we’ve grouped together the relevant clues to give you a pointer. But if you need more help, follow the links to our full guides.

Brook Chalice clues

  • River poster
  • Weed removal
  • Bath geyser
  • Letter about weeds
  • River trust
  • Government notice

Read our guide on how to grow brook chalice

Nightfall clues

  • Sunset paintings
  • Fairy painting
  • Grandma’s research
  • Fary story
  • Moths poster
  • Moth calendar
  • Trapped moths
  • Sight of plants

Read our guide on how to grow nightfall

Cradle fern clues

  • Bird eggs
  • Fern painting
  • Bird calls
  • Letter about melodies
  • Petition

Read our guide on how to grow cradle fern

When brook chalice, nightfall and cradle fern have all bloomed, head to the gatehouse. There, you’ll find the formal garden key. To reach the formal garden, you’ll need to go back through the house, out of the back terrace and down the steps.

Botany Manor walkthrough – Chapter 5

This is it: we’re on the final stretch of Botany Manor. Chapter five takes us to the formal garden: a huge and beautiful outdoor space towards the back of the manor. Once again, it’s a big area, with nooks and crannies that are easy to miss, so be sure to look everywhere.

  1. On the main lawn, look at the newspaper article. Collect the springdance shrub seeds from the pergola.
  2. Through the trellis arch to the left, look at the telegraph note, the military codes book, and note the table with various bottles. Open the shed and look at the growing hydrangeas leaflet and pot catalogue.
  3. Head back through the trellis arch and up the stairs. Note the robin and the bird house – you’ll need to come back here later! Follow the path and look at the soil pH research notes and the pigment research notes.
  4. Follow the path down the steps to the marble building and collect the boat house key. Look at the bird poster. Head back out and look at the bird seeds near the bench in front.
  5. Head back up past the robin’s bird house and down the stairs at the side of the pergola. Follow the path until you reach a table and chairs. Look at the spiritualism book .
  6. Near the lawnmower, pick up the handle. Head back up towards the house and place the handle by the empty water feature. It will fill up, revealing a water lily pathway leading to a cave
  7. Go up the stairs by the water feature and collect the fool’s emerald seeds. Look at the bioluminescence book, the plant chemicals poster, and the greeting card.
  8. Head down past the lake and open the gate to the boathouse. Follow the stairs down, then go up the stairs to the boathouse door.
  9. Look at the How Weeds Spread book, the boardgame, its instructions and all its cards. Look at the animal heartbeats and pick up the oscilette seeds. We can plant and grow the oscilette seeds right away.

How to grow the oscilette seeds in Botany Manor

Since all the clues for growing the oscilette can be found in the boat house — animal heartbeats, playing cards, boardgame rules and weeds and seeds book — we can grow the plant right away.

The book about weeds and seeds tells us that oscilette is part of a group of plants that grows in animal dens when they are sleeping. From the boardgame, we can ascertain that oscilette is found with the red squirrel — they’re the only two “field” cards in the game.

So: head over to the animal heartbeats book, and you’ll see that the red squirrel heartbeat when asleep is 120bpm. Did you notice there’s a phonograph in the room? That’s our key to growing the oscilette.

Head down just outside the boathouse to plant the seed, then bring it back up and place it in front of the phonograph. Find the phonograph record that’s 120bpm — it’s called ‘Meadow’s Bliss’. Place it in the phonograph and turn the handle.

  1. Once you’ve grown the oscilette, leave the boathouse and go down the stairs to the decking area. Pick up the telegraph from under the boathouse and take it into the cave behind the water feature.

You’ve now got all the clues, so all that’s left to do is grow the final two plants in Botany Manor: the fool’s emerald and the springdance shrub.

Fool’s emerald clues

  • Bioluminesence
  • Plant chemicals
  • News article
  • Note about telegraph
  • Military codes
  • Morse code

Read our full guide on how to grow fool’s emerald

Springdance shrub clues

  • Greeting card
  • Pigment research
  • Soil pH research
  • Pot catalogue
  • Hydrangeas
  • Bird seeds
  • Bird poster

Read our full guide on how to grow springdance shrub

Once those final plants are grown, it’s time to go to the gatehouse again. This time, there’s no package to collect: you’ll instead need to place the completed herbarium in the letter box.

After the credits roll, you’ll get a short “One year later” scene. The library has been turned into a classroom. Have a nosey around. To end the scene, walk to the back of the classroom and read the letter. Pick up the book and place it on the reading stand.

That’s it: you’ve completed Botany Manor.

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