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Aussie Fallout Broken Roads’s new roadmap promises big, game-changing improvements

Broken Roads, a man and a woman standing against a nuclear explosion.

Following a disappointing launch, the developer of Aussie Fallout RPG Broken Roads has released a roadmap for the game. It reveals that some serious improvements are in the works, but can the updates restore this post-apocalyptic game’s reputation?

We were seriously looking forward to Broken Roads, an Australian turn-based RPG that, like Fallout, had you exploring the post-apocalyptic outback. As more than a few people (and Mad Max) have pointed out, the Australian Outback already has a real wasteland vibe. But this isometric outing takes place after the collapse of society.

However, its reviews have been less than stellar, with the game sitting at 63% on OpenCritic and 60% on MetaCritic. Steam reviews are similarly mixed, with complaints including lackluster combat, issues with the morality system and more. Developer Drop Bear Bytes has acknowledged that the game, already delayed into 2024, has not lived up to its potential.

“We’ve loved watching the streams, engaging with you all and hearing about your positive experience with (Broken Roads). But we know that, overall, we’ve fallen short of player expectations in some key areas,” the developer tweeted. In that same tweet, they shared a road map that they believe will get the game back on track.

A roadmap for improving Broken Roads

Improvements additional moral options, additional voice-overs, extra animations, more content for the last chapter and so on. One patch is set to drop next week, April 19th, while the other is scheduled for a mid-May release. At least, that’s when the PC patches drop. The road map doesn’t date the console updates, but that may be due to the complexities of console certification.

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If you’re prepared to take the plunge now, the game is available digitally on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. But, as tempted as we are by its Fallout-style premise (and Aussie lingo), we’re going to see if Drop Bear Bytes can deliver with this road map.

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