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Antler Interactive’s Cloudborn demo impresses players at GDC

Last month’s Game Developers Conference saw Antler Interactive show off its latest release, Cloudborn. Described as a ‘Web3 RPG MMO AI game’, Antler Interactive say that Cloudborn is the first of its kind — and being available to play in both the Inworld and BGA booths, it impressed the people who came to play it.

Constantic Berthelier, a narrative designer at Antler Interactive, was in charge of leading the demonstrations of the game at GDC. “We had testers of all sorts, some big names from big studios and publishers,” he said. “Others were devs mostly curious about our title. I had anticipated that most GDC attendees were privy to the recent updates on the AI scene and would be somewhat blasé when interacting with our characters. But no, it did provide the wow effect!”

One feature of Cloudborn being demonstrated at GDC was its use of artificial intelligence in non-player characters. Shown off in one NPC called Zero, it allows for more dynamic responses and interactions with players depending on their actions and inputs.

“Most users were overwhelmed that they had the liberty to tell Zero all they wanted,” Berthelier commented. “Zero remained relevant and on character no matter what the testers would tell him.”

Cloudborn demonstration from Antler Interactive at GDC 2024
Image: Antler Interactive

Aside from using AI to bring its NPCs to life, Cloudborn also utilises Web3 gaming technology, meaning it uses blockchain technology to give self-ownership to the people who play. According to Berthelier, its implementation impressed many at the conference. “The executives of big publishers, like NetEase, Square, Enix, and Amazon, all thought [the Web3 aspect] would be interesting, and even more so when I explained what it could allow,” he explained.

Cloudborn’s AI implementation has been developed by Antler Interactive’s partner, Inworld. It’s used in such a way that environments and characters can change in real time, offering a more immersive and personal game experience that will differ from one player to another.

Comments on the game at GDC included “beautiful”, “unique” and “fresh”, while others remarked on the “well-made UI”. One attendee in particular said that Cloudborn has “the best UI possible to contain the AI prompts and feedback”.

Cloudborn’s team found its time at GDC to ultimately be a satisfying and rewarding experience. It was able to use its time at the conference to being partnership discussions with products, developers, artists, narrative designers, Web3 experts and more, giving the team plenty of connections in order to grow. The team also noted there was very little direct competition to Cloudborn, despite Web3 having a large presence as a whole.

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