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Cryptrio is a challenging Tetris-like with monsters, and we love it

Cryptrio screenshot
Image: Chequered Ink

Cryptrio has an unfortunate name, really. Type it into Google and it’ll autocorrect to ‘Crypto’ and… well, you can imagine what sorts of results come up. But Cryptrio, a Tetris-meets-dungeon crawler, couldn’t be further from cryptocurrency. It’s utterly delightful, in fact.

Like Tetris, different-shaped blocks fall from the top of the screen, and it’s your job to arrange them on the bottom. You can’t rotate them, however. And instead of trying to clear full rows of blocks, you need to group together three of the same. A match-three puzzler meets Tetris, then.

You see, each block is essentially a monster, and they can only be killed in threes. The more you kill, the higher your score will be. Get rid of a few sets of monsters and you’ll be faced with a “boss”. These large squares can’t be taken down in the same way as other enemies: instead, you have to make matches near them a number of times before they’re defeated.

Cryptrio Screenshot
Image: Chequered Ink

Like all games of this type, Cryptrio starts off fairly easily, but it doesn’t take long before it gets fiendishly difficult to stay on top of everything. As more monster types are introduced and blocks begin to fall faster, it gets harder and harder to place them where you need to. Before long, you’ll soon find yourself in a situation that you can’t get out of: when your blocks reach the top of the screen, just like in Tetris, it’s game over.

All it means, though, is that you’ll want to jump in and have another go. It’s the type of deliciously simple game that lures you in time and time again — and thanks to having a leaderboard, you’ll be desperate to beat your best score (and everyone else’s). We’ve already been put to shame and Cryptrio isn’t even out to the general public yet: we’re stuck in the mid-thirty thousands, while the top score is around the 200,000 mark. Phew. But we’ll keep trying.

Inexpensive (Cryptrio costs just $4.99) and a lot of fun, we won’t hesitate to recommend this to any fan of match-three puzzlers or Tetris-like games. The monster twist is a nice touch, but it’s trying to beat our high scores that’s going to keep us coming back.

Cryptrio will be available on PC via Steam from Friday 12th April.

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