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Dave the Diver is coming to PS Plus Extra on 16th April

Dave the Diver screenshot
Image: Mintrocket

Dave the Diver took the gamesphere by storm when it launched on PC, then Switch, last year. We loved it ourselves: in our Dave the Diver review, we called it a “triumph in just about every way”. Combining retail management with dive-fishing exploration, it’s a delight to play. And finally, PS5 owners get to enjoy it this month. Even better, it’s launching straight into the PS Plus Extra catalogue.

That’s right: if you’re a PS Plus Extra or Premium subscriber, you’ll be able to play Dave the Diver at no extra cost when it launches on PS5 on 16th April. And if you’re yet to play it, you really, really should.

There’s a lot to Dave the Diver, and it’s impossible to sum it up with one simple genre tag. By day, you are Dave the Diver, venturing into the oceans, pushing a little further each time, to find new and rare fish. You’ll also have to watch out for sharks and other threats, and you’ll of course need to monitor your health and oxygen levels. That’s a whole game in itself.

But by night, you’re on hand to help run a sushi restaurant. What’s on the menu depends on what you caught that day. You’ll need to prepare meals, serve your customers, make drinks, and generally ensure everything’s running smoothly. After all, you won’t make money if you don’t sell sushi.

Seriously: if you’re yet to play it, give it a go. And Dave the Diver isn’t the only brand-spanking-new game hitting PS Plus Extra this month, either. We’re also getting Tales of Kenzera: ZAU when it launches on 23rd April. It’s a good month to be a PS Plus Extra or Premium member, then.

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