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Upcoming Dragon’s Dogma 2 update will make it easier to spot Dragonsplague

Dragon's Dogma 2 review
Screenshot: GameSpew

Are you paying Dragon’s Dogma 2? Do you know that your Pawns can contract a status known as Dragonsplague that, if left unchecked, can cause them to kill pretty much the entire inhabitants of a town? You do now.

Your Pawns can catch Dragonsplague whenever you’re fighting against a Drake or a Dragon. You can hire Pawns that are already inflicted with Dragonsplague, too. Needless to say, it’s a cause for concern. If you pay attention, a pop-up informing you about the Dragonsplague status gives it away that a Pawn has just contracted the status, or that you’ve just introduced a Pawn with the status to your party. But it’s easy to dismiss.

The good news is that an upcoming update for Dragon’s Dogma 2 will reduce the infection frequency of Dragonsplague, making it a little less common. And on top of that, it will make it easier to spot if your Pawns have Dragonsplague, too. For example, one of the telltale signs is that their eye glow red, giving them an eerie, evil look. After the update, these glowing eyes will be more noticeable than ever.

On certain screens, you’ll also be able to zoom in on the faces of your Arisen and their Pawns so you can more easily inspect their eyes for Dragonsplague. Overall then, the status should be much easier to watch out for, and then deal with. The upcoming update for Dragon’s Dogma 2 will do more than just make Dragonsplague less bothersome, however.

The update will make adjustments to Pawn behaviour and dialogue, for example, making Pawns less likely to fall off cliffs, reducing the frequency of some dialogue lines, and more. You can also expect some adjustments to the minimap, as well as a range of crash and bug fixes. Overall, it seems like the update will make some very welcome changes.

The full list of adjustments and changes to be found in the update can be seen in the Tweet below. There’s no date for the update yet, but it’s probably not far away. And it appears that it will release on each format when it’s ready.

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