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Dying Light 2 Nightmare

Dying Light 2 ups the challenge with new Nightmare mode

Did you enjoy Dying Light 2 but wish it could have been more challenging? Well, your wish has been granted with its latest update. The Nightmare Mode Update makes some pretty major changes for those wanting a more immersive and demanding experience. Though it also brings improvements for everyone else, too.

The major new addition in the Dying Light 2 Nightmare Mode Update is, unsurprisingly, a new Nightmare mode. Players who choose to dive into this will find the game more difficult than ever before, and because of this they will have to make better use of resources. There are other changes too. A new Tactical Stamina system comes into play, for example, which makes things tougher, and you can’t rely on your torch as much in the dark. Add in the fact that much of the HUD is also removed, and you really have to stay alert to survive on Nightmare mode.

Those who take on Nightmare mode in Dying Light 2 and manage to complete the game will earn themselves a Waltz Outfit, which may or may not make the effort worthwhile. But even those who have no interest in Nightmare mode will reap some benefit from the update. As with any update, there are a range of general improvements in order to make the game more enjoyable, and these are focused on the Infected and night gameplay. Three Community Maps can now be enjoyed with up to three friends in co-op, too.

The cherry on top is the option of a new look for your grappling hook. Make sure you go to the Pilgrim Outpost to collect your free skin. You can head on over to the Techland blog for more information on the Nightmare Mode Update. And if you’ve not yet played, read our Dying Light 2 review to see if it might be for you.

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