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Escape Academy gets a free ‘Tournament of Puzzles’ update, and it’s not to be missed

Escape Academy
Image: Coin Crew Games

Without being hyperbolic, Escape Academy’s new Tournament of Puzzles might be one of the best free updates added to a game. It’s fitting, since Escape Academy, originally released in 2022, is one of the best puzzle games you can get your hands on. For the princely sum of zero, you can access brand new puzzles, randomised and designed to be played competitively.

Accessible from the main menu, Tournament of Puzzles adds three new puzzle arenas: Tomb of the First Escapist, Hackennery and The Showman’s Studio. Each arena has six different ‘tracks’, mixing up puzzles and making it feel like a completely new level. These aren’t quite as in-depth as a full level of Escape Academy, but there’s more than enough puzzles to whet your appetite and test your noggin.

The idea of Tournament of Puzzles is that you’ll go head-to-head against a friend, vying to be the first to solve all the puzzles. And because they’re randomised each time you play, you can jump in again and again, without anyone having an advantage (although if you have played an arena before, you’ll at least be familiar with the type of puzzles on offer, if not the actual solution).

We played them by ourselves, too, and they work perfectly fine as single-player levels. Like the main game, you’ll simply work against the clock, solving all the puzzles as quickly as you can. You’ll need a friend to try out the new Tic-Tac-Toe and Scavenger Hunt competitive modes though, which provide new and fun ways to enjoy the game with others.

We’ve only played through Tomb of the First Escapist so far, but completing all six of its tracks took almost two hours. With two more arenas to enjoy, each with new puzzle types, and additional multiplayer modes, we’re in awe of how much content Coin Crew Games is giving away for free. We couldn’t be more grateful — and more thrilled that we have a new reason to jump back into Escape Academy.

If you’re yet to play this wonderful puzzle game, what are you waiting for? Essentially a series of digital escape rooms, the puzzles on offer here are clever, varied and always entertaining. If you’re a puzzle fan, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Need convincing? Read our full Escape Academy review to find out more.

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