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Exoprimal is getting a Mega Man-themed update this month

Exoprimal Mega Man
Image: Capcom

Capcom has announced that the next title update for its co-op dinosaur shooter Exoprimal lands later this month. More interesting for some is the fact that it will feature a host of Mega Man-themed content.

The Exoprimal x Mega Man collaboration will begin on 17th April, and will introduce a new boss battle to the game as well as Mega Man-themed cosmetics and more. Up to 10 players will be able to team up and take on the Yellow Devil, a massive robot with shapeshifting abilities which will no doubt prove to be a troublesome adversary. And why not take on the boss or other content with a new look? A Mega Man cosmetic set will be available for the Nimbus Exosuit, an Air Man set for the Witchdoctor Exosuit, and a Yellow Devil set for the Krieger Exosuit.

Of course, this fourth title update will also add some new Exosuit variants into the mix. They’ll give players more options and freshening up the gameplay. Information about these new Beta-Variant Exosuits can be found below:

  • Zephyr Beta: Boost Claws – This model rends foes in close combat with its talons. These attacks fill a gauge that can be used to enhance its melee abilities or unleash a powerful charged attack.
  • Krieger Beta: Blitz Cannon – Bombard enemies with artillery, then mow them down with a devastating laser.
  • Vigilant Beta: Bowhunter – Punch through foes at range with bolts that are as deadly as they are accurate.
  • Murasame Beta: Windcaller – Defend against incoming attacks to charge up energy, then unleash that force as a tornado that pulls in and restrains enemies.
  • Witchdoctor Beta: Plasma Shot – Pin down foes with rapid fire and paralyze them with charged cluster shots.
  • Nimbus Beta: Wild Bomb – Lay down proximity mines that can provide healing properties or explosive power.

Finally, to get the most out of these new variant Exosuits, two new modes are set to be added. Custom Match will allow players to create their own custom lobbies, choosing everything from the map to the mission. Everything from 10-player co-op battles to special story events will be available. Players will even be able to jump to the final battles of the game via a “Quick Brawl” setting. Even better, playing Custom Match will still allow you to progress the game’s story, earn experience and more.

The other new mode being added is Time Loop Rebellion, which is for those who want challenge. It will allow players to take on the game’s climactic boss battle yet again, only with the difficulty increased. Succeed and you’ll be rewarded, but the Time Loop Rebellion mode will only be available at set times.

There are going to be numerous good reasons to jump back into Exoprimal later this month — and Mega Man is just one of them. If you’re yet to give it a spin, check out our Exoprimal review to get an idea of what you’re missing out on.

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