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House Flipper 2 is finally available on console — and it’s been worth the wait

House Flipper 2
Image: Frozen District, Empyrean

Five months since its PC launch — and a little later than originally planned — House Flipper 2 is finally available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. And, surprising absolutely no-one, it’s been worth the wait.

But we could have told you that already. Having spent extensive time with the PC version of House Flipper 2, we can talk at length about how wondrous the art of flipping houses is. You won’t just be renovating; you’ll be tidying, cleaning and unpacking moving boxes. Sometimes you’ll be knocking down walls, building extensions, or, if you want to, building something entirely new from scratch.

Like the best simulation games, House Flipper 2 allows you to sink into a flow state, losing yourself in the task at hand. We won’t sugar-coat it: the tasks you’re doing are, typically, rather banal and mundane. You’re cleaning up, for pete’s sake. But it works so well in the likes of Power Wash Simulator, and it works so well here, too. Is it the reward of seeing a clean, fresh house when you’re done? Or it is the thrill of ticking items off of you digital to-do list as you go? Honestly, it’s probably both.

House Flipper 2 review
Image: Frozen Empire

As you progress through House Flipper 2, the jobs you’re presented with get more complex. You’ll go from cleaning up a house after a raccoon’s slipped in through the window to full-on renovations, repainting and re-furnishing entire houses. There’s joy to be found in all types of jobs, though: we enjoy hoovering up spilled coffee beans just as much as we enjoy tiling a kitchen wall.

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It helps that House Flipper 2 makes all jobs easy to do, even the ones that are desperately tedious in real life. There’s a sense of replicating reality: you’ll need to hold down your ‘clean’ button to scrub with a cloth, for example. And you’ll need to dip your paint roller in a pot of paint before manually rolling it over the wall. Don’t worry about second and third coats, though. A line against realism has to be drawn somewhere.

Of course, the main question on your lips regarding the console port of House Flipper 2 is probably: how well does it run? We’re happy to report that we’ve encountered no problems whatsoever while playing House Flipper 2 on PlayStation 5. It looks great, it runs smoothly, and all the tools work just as well as they did on PC. Playing with a controller, some tasks are a little fiddly: it’s difficult to place smaller items exactly where you want them, for example. But the same was true while using a controller on PC, and it’s a gripe you’ll quickly adjust to. Who cares if something’s ever-so-slightly askew on the kitchen side, anyway?

Better yet, all free content updates and patches that have landed in House Flipper 2 on PC since launch are already in the console version. You can play the wacky Floor is Lava mode if you want a break from renovations, and the spring update, which brought new items and some quality-of-life improvements to the game, is already in place.

A big step up from the original House Flipper thanks to a wealth of new tools, streamlined actions and better performance, we’re thrilled that House Flipper 2 is now available to a whole new legion of players. With its release, House Flipper 2 has immediately become one of our go-to simulation games on PS5: there’s not much else that can beat it. If you like, cleaning, organising, decorating and renovating, you’re going to absolutely love House Flipper 2. Have at it.

More information about House Flipper 2 can be found in our original PC review.

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