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Botany Manor brook chalice

How to grow Brook Chalice in Botany Manor

Do you need help figuring out how to grow the brook chalice plant in Botany Manor? We’re here to help with this handy guides.

Brook chalice is a tricky plant to grow in Botany Manor, and there are some complex clues you’ll need to find before you start. Essentially, this plant grows in water — and by looking at the notices and letters in the bedroom and bell tower, you’ll ascertain that many of the nearby rivers have been cleared of plant life. Only one river still has plants growing in it, and figuring out which one is key to figuring out how to make the brook chalice bloom.

If our header image didn’t give it away, you’ll need to grow brook chalice in the bathtub. You can plant the seed and take it straight into the bath. But before we try to grow it, we need to work out what the temperature and condition of the water should be.

Now, the River Frome is the only river that still had life in it, as per the government notice in the bedroom. And from the river poster, we can see that the river’s temperature is 25.

There’s one key ingredient missing: rust. The river has rust in it — which we can gather from the notices. And in the attic, you’ll find a rusty pig toy. Pick it up and place it in the bath.

Use the bath geyser — the large boiler next to the bath — to set the temperature to 25. Run the tap, and wait for the brook chalice to bloom.

All brook chalice clues

  • River poster (bell tower)
  • Weed removal (master bedroom)
  • Bath geyser (bathroom)
  • Letter about weeds (corridor)
  • River trust (master bedroom)
  • Government notice (bell tower)

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