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Botany Manor pixie tears

How to grow Pixie Tears in Botany Manor

Pixie Tears is a plant you need to grow in chapter three of Botany Manor. Are you struggling to piece together the clues? Here’s everything you need to know.

Before you can grow pixie tears in Botany Manor, the first step, naturally, is to pick up the seeds, which you’ll find in the small shed on the main lawn of the orchard. You’ll also need all the clues in order to piece this puzzle together. There’s a full list of the clues at the bottom of this guide, so you can check if you’re missing anything.

You’ll learn by reading the Chloroplasts book that some plants are missing chloroplasts and as a result, they require extra sugar to grow. By looking at the microscope slides, you’ll see that pixie tears is indeed a plant that is lacking chloroplasts. So we know it requires sugar.

The pot notes in the orchard shed tells us how much sugar the pot we’re using requires: 97g. And we’ll find the sugar in the apples in the cider garden.

Look at the apple blending book, and we need to choose three apples with a sugar count that adds up to 97g. You can identify each type of apple by looking at the cider apples poster on the wall. You’ll need:

  • Knobby Russet (40g) – green with brownish lumps
  • Cat’s Head (30g) – perfectly green with bobbles on bottom
  • Merlin’s Mist (27g) – blue speckled

Pick up the three apples, and place them in the cider press. You’ll now need to go plant a pixie tears seed — there’s a potting desk just outside of the cider garden. Place it underneath the cider press and push the handle.

Clues to grow Pixie Tears:

  • Pot notes (orchard)
  • Microscope slides (orchard)
  • Chloroplasts book (orchard)
  • Apple blending (cider garden)
  • Cider apples (cider garden)

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