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Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets screenshot

Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets full walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Out now on PC and consoles, Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets is an indie survival horror game casting players as investigator Jack, on the case of the mysterious Frederick whose wife and daughter have recently gone missing. Filled with puzzles and challenging sections, it’s a tricky game, and we’re here to help. This Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets walkthrough will tell you everything you need to know.

Work through our guide, and you’ll complete the game while collecting all trophies/achievements. We’ve highlighted key puzzles, and also indicated where you’ll need to watch out for enemies. We’ll also guide you towards pickups, such as health kits and ammo, which you’ll need to make your time with the game easier.

Some key points to help you complete Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets while using this walkthrough

  • Whenever you pick up or interact with something that you need to progress, we’ve highlighted it in bold so you don’t miss anything.
  • You can save the game by interacting with a telephone in-game. These are either old-fashioned landlines or public telephones, depending where you are. They’re very common, so it’s often worth backtracking to the last one to save after a combat sequence — it’ll save you having to repeat yourself.
  • Combat isn’t the best here, so prepare to be killed through no real fault of your own. It’s worth persisting with, though.
  • Some areas are very dark and there’s no brightness setting in the game. If you struggle to see, it might be worth adjusting your TV/monitor’s settings.
  • If you don’t like spiders: beware. There are a lot of big spiders in this game.

Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets walkthrough – navigation

1. Jack’s apartment
2. Sewers/underground chambers
3. Frederick’s mansion
4. The attic
5. Mines – upper level
6. Mines – lower level
7. Spiders’ lair
8. Fairground entrance
9. Animal Village
10. Bubu’s Funhouse
11. Glitch City
12. Ferris wheel/Wild West
13. Phantom House
14. Hotel and Slaughter Gulch
15. Medieval Village
16. Kraken Island
17. Medieval Madness

Jack’s Apartment

  1. You’ll wake up in a bedroom. Open the middle door to enter the bathroom and take a shower. Press triangle/Y to interact with objects.
  2. Read the note that’s been pushed under the door: Jack has a case to solve, taking him to a secluded house in the woods. Approach the front door to leave the apartment.
  3. Get out of the car and jump over the log next to the bench to head up the steep path. It’s pretty dark, but stick to the path, heading from lamppost to lamppost. You can toggle on your own torch with left shoulder button.
  4. You’ll eventually reach a log cabin with a campfire burning outside. Enter the cabin. There’s a first-aid kit to pick up on on the side. There’s also a telephone here you can interact with: telephones act as save points in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets, so we’d recommend interacting with them each time you see them.
  5. Leave the cabin and continue heading up the path. You’ll eventually reach some gates, but they’re locked. Follow the fence to the left and you’ll find some stacked boxes that will let you climb up.

The sewers/underground chambers

  1. Head up to the house’s porch, but you’ll find that the front door is locked. Walk down to the dock, and head into the water to swim. There’s a sewer pipe just below: approach it, and you’ll be prompted to enter.
  2. Walk forwards through the sewer. From the furnace, turn right. Keep following it around until you reach a metal door. Open it and walk through. Again, keep walking until you reach another metal door, and walk through.
  3. Read Frederick’s note on the table in the middle of the room. Pick up the key on the cabinet in the far corner. There’s a telephone here to save your game.
  4. Open the metal door and pass through to a cellar-type room. You’ll get captured by a puppet and thrown down into a very dark room. Find the door and walk out. Follow the corridor down, but stay away from the puppet woman if you want to stay alive! There’s a metal barred door on your left: open it and walk through. Keep heading down until you reach a table with paints and puppet parts, then turn the corner.
  5. Follow the very narrow corridor down, past bars where puppet hands will try and reach you (they can’t get you – don’t worry). Eventually there’s a wooden door on the left, but watch out for a giant spider. Enter the door (there’s a telephone here if you want to save).
  6. Read the note on the floor. Pick up the gun next to David’s body (yuck) and grab the ammo on the table.
  7. Head back out of the room and turn left to shoot the giant spider.
  8. Shoot the red barrel at the end of the corridor but be careful – you’ve got a couple of seconds after shooting it to run, so duck back in the room with David’s body. It’ll explode the wall, allowing you to continue walking.
  9. You’ll reach a brick wall which will come tumbling down and a puppet will come towards you: shoot her!
  10. Carry on walking – you’re back where you started, so go through the wooden door and up the ladder. Shoot the padlock to go back into the room with the strange puppet containers.
  11. Go back through the medical room and out into the corridor. Be prepared to shoot a puppet, then shoot a padlock on your right and enter the room. Walk forward and there’ll be a loading screen.

Frederick’s mansion

  1. You now seem to be in a basement. Read the note on the table near the stairs. There’s a first aid kit on some shelves, too. Next to the ‘tickets’ sign you’ll find some more ammo.
  2. Go up the stairs and into the house. The first door you’ll come to is a bathroom: there’s a puppet; shoot it in the head for a one-hit kill. Grab the first aid kit.
  3. Leave the bathroom and continue down the corridor. Beware: a puppet will run at you around the next corner so be prepared to shoot.
  4. Open a side door into the utility room to grab some more bullets. Enter the double doors in the hallway and go straight forward into the kitchen.
Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets screenshot of the kitchen area
The kitchen of Frederick’s mansion: simply pass through here into the living room. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Grab the first aid pack near the sink. Enter the living room and shoot the puppet. On the cabinet to the right side of the fireplace, you’ll find more bullets.
  2. Follow the corridor leading off from the living room. Enter the office: there’s a save point and more ammo.
Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets office screenshot
The save point in this office is very useful – and might be worth visiting multiple times. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Leave the office and go upstairs. Beware of the puppet stood at the end of the hallway! Go through the double doors, then shoot the padlock on the next set of doors.
  2. You’ll find yourself in a classroom. Kill the puppets inside. Press the round switch on the wall behind the desk, then open the painted door.
  3. You’re now in a children’s bedroom. Watch out for the puppet before entering. There are two more lurking in the room, too. You’ll find some bullets on a side table in the room. There’s a doll in a wheelchair with a key in its mouth – take it.
  4. Leave the bedroom, and head back downstairs. Open the door across from the office: it’s a bathroom with a dead giant spider, yuck. There’s a first-aid kit next to the toilet, grab it.
Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets bathroom screenshot
There’s nothing in this bathroom, other than a few consumables — and some grizzly sights. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Back out into the corridor and head through the living room and kitchen to the hallway where you originally started. Head down a corridor past the blocked stairs and open the door to the right: it’s a painting room. You’ll find some bullets on the floor.
  2. Leave the room and go through the door opposite. It’s a billiards room. You’ll find keys to the second floor on top of a large TV just behind the door. There’s also some ammo on here.
  3. Now time to back upstairs, so head back through the kitchen and living room and upstairs. Go straight ahead, and open the door to the right at the end of the hallway.
  4. You’re in Frederick’s office. Read the note on the desk. You’ll find a first aid kit on a shelf, and some bullets on top of a set of drawers. There’s also a save point.
  5. Pull the “Time to Die” book on the bookshelf to open a secret door. You’ll need to put in a combination to open the door.

How to open the secret door to the attic in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets

Have you found the secret door in Frederick’s office in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets? It needs a combination to open it. Head into the room next door: it’s a young girl’s room. You’ll find projector parts in here.

Head downstairs and to the billiards room in the far corridor of the house. At the back of the room is a projector mounted on the ceiling. Interact with it to repair it with the parts you’ve just picked up. It’ll project an image on the wall, complete with a number: 458102.

Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets projector on the ceiling
Here’s the projector on the ceiling in the billiards room. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets projector code screenshot
And here’s the projected image on the wall, where you’ll find the code you need. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Head back up to Frederick’s office and input that number into the keypad next to the secret door. Voila: it opens up, allowing you to pass through.

The attic

  1. Go through the secret door and head up the stairs.Be ready to shoot some puppets up here. It might be wise to lead them down the stairs to give you some room (and some light) to shoot them.
  2. Head forward into a room filled with witchcraft items. There’s a note on the table: read it. It mentioned “21-09” at the bottom – that seems significant.
  3. Keep exploring the attic until you find your way into a storage alcove with a jack-o-lantern. There’s a padlocked door here: open it with combination 2109. Head through.
  4. In the next room, shoot the heart of the puppet strung up on the wall. As puppets enter the room, Jack will shoot the explosive barrel.

The mines: upper level

  1. Following the explosion, you’ll find yourself outside, amongst the ruins of the house. Follow the path, and shoot some puppets along the way. Eventually you’ll reach a clearing where you can see a fairground in the distance.
  2. Keep moving until you see a “do not enter” sign, then follow the fence around to your left until you come to an open gate.
  3. Head through the gate into some sort of workyard. Head behind the big gas cylinders and you’ll find a ladder to climb up. Walk along the tops of them, then jump down on top of the shipping containers before dropping down behind them.
  4. Head into the mine. Follow the track downwards. You’ll reach a more open area with a desk: there’s a save point, ammo, a health kit and a note to read. The note mentions the code ‘0291‘. There’s also some ammo in an overturned mine cart near the desk.
The mines in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets
Inside the mines of Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Across from the desk and around the corner, you’ll find a padlocked door. Use combination 0291. There’s some more bullets to collect, and a pack of fuses on a shelf. Head back out and, once you’re in the open, head to the right… where there’s a big eyeball spider on the wall. You can sneak past it without shooting.
  2. Keep walking and approach the huge spider on the ceiling… it’ll run away. Beware of a venom-spitting spider up ahead.
  3. Keep walking through the tunnels, where you’ll end up pass through cobwebs. Never a good sign. There are some more eyeball spiders, but you should be able to walk past them without a problem.
  4. Eventually you’ll reach a power station and a desk. You can save here. Interact with the power station, then turn around to your left where you’ll find a lift. Step in and press the button to head further down into the mines.

Mines: lower level

  1. Be ready to shoot a large spider when you step off the lift. Walk forward until you see a gate on your left: walk through it and follow the tunnel around to the right.
  2. Eventually you’ll come to a shelf where you’ll find two packs of bullets. Grab them and head back, but this time heading to the left: you’ll see a red light at the bottom of the tunnel — head that way.
  3. When you reach the end, you’ll need to jump over a broken fence. Here you’ll find more bullets, a health kit and the keys to the mine. There’s also a note to read on the table.
  4. Head back to where you came from and once you’re back out in the open, turn left and you’ll find a gate. Open it and walk through. Just to your right is a save point, and some dynamite that you can pick up. Pick up a stick of dynamite and carry it down the railway tracks to a wooden barricade. Drop it, move back and shoot it. Repeat the process for a barricade a little further down (you’ll find a stick of dynamite nearby nestled in an upturned minecart).
  5. Keep walking down the track – watch out for the venom spider. There’s some more dynamite in a cart: you’ll need it to blow up another barricade.
  6. You’ll find bullets and a health kit just after this one – and you’ll need to jump to your right, onto another minecart track. Once again, pick up some dynamite to blow up the barricade and move forward. Get ready to shoot a big ol’ spider.
  7. Move forward, following the mine track all the way to the end. To the left you’ll find a red light – head to it, where there’s a save point and some ammo. Turn back around and carry on forward, across a rickety wooden pathway. There are more venom spiders and a puppet to contend with this time.
  8. Look down, and you’ll see several big spiders walking around. You can kill them by shooting them or blowing them up with dynamite, but you can also just run past them.
  9. Head down and walk through the passageway that’s glowing red. A chase sequence will ensue: watch out for the broken pathway and jump over the gaps. Reach the end, and you’ll be pushed down a hole into what looks like a terrifying spider’s lair. Yikes.

Spider’s lair

  1. You have no guns or health kits at this point.
  2. Move forward, watching out for the spiders on the wall, and giant spiders walking past. Nothing should attack you, thankfully.
  3. When you reach a fork in the road, turn left, where you’ll be faced with a giant spider. Hang back, and it’ll disappear, allowing you to walk forward.
  4. Eventually you’ll reach a ledge. Fall off, even though it hurts, and make your way down to a small walkway and jump across. Keep moving forward and again you’ll need to drop down a small gap in the rocks. You should find a health kit at the bottom, so use it! There’s also a shotgun and shotgun shells nearby – grab them.
  5. Keep walking through a horrible graveyard type place. You’ll eventually come to a save point, more ammo and another health kit. Keep pushing forward, though be prepared to shoot spiders from here on out: they’ll run at you so you need to be quick.
  6. Go forward until you fall into a pit: it’s boss time, where you’ll be fighting a giant human/spider abomination. You’ll want to keep shooting and avoiding the attacks best you can. We found that running towards the blue light at the far side and allowing the spider to get right on top of us meant some attacks completely missed us.
  7. When it’s finally dead, head down the green-glowing tunnel that was previously blocked out and go through the gate on the other side. You’ll now be out in the open.

Fairground entrance

  1. Move forward down the path, past the blockades then turn left: you’re in the fairground’s car park.
Outside in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets
Here’s what you’ll see after escaping the Spider’s Lair, so keep moving forward. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. You can save at the payphone. Near the benches you’ll find a first aid kit. Head through the park gates when you’re ready.
  2. Get ready to shoot some puppets. Go to the food tables to the right and pick up some shotgun shells and a ticket for Meteora. Keep walking forward: beware of more puppets and spiders.
  3. Head forwards towards the bandstand, where you’ll pick up a ticket to Animal Village and more shotgun shells.
  4. Head to Meteora and ride the coaster (for a trophy… and some fun). When you’re off the roller coaster (simply leave by pressing circle/B when you’re ready) and head to Animal Village.
  5. Follow the path around, watching out for puppets along the way. Enter through the wooden door.
View from the entrance to the theme park in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets
The view from the entrance to the theme park in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Animal Village

  1. On the table to your left you can pick up a pistol and ammo – you can now change between the pistol and your shotgun with your right shoulder button.
  2. Keep walking forward and enjoy the village tour. Things… take a turn, and you’ll eventually have to fight off skeletons and possessed animal villagers yourself.
The Animal Village exhibit in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets
Here’s the Animal Village exhibit in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets… before everything goes wrong. (Image: Perp Games)
  1. Make your way through the woodland and into the village. Before you pass through the gates, grab the ammo and health kits from the market stalls. There’s also a save point.
  2. Head through the archway into the village – you’ll have to shoot a lot of skeletons and animals. Eventually a dragon will appear. Shoot it (switch to your shotgun).
  3. Head up towards the lighthouse, where you’ll meet a knight, who again you’ll have to kill. We recommend running back down into the village to give yourself some space. Enter the lighthouse.
  4. Within the lighthouse, you’ll fall down into a ballpit. There’s a health pack on the wall. Leave Animal Village and head forward.
  5. There are multiple puppets to shoot, so be prepared. Head into the food table area, and find a ticket for Bubu’s Funhouse. There’s also some ammo.

Bubu’s Funhouse

  1. Head left, towards the rides. Head onto the kiddy climbing frame in the sandpit: you’ll find a ticket for Carpocalypse and some ammo. To play Carpocalypse, head over to the right of the park. It’s a driving minigame and you’ll need to complete it, reaching the end of the road with the car in order to complete an electrical circuit and power up Bubu’s Funhouse.
  2. Bubu’s Funhouse is at the back of the park. Once you’ve done Carpocalypse, head there and enter. Make your way through the house – there’s only one route.
Bubu's Funhouse in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets
Things aren’t all that fun inside Bubu’s Funhouse… (Image: Perp Games)
  1. Eventually you’ll come to a sign written in blood on the wall that says “Want to play?”. Things have taken a turn: the toy bunny has come to life, and will chase you whenever you’re not looking at him. Make your way through the maze, shooting panes of glass to pass through. We’d recommend occasionally walking backwards to allow you to put space between you and Bubu.

How to escape the maze in Bubu’s Funhouse

When you’re being chased with Bubu through the Funhouse, it’s hard to try and find your way out — there are frequently multiple paths to take. From the start, follow the path round and, when you first have a choice of where to go, turn left. At the next junction, turn left again. Next time you have a choice, turn right, then finally turn left. You’ll come to a white door — open it to leave the maze.

  1. When you’re out of the maze, use the save point. You now have a glass walkway to cross. Listen out for the sound each panel makes when you step on it: if you hear solid footsteps, you’re safe. If it sounds like shattering glass, it’s unsafe and you should step off. As long as you don’t move too far over them, you should be safe to cross to the next one. Close to the end you’ll come to a fork, and both paths seem breakable. Head to the right. You’ll need to jump over one tile to get to a safe one beyond.
  2. Once you’re across, you’ll find yourself in a room with evil Bubu again. Once again, he’ll chase you when you’re not looking. You need to pick up Sam’s toys before you leave the room and place them in the toy chest. There’s a robot on the left-hand counter, a rocket at Sam’s feet, a robot on the floor near the TV, and a football in the corner near the clock.
  3. When they’re all in the chest, you should be able to open the door to move forward.
  4. In the next room, interact with the large TV to travel to “Glitch City”.

Glitch City

  1. Wait on the train until it reaches a stop. Leave the train, and head left up the escalator. At the top is a save point and two health kits. Head to the street and turn right – there’s a huge gun to pick up. Cool.
  2. Head back around and walk down the street: be prepared to be set upon by a horde of glitchy bunnies.
  3. At the end of the street, shoot the big skull wall, and continue shooting bunnies. Keep walking forward and a HUGE rabbit will appear from the side of the screen. Keep shooting at it, while backing up to give yourself some space. Head forward and through the portal to exit Glitch City. Phew.
  4. You’re now at the end of Bubu’s Funhouse. As you head for the exit, the bunny will come back: this time you can shoot it repeatedly. Leave through the exit once it’s dead.

Ferris wheel/Wild West

  1. You’re now back in the amusement park, behind the fence next to Bubu’s Funhouse. Pick up the machinery lubricant (it looks like a big bucket), then jump on the box and over the fence to be back out in the park.
  2. Go towards to the ferris wheel, and climb up the ladder on the side of it. Interact with the box at the top: the lubricant you just picked up will be applied, and the ferris wheel will start moving.
  3. Go back down the ladder, then approach the ferris wheel from the front. You’ll automatically enter. Enjoy the ride!
Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets the view from the top of the ferris wheel
Enjoy the view from the top of the ferris wheel in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets.
  1. You’ll automatically leave the ferris wheel, finding yourself in a new part of the park. There’s a save point just across from you.
  2. Enter the Saloon. Pick up the ammo by the entrance. Get ready to shoot puppets – this time they have guns! Head upstairs. There’s some ammo by the top of the stairs. Head through the door at the far left, where you’ll find more ammo and a health kit. Open the door to the balcony and find yet more ammo.
  3. Leave the Saloon and carry on walking up the path. More puppets are going to come at you, coming from the right. Head past the carousel and to the left. Enter the General Store. There’s some ammo on the counter, and a save point.
  4. Leave the General Store and head into the graveyard. Get ready to shoot some puppets. Enter the church. More puppets. At the back you’ll find a first aid kit. Head to the sermon stand at the front to grab a ticket for the Phantom House. There’s also some ammo near the window off to the side.
Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets wild west theme park area
The view down the Wild West area, leading to Phantom House. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Phantom House

  1. Head to the Phantom House ride, down at the bottom of the park. Jump over the gates and head up the steps. Enter the house.
  2. Follow the corridor down. There’s a save point at the end of the first section. Keep going through the red curtain, and get ready to shoot puppets in the next room.
  3. Move forward past the model spider and enter the bathroom with the freaky man (thankfully just a model). Keep going forward. There’s a save point just through the next door. Head to the left through a corridor with some scary-lookin models.
  4. Jump over the hole in the floor and head into the room on your left. Watch out as a puppet clambers towards you on the ceiling. To your left is some ammo and a health kit. Move forward then to the left, up a set of stairs. RIght to the end of the corridor you’ll find a health kit, and a door locked with a code. Go back, and through the door off to the side.
  5. In the far side of the room near the piano is a note. Read it. Key words are in capital letters: wedding dress, piano, ancient clock, flames. These are key to getting the door’s combination.

How to find the door code in Phantom House in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets

That note you find near the piano? The items it lists are important clues. Each one of those items can be found in the room, and each one has a number scrawled on the side of it in red paint. The order the items appear in the note represents the order of their relevant numbers in the door combination.

Every item can be found in the same room as the note. ‘Flames’ is in reference to the reflection in the mirror, and you’ll find the clock broken on the floor. The numbers on each item is as follows:

  • Wedding Dress – 5
  • Piano – 0
  • Ancient Clock – 9
  • Flames – 4

And so the door code is ‘5094’.

  1. Put the code 5094 in the padlocked door. Walk through the door and head downstairs. Keep moving forward. There’s some ammo on a dresser to your left.
  2. Keep moving to your left and you’ll find yourself in a room filled with puppets in cages. On the far right of the room you’ll find a wheel on the wall: turn it. It’ll power up a door to the left, allowing you to move through it.
  3. Beware: Once you’ve turned the wheel you’ll be chased by a man who’ll come out of the wall near the opened-up door. DON’T head through the door you’ve opened: instead, loop around and head through the hole he created. Head to the left, and follow the corridor to its end, where you’ll jump down a hole to the floor below.
  4. In the next room, a message on the wall says “Ancient Ghosts Lurk You Will Only Be Safe Alone in the Dark”. Jack will also remark, “maybe I should turn off the lamps”. That’s your clue: you need to shoot the light on the ceiling, which will allow you to see ghosts in the room.
  5. Avoid the ghosts as you move around, and keep moving forward, shooting the lights out as you go.
  6. On the shelf straight ahead is a health kit. Shoot both ceiling lights before moving past the shelves – ghosts are moving around this time. Make your way around the room until you find an open door. Watch out for some skeletons on the way. Walk around the corridor, and into a red room on your right you’ll find ammo and a health kit.
  7. Continue up the corridor – be prepared to shoot a puppet on the ceiling. You’ll reach an exit sign, but the door is closed. There’s a save point to the side, but head down the stairs opposite, and through the “no exit” door.
  8. Watch out for spiders in the next room. Make you way through: It’s a cavernous basement-type area. Keep moving forwards and head down a dark corridor.
  9. At the end is a sewer with lots of skeletons: you can kill them all by shooting a red barrel (but make sure you take cover). Head in the water and follow the very dark path down. Watch out for puppets. You’ll need to crouch towards the end of the corridor, and at the end jump down into a trash room.
  10. Enter another dark corridor and keep going until you reach a pile of rubble and a hole in the ceiling. Climb up into the room above. You’ll find some keys on the floor (for the hotel). In the next room – a laboratory of sorts – you’ll find a health kit, a save point, and some ammo. There’s also a note on a table at the far end.
  11. There’s a blackboard with some numbers stuck to it. It’s not the top one we want, it’s the sticker underneath, which says 34297. Next to the blackboard is a door with a keypad at the side. Key that number into the door’s keypad to open it.
  12. In the next room, there’s a locked door: we need to turn three wheels in order to activate it. One is right next to the door. One is to the right of the door, through a sea of covered-up puppets. The third is to the other side of the room, where you’ll need to jump over sections of destroyed floor.
  13. Head back to the door, which will now open. It’ll take you outside of Phantom House.
A screenshot of Slaughter Gulch in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets
The entrance to the Slaughter Gulch ride in Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Hotel and Slaughter Gulch

  1. Head back down into the park, past the carousel and enter the hotel: it’s the first building on your left, next to the graveyard. Watch out for puppets on the way: some of them now have dynamite!
  2. Go upstairs and enter room 13. You’ll find a ticket for Slaughter Gulch on a trunk as you walk in. There’s also some ammo in the room. In room 12 you’ll find a first aid kit.
  3. Leave the hotel and head to Slaughter Gulch – the ride just across from the hotel. This is just for fun/a trophy.
  4. Head back into the hotel, upstairs and open up the bathroom. Climb out of the window, and climb across the ladder onto the roof. Leave the area.

Medieval village

  1. You’ll now find yourself in a Medieval Village-themed area of the park. Walk forward and you’ll find a health pack outside the church to your left. There’s ammo on the tables to your right, too.
  2. As you approach the stage you’ll trigger a cutscene and be forced to fight a puppet with dual swords. She’s fast, so keep back and aim your shots well.
  3. Head into the food stand and you’ll find some more shotgun shells. Keep moving forward towards a beach area – you’ll pass a save point along the way. Head past the entrance to Kraken Island ride and up some stairs to find ammo and a health kit. Head into the pub next door and you’ll find a ticket to Kraken Island on a table.
Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets medieval theme park
The entrance to the Kraken Island ride. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Kraken Island

  1. Head into the ride entrance and follow the path around. Look out for the bullets and ammo by the side along the way. Jump over the barrier into the gift shop to grab another health kit. Turn around and jump over the barrier again to enter the big wooden doors leading into Kraken Island.
  2. Move to your left and follow the queue path round until you reach a boat. Head to your left, then turn back around and into the water to enter a service area behind a metal gate. In here, there’s a save point, a health kit and some ammo.
  3. Go through the gate marked ‘Storage Area’. Watch out for puppets in here and also watch where you walk: there are some explosives on the floor. If you can, use these to kill enemies by shooting them to make them explode.

A note about the Kraken Island section in our Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets walkthrough

As you explore the backrooms of the Kraken Island ride, you’ll come across lots of things that look like puzzles. There are staged rooms with puppets, for example, weird switches on walls and strange messages. We didn’t need to interact with any of these to complete the game (or collect all the trophies/achievements), so they’re not referenced in our guide. They could be optional puzzles, but we think they’re more likely to be red herrings. Either way, you’re fine to ignore them as you move through Kraken Island.

  1. Make your way through the room and head through a gate. Head left into a room that says “We love you” on the wall.
  2. Keep walking and turn left, though watch out for the mine on the floor. Walk down the stairs: there’s a save point to the right. Head left down the slope, and watch out for another mine.
  3. Keep moving forward, and be ready to shoot some spiders. Turn right out of the sewer and through the door.
  4. You’re now in a control room. Head towards the ride control panel. It says both water pipes for the ride are not functional. Read the note. It talks about the water pipes for the ride: Pipe 1 is under the engine room, and any problems with Pipe 2 are related to the shower room.
  5. Head down the steps into the water – beware of puppets. You’ll find a valve to control a pipe – interact with it. Head back to the control panel, and now you’ll see Pipe 1 is functional. So we still need to fix Pipe 2.
  6. Head through the door across the control panel, through the flooded room and down the corridor.
  7. At the junction, turn right to make a shortcut back to a room we were in earlier, but you want to keep going straight forward until you reach a room filled with spinning traps.
  8. On the wall behind you, you’ll find a power box with a green light: shoot it to stop the traps. Move through the room and through the door on the other side.
  9. In the next room, there’s a note on the table, and some ammo on a shelf at the far end. Head through another door which leads to a shower room. Turn the valve to turn off the showers.
  10. Head back up to the control room and turn the valve on the control panel.
  11. Now, head back up to the ride entrance and interact with one of the boats. Enjoy the ride, then leave Kraken Island through the wooden door.

Medieval Madness

  1. Now you’re out of the ride, follow the path round and head to the left of the park, across the bridge and to the sign that says ‘Circus’. Head right to the end, where there’s a save point and wooden door leading into a toilet. Crouch through the gap in the wall and pick up the ticket for Medieval Madness.
  2. Head back to the Medieval Madness entrance and interact with the roller coaster cart to enjoy the ride.
  3. Now to continue with the final section of the game. Go back to the room where you found the Medieval Madness ticket and move forward through the room. In the next area you’ll find ammo on a table before heading out into a big arena area.
  4. Time to fight the final boss: it’s a giant puppet. Keep back and shoot – we’d recommend using your shotgun (and remember to heal if you need to).
  5. That’s it — you’ve killed the puppet, and also Frederick, and you’ve solved the case. You’ll have also just unlocked the last trophy/achievement of the game. Well done!

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