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Kingdom Come: Deliverance developer Warhorse Studios is announcing a new game

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, with two knights fighting in front of a portcullis.
Image: Warhorse Studios

Just days after trolling fans, Warhorse Studios, developer of medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, has announced an upcoming new game reveal.

Warhorse Studios, no stranger to causing a stir, tweeted a frame from Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s credits that simply read “The End”. Given that Warhorse Studios is currently under the Embracer Group umbrella, some fans were concerned this meant the studio was closing down entirely.

But this isn’t the case, though they haven’t, so far, been snapped up by Saber Interactive, who bought themselves back from Embracer, bringing 3,000 or so staff with them. Saber did collaborate with Warhorse on the Nintendo Switch port of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, so maybe that could be in their future?

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So what is Warhorse’s next game? A Kingdom Come: Deliverance sequel? The tweet Warhorse put out does show someone sitting on a horse, so a follow-up could be on the cards. It could also just be reference to the studio’s name, or maybe we’re space horses next? BraveStarr: The Game, anyone?

We’ll have to wait till April 18th to find out for sure. The reveal is happening at 8PM CEST, 7PM BST, 11AM PDT via Warhorse’s YouTube and Twitch channels. In the meantime, if you’ve not played Kingdom Come: Deliverance (check out our review to see why you should), the complete edition is a ridiculous £3.49/$3.99 on Xbox and PlayStation.

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