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Karl Pilkington invades The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in this brilliant video mash-up

Karl Pilkington in Ocarina of Time, a man looking at the screen, holding a shield in his hand.

Karl Pilkington is back and this time Ricky Gervais’s rounded-headed pal is exploring The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s, bringing his off-kilter observations to the residents of Kokiri Forest.

Granted, this isn’t an official episode of An Idiot Abroad, it’s a video mash-up using, amongst other footage, the ‘dwarf village’ episode of that show. But it’s so perfectly blended, from Pilkington complaining about Octoroks to gawping at the craftsmanship of a Deku Shield, it’s guaranteed to bring a grin to your face.

Surprisingly, it’s not the work of YouTuber HuffingtonPants, though we have them to thank for bringing it to our attention. Instead, it’s the work of Jealous Bones, who’s new at the inserting-Karl-Pilkington-into-things game, though we did also chuckle at their Karl in BioShock video.

Kokiri Forest, if you’ve not tackled Ocarina of Time, is the location where your quest begins in earnest. You can spot Link acting as Karl’s guide, at one point, which is probably a greater burden than taking on Gandondorf. Sadly, the video finishes before we can find out what Karl makes of the Great Deku Tree.

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Dubbed “Karl Pilkington visits Kokiri Forest – An Idiot in Hyrule Ep. 1”, you can watch the video above or hop over to Jealous Bones’ YouTube channel. If this is an indication of the quality content to come, they’re well worth a subscribe. And check out HuffingtonPants’ channel for more Pilkington edits, including the excellent Manc Effect.

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