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Let’s Revolution review – A roguelike for Minesweeper fans

Let's Revolution
Image: Buck/Antfood

We had a great time when Let’s Revolution released on PC last year. This roguelike puzzler combines Minesweeper and turn-based combat, with the result being clever, enjoyable and endlessly replayable. Finally, it’s released on console — and not only does that make it available to a whole new legion of players, it’s somehow even more delightful than it was before.

Playing on PS5 for review, we think that’s largely down to the subtle uses of the DualSense controller. You’ll feel a slight rumble when you’ve found an enemy, for example. And you’ll know when you’ve been hit. It isn’t game-changing, but it does help you immerse yourself into this wonderful little game just that little bit more.

The premise of Let’s Revolution is a bizarre one: set in an otherworldly kingdom, your goal is essentially to chase down the King. Floating in a spacecraft of some description, he’s hidden behind a tile, and you’ve got to find him. The trouble is, he has an army of enemies protecting him — and they’re all hidden, too.

But there are some rules to the game to help you out. Enemies can only appear on roads, and numbers on empty squares tell you how many roads are next to it. You’re always safe to step on an empty tile, and so if you find a tile with a ‘0’, you know every tile around it is safe. A tile with an ‘8’, on the other hand, is completely surrounded by roads and may contain multiple enemies.

Let's Revolution
Image: Buck/Antfood

There are multiple characters to play as in Let’s Revolution. Only one is available to begin with: Trooper, who favours discovering tiles and fighting every enemy she comes up against. More characters unlock as you keep playing, and each one requires you to adopt a different playstyle. Shadow, for example, is a stealth-based character who excels by turning over as few tiles as possible. You might master one character, then, but getting to grips with another can be like starting from scratch.

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Of course, as a roguelike, starting from scratch is something you’ll be doing often. There are permanent unlocks, like new abilities for your characters, but you’ll always start each run with the same basic loadout. By exploring maps and discerning where the ends of the roads are on each level, you’ll find various shops where you can buy new skills and upgrade your existing ones.

Let's Revolution
Image: Buck/Antfood

Skills come in two forms. There are those tied to your character, which require energy to use. Trooper, for example, can do a roundhouse kick, revealing every tile around her. It can only be used sparingly, since energy needs to be built up by exploring more of the map. Other skills can be purchased from shops or found on the map and have limited uses — like a bubble gun, or the ability to transport to any square on the map.

No matter what type of skill you’re using, you’ll need to plan wisely. Since most skills have a cooldown, along with some requiring energy to use, if you’re frivolous with them you can easily find yourself in a position where you can’t attack, leaving yourself open to enemies — particularly in later levels where you might find ten or more adversaries on one map. Plan carefully, though, and ticking them all off feels really satisfying.

Easy to pick up but tricky to master, Let’s Revolution is a fantastic blend of roguelike and strategy that will keep you coming back for more. It’s colourful, it’s inventive, and even when you’re getting your butt handed to you, you’ll want to jump in for one more game — the way any good roguelike should be.

This review of Let’s Revolution is based on the PS5 version of the game, via a code provided by the publisher. It’s available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC.

Let's Revolution review - GameSpew's score

Let's Revolution
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A roguelike strategy game that fuses Minesweeper and turn-based combat, the wonderful Let's Revolution satisfies that "just one more try" scratch that only the best in the genre manage to itch.
A roguelike strategy game that fuses Minesweeper and turn-based combat, the wonderful Let's Revolution satisfies that "just one more try" scratch that only the best in the genre manage to itch.
Total Score

We like...

  • Gameplay is easy to pick up, but requires skill to master
  • It looks and sounds great

We don't like...

  • Sometimes the odds feel stacked against you
  • Like all roguelikes, your success often depends on what updates you're offered during a run
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