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Lunar Axe full walkthrough – Puzzle solutions and hidden object locations

Lunar Axe screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew

Although Lunar Axe has been available on PC for some time, it’s only just available on consoles. And so if you’re jumping in for the first time, you might find this Lunar Axe walkthrough useful as you try and work through its puzzles.

Working through this guide from start to finish will see you solve all of Lunar Axe’s puzzles and take you right through to the end of the game. There are a couple of caveats to bear in mind, however. First, there are a few optional puzzles throughout the game which this guide doesn’t cover. We also haven’t covered all achievements/trophies in the game (although you will pick up a few extra ones along the way if you follow our walkthrough).

If you’re simply looking for some help solving the puzzles in the main gameplay of Lunar Axe, however, this walkthrough is the right place for you. Have fun playing — and we hope we can help you out of a pickle!

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Lunar Axe walkthrough part one: Ribamar’s Manor

We begin Lunar Axe in a basement, where there’s a strange figure who goes upstairs. We should start by following it.

  1. Click at the top of the stairs to go to the next room.
  2. Click in the bottom left to access the other end of hallway.
  3. Go into the door on the right. You’re now in a bedroom. Click on the man on the right to make him disappear.
  4. Click on bedside drawer and take the key. Read the letter in the drawer.
  5. Back out, and examine the dog portrait above the bed for a trophy!
  6. Click on the dresser on the left of the room. You’ll find your first of several hidden object puzzles.

How to complete hidden object puzzle #1 in the bedroom in Lunar Axe

Each hidden object puzzle in Lunar Axe tasks you with finding six objects — and as far as we can tell, they’re always the same six objects. Which is helpful for us writing this guide! The six items you’ll need to find in the bedroom are:

1. Candle
2. Tarot card
3. Left eye
4. Insect
5. Moon
6. Feather

We’ve circled each item in the image below if you need a helping hand. Once you’re done, you’ll receive a third eye.

Lunar Axe hidden object puzzle 1 solution
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Leave the room and return to the other end of the hallway. Go back downstairs.
  2. Click to the left of the stairs to move down the corridor. On the next screen, look at the painting to your left. Note the year in the bottom right corner (1671) — you’ll need it for a puzzle soon. Back out and click straight ahead to continue.
  3. You’re now in an outdoor area. Pick up the wooden plank in front of you.
  4. Click on the owl in the top right corner for a trophy.
  5. Click on the mosaic wall in the centre, where you’ll need to solve a puzzle. Fit the tile pieces into the grid — if you need help, you’ll find the solution below. When you’re done, you’ll need to clean the wall: hold down X (or A on an Xbox controller) and move your cursor around to clean it.
Lunar axe block puzzle
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. When you’re done with the puzzle, back out of it. Pick up the eye that’s on the floor just under the mosaic wall.
  2. Click just to the left of the mosaic wall to move further down the corridor.
  3. Enter the room on the left. Read the diary on the table.
  4. Use the key found upstairs on the cabinet at the back. Collect the lockpick.
  5. Pick up the chair from the floor.
  6. Click on shelf to the left. You’ll see a trinket box of sorts. Put the left and right eyes from your inventory into the two sockets. Now, you’ll need to complete a music puzzle. You’ll find the solution below. When you’re done, back out of the puzzle.

How to complete the music box puzzle in Lunar Axe

The music box puzzle is pretty straightforward, but it’s very easy to make a mistake. You’ll be played a section of music, and you’ll need to repeat it, where each note is represented by a direction on the d-pad. If you get one note wrong, however, you’ll need to do the whole thing again. We’ve written the solutions for each section below.

1. Left down left right
2. Left down left right left
3. Left down left right left up down
4. Left down left right left up down up left

  1. Use the chair on the double door at the back of the room to break it. You can’t do anything with this yet, but we’ll come back soon. Read the newspaper in the left corner of the floor.
  2. Leave the room and back up all the way to where you started in step one. Go up the stairs and click on the double door. Use the lockpick on the lock. You’ll now have to solve a straightforward lockpick puzzle. Simply push up gently on each section, and briefly hold in place when the line joins up. Repeat for each section, then the door will automatically open.
  3. Enter through the door, and pick up the large piece of stone found at the bottom of the stairs.
  4. Click on the stairs to go up. At the top, click on the man to make him disappear.
  5. Use the plank from your inventory on the hole in the floor so you can reach the chest. Now, to unlock it!

How to unlock the chest in Lunar Axe

There are two stages to unlocking the chest. First, you’ll need to rotate each wheel to form a picture of an ouroboros — basically, a snake in a figure of eight shape. See the picture below.

Lunar Axe how to unlock chest
Screenshot: GameSpew

The next stage is to enter a combination. Remember that painting we found earlier? That’s your solution: it’s 1671. In the chest, you’ll find a key, and a note to read.

  1. Once you’ve unlocked your chest, head back down to the outside space where the large mural is. There’s a trapdoor on the floor, circled in the image below. Before you click it, grab the chain that’s hung over the railing.
  2. Once you’ve got the chain, click on the trap door to the left and use the key on it.
Lunar Axe trapdoor screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. The trapdoor leads down to a cellar, but we can’t enter it because it’s filled with water. We need to drain it before we can continue.
  2. In your inventory, combine the stone with the chain you’ve just picked up — simply drag one item over the other.
  3. Head back up to the room where we threw a chair out of a window and look through it. Click near the bottom of the wall, and you’ll see there’s a crack.
  4. Use the chain/stone combination in your inventory with the crack. You’ll need to complete a quick time event: press square when the chain crosses over the crack, and repeat.
  5. The crack in the wall will break, draining the water. You can now head back to the trapdoor and head down the stairs.
  6. Once you’re in the cellar Click the left alcove and read the letter. Click on the skeleton.
  7. Now for something a little different: a story will play out through a series of images. You’ll need to locate the listed items in each image and move them to where they should be. We’ve included images in a slideshow below: We’ve circled the position of where the items start, and the arrows point to where they need to be moved to. Click through to see each image in order.
  1. When you’re done making your way through the story, head back into the house and upstairs into the bedroom. Click on the dresser where we completed a hidden object puzzle. Grab the map stuck to the wall above the desk.
  2. Go back down the trapdoor and click the hole in the wall on the left to leave the house. That’s it: we’ve completed the Ribamar’s Manor section of Lunar Axe.
  3. Click the church at the top of the map to move to Sao Pantaleao church.

Lunar Axe walkthrough part two: Sao Pantaleao Church

  1. Click the door of the church. To open it, each of the barriers needs to be moved in the correct order. To open the door of Sao Pantaleao Church in Lunar Axe, press R2, L1, right, left, R1 and L2.
  2. Enter the church. Initially, we can’t see a thing, so we need to feel our way around until we can get some light.
  3. Move behind you by clicking at the bottom of the screen. There’s a large candelabra you can interact with but it needs lighting.
  4. Move right. Click on the gate and move the lock to open it. Click on the table in front to complete a hidden object puzzle.

How to complete hidden object puzzle #2 (the table in Sao Pantaleao Church)

There are six objects to find in the second hidden object puzzle of Lunar Axe, which we’ve listed here. If you need help finding them, we’ve circled and labelled each item in the image below.

1. Wrench
2. Flask (a scientific flask, not a Thermos!)
3. Lighter
4. Envelope
5. Church candles
6. Kettle

Lunar Axe hidden object puzzle 2
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. When you’ve completed the hidden object puzzle, you’ll be given candles and a lighter. The candles are for the candelabra — but we don’t have enough. We’ll have to find more. Head through the gate we just opened.
  2. Pick up the candles on the floor to the right of the angel statue.
  3. Go back to the candelabra and place all the candles upon it. It’s a bit finicky, so if it takes a few attempts, don’t worry. Try dragging them to a gap until they click into place. When they’re all placed, use the lighter to light them.
  4. Head to the screen to the right to follow the rope for the candelabra. We need to raise it, so click on the mechanism on the wall. We’ve now got to solve three peg puzzles. They’re straightforward enough — but we’re against the clock, making things a little trickier. You’ll find the solutions in the images below — click through to see all three.

How to raise the candelabra in Lunar Axe

Once you’ve lit the candelabra in Sao Pantaleao Church, you’ll need to raise it so it illuminates the whole church. It’s not a simple case of clicking on the mechanism, though: you need to solve three peg puzzles.

Against the clock, you need to replicate three patterns shown to you by clicking on holes to place a peg, which in turn places a piece of string between that peg and the last peg placed. You’ll find images of all the solutions below. The order of the first two peg puzzles is straightforward enough, but we’ve numbered the last one so you know exactly where to press, and in what order.

  1. Now the church is lit up, head left and click on the large cross. Pick up the key on the table. Click the plates. It says, “It looks like I can fit something in this”, so we’ll come back to these later.
  2. Head back to where you started after entering the church then move right. Click on the altar for a hidden object puzzle.

How to complete hidden object puzzle #3 (the altar in Sao Pantaleao Church)

These are the six items you need to find in this hidden object puzzle. We’ve labelled them in the image below with their corresponding numbers:

1. Crowbar
2. Rattle
3. Flip-flop
4. Cross
5. Coins
6. Rosary

Lunar Axe hidden object puzzle 3
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. You’ll receive a crowbar for completing the hidden object puzzle. Now, return to the church’s starting point and click on the stairs on the left of the screen. Click again to go all the way up.
  2. Click on top of the box to your right to get a chalice.
  3. Go back downstairs, back to where you found the crowbar and move down until you have a view of the church with a statue on the wall. Click the statue, and put the chalice from your inventory in his hand. You’ll get a key in return.
Lunar Axe screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head back up all the stairs and Click at the bottom of the box to complete a sliding block puzzle. It’s fairly straightforward: in the top right and bottom left corners are two keyholes (see screenshot below). You essentially need to solve the puzzle twice: once so the top keyhole is visible, and once so the second keyhole is visible. Push the ‘corner’ tiles around the centrepiece one by one until they’re in the right location.
  2. You have two keys in your inventory: use one on each lock. Once they’re both unlocked, the puzzle will open up, revealing a cupboard. Read the note, and pick up the angel statue.
Lunar Axe sliding puzzle screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head back downstairs, and go outside to the angel statue where we found candles earlier. Click on the base of the statue and use the crowbar from your inventory on the small angel.
  2. Go back inside to the main altar with the big cross. Place the two angel statues from your inventory into the plates either side. You’ll now need to complete a puzzle.
  3. The angel rings puzzle in Lunar Axe is a little tricky. You need to have all of the silver balls in the outer circles, with the gold balls filling up the “eye” shape in the centre — see our screenshot below. We found it easier to focus on one circle at a time: the top circle needs to have 7 gold in a row, and the bottom needs to have five. Once they’re all grouped together, you can rotate them into place.
Lunar Axe angel ring puzzle
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Once the puzzle is complete, a trapdoor opens up underneath the podium. Go down.
  2. Use your lighter in your inventory to light the torch on the wall. Go down the tunnel.
  3. On the next screen, light the torch on the centre of the right wall. Move forward again. Keep repeating until you reach the end.
  4. In the final room, click the large snake tail to make it move. Then, move forward to the table to pick up the axe handle and read the journal.
  5. Finally, you’re done with Sao Pantaleao Church. Back out all the way from where you came, and leave the church. Click up the road to leave the area and return to the map. Click on the next church to head there.

Lunar Axe walkthrough part three: Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church

  1. When you arrive at Nossa Senhora, click the fountain under the main door. Click again for a new hidden object puzzle.

How to complete hidden object puzzle #4 (Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church fountain)

The items you need to find here at the fountain are listed below. As always, we’ve highlighted them and numbered them in the following image.

1. Doll
2. Door handle (more like a doorknob)
3. Hose
4. Hammer
5. Knife
6. Pandeiro (this is an instrument similar to a tambourine)

Lunar Axe hidden object puzzle 4 (1)
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. You’ll get a hose and a door handle from completing the hidden object puzzle.
  2. Next, go back and look at the clock tower in the centre of the square. Use the door handle on the panel.
  3. Time for a puzzle. Here, you’ll need to line up the cogs to make an ouroboros (that figure-8 shaped snake again). You can stop the cogs one at a time. Choose a cog to match the position of another cog, and repeat until they’re all rotating together, so you can rotate them to complete the snake. Completing the puzzle opens up the clock face. Click it and pick up the clock hand.
  4. In your inventory, combine the clock hand and the rope to make an improvised hook.
  5. Click on the stairs and pick up the lever at the bottom of the stairs. Go up the stairs.
  6. Move forward. Use your improvised hook on the hook on the corner of the building — see our screenshot below for the precise position. You’ll need to complete a quick time event of throwing the rope over the hook: click the hook just as the rope reaches it. It might take a few attempts but keep at it!
Lunar Axe hook screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Now you’re inside the church. Pick up the lever on the floor at the bottom of the screen. You’ll need four of these levers eventually and you’ve now got two.
  2. Move forward. There are four smaller alcoves, two on either side. Each one has a statue and a place to put a lever.
  3. Interact with the big arch at the left of the screen to enter a new area with a tree. Click in the top left to get a trophy — it’s a bat! Move to the next screen on your left, where you’ll find a corridor.
  4. Pick up the lever on the ledge to your right. That’s three.
  5. Click on the door on the left and move the chain around the maze to unlock it.
Lunar Axe maze solution
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Enter the room. Click the light switch on the right side of the room to get rid of the “ghost”!
  2. Get the key hung above the light.
  3. Read the newspaper on the floor.
  4. Pick up the wood dowel on the floor in front of the “ghost”.
  5. Click the puppetry in the top left to complete a hidden object puzzle.

How to complete hidden object puzzle #5 (the side room in Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church)

Hidden amongst puppetry and wooden arms and legs, you’ll find six hidden objects. As before, we’ve circled them in the image below, with numbers to match our list:

1. Trap
2. Garden scissors
3. Angel
4. Scepter
5. Baphomet
6. Crowbar

Lunar Axe hidden object puzzle 5
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Upon completing the hidden object puzzle, you’ll get some garden scissors. Head out of the room. Use the key you found on the double doors in front – it’s a way back to the outside of the church. We don’t need to go that way, though.
  2. Head back to the screen where we saw the bush. Approach it and use the garden scissors on it.
  3. Head back into the church and walk up the aisle. You’ll see a strange object sticking out on the right hand side: we’ve circled it in the image below. Click it and approach it.
Lunar Axe church interior
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. You’ll find a strange wooden object with small dowel rods sticking out of it. There’s one gap: add the dowel you found in the puppetry room to it.
  2. Now it’s puzzle time. With all the dowels in place, the box plays music. By interacting with the dowels, you can change what notes are played. You need to eliminate all the bells so you’re left with just high-pitched xylophone-sounding notes. See our solution in the image below.
Lunar Axe music box
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Once you’ve got it right, the side panel of the box will open. Look at the poster and collect the lever at the bottom. That’s the fourth lever, so we can now place them.
  2. Back up, and visit all four of the smaller alcoves in the church. Each one has a statue with a recess to place a lever. When they’re all in, they need to be pulled in a particular order. We’ve numbered them one to four in the image below to show you the order to pull them.
Lunar Axe church alcoves
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. When they’re all done, head up to the grand altar at the top of the church. There are 8 candles you can interact with. Click on 3, 5 and 8 and a box will open up below. Take the emblem. (We don’t know why it’s 3, 5 and 8: we just got it through trial and error. We’re sure there’s a clue somewhere but we missed it!)
  2. Head back to where you cut back the bushes and insert the emblem into the statue. It opens up. Head down.
  3. Light the torch with your lighter then move forward. Light the torch again (it’s on the right, around the middle of the screen) then interact with the leviathan. Move forward. Light the torch: it’s on the floor in front of you this time.
  4. Move forward again and light the torch (on the left)/
  5. Interact with the table. Pick up the magic straw then read the note. Back out of the tunnel then go all the way back to outside the church where you started. Click to the left of the screen to return to the map.

Lunar Axe walkthrough part four: Ribeirao Fountain

  1. Pick up the chair on the ground.
  2. Click on the fountain then on the heads at the bottom of the screen. You need to get all five fountains running at the same time. Clicking on one head will stop or start the water on another head. Sorry: we just had to click a lot until we found the solution!
  3. Click the window that’s opened up in the fountain. It’s too high. Use the chair you picked up and climb in.
  4. Now, you’re in a dark, long corridor. We’re going to be moving up and down this a lot, so pay attention to our directions.
  5. Go forward, then forward again.
  6. Go through the door on the left. Click on the mural then click on the cow head – it will fall off. Pick it up then leave the room/
  7. Go back down the corridor once. Enter the door on the left. You need to move the pieces around so the largest cow silhouette is filled in. When you’re done the fish will fall out. Collect it and leave the room.
  8. Enter the room on the right and interact with the mural. The crab and Poseidon will both fall off. Collect them and leave the room
  9. Head up the corridor and enter the room on the left. Click on the mural and insert the crab. You need to switch the crab’s legs around until they’re all in the right place. When you’re done, the ibis head will fall off. Pick it up and leave the room.
  10. Go down then down again and enter the room on the left. Enter the fish and Neptune into the mural. You need to line up the taps so the water flows into the fishes mouth. We’ve included a screenshot of our solution below. When you’re done the heron will fall off. Pick it up and leave the room.
Lunar Axe taps puzzle
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go up the corridor and enter the room on the right. Place the heron and the ibis into the mural. Now, this next puzzle — honestly, we’re not sure what we did. We assumed we were finding matching pairs, but we’re not quite sure. After clicking the two flying birds on the top row, the puzzle completed for us before we had chance to properly figure it out.
  2. That’s all the mural puzzles done, so head back out of the room and head up and up again until you’re faced with a leviathan mural. Place your axe handle in its mouth then go through the new opening.
  3. Light the torch on the left side then go forward. Light the torch on the left then interact with the table. Read the journal and the book.
  4. Go forward and light the torch on the right. Pick up the wooden rod and the pickaxe head from the floor.
  5. Go back and put them both on the workbench. Pick up the completed pickaxe.
  6. Go forward again and use the pickaxe to break the wooden barricades one by own. Go through and light the torch on the right hand side.
  7. Collect the axe head from the table in front. You’ve now completed the axe.
  8. All that’s left to do is fight the leviathan. This is a quick time event, so simply press the prompts as they come up on screen. Sometimes you’ll need to press R2/RT, and sometimes L2/LT, so be sure to pay attention to the prompts. Good luck.

That’s it: you’ve completed the game! We hope you found this Lunar Axe walkthrough helpful.

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