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Minishoot’ Adventures review – Twin-stick Zelda

Minishoot' Adventures Review 2
Image: SoulGame Studio

We love twin-stick shooters, and we love Zelda-style action RPGs. It’s unsurprising, then, that we love Minishoot’ Adventures by SoulGame Studio, which successfully combines the two. In fact, it just leaves us wondering why it hasn’t been done before.

Springing to life within a cave, Minishoot’ Adventures puts you in control of small craft with a challenging mission ahead of it: stop the Unchosen, and rescue your friends. Like most shooters though, the story here sits in the background, giving a reason for the action but never getting in the way of it. It knows that the real draw here is exploration, engaging in battle, and using your spoils to grow ever stronger.

Like in any Zelda game, there’s a genuine sense of adventure here. Leaving the cave you start in, you’ll find that there’s a bright overworld full of opportunities. It pays to explore pretty much everywhere, as you never know where you’re going to find an upgrade that will bolster your combat capabilities or grant a new ability that will allow you to explore even further. It’s not long until you gain the ability to boost, for example, which then allows you to speed over ramps to cross otherwise impassable bodies of water.

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Image: SoulGame Studio

Not all upgrades are found, however. By defeating enemies and destroying crystals you gain shards, and once a gauge is full you level up, gaining a skill point in the process. These skill points can then be used to purchase upgrades that increase things like your fire rate, critical hit chance, and more. Large red crystals can also be collected, which can be used to purchase valuable items and upgrades from certain vendors.

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It all adds up to make your shooting endeavours rewarding. With things like boss markers placed on the map to aid your progression, you could head straight for them if you wish. But it pays to bide your time, level up, and go on the hunt for upgrades that might give you a better chance of survival. And you might need them, too, because Minishoot’ Adventures doesn’t go easy on you.

At times, this is comparable to a bullet hell shooter, with enemies unleashing an alarming array of projectiles at you that you need to weave through to avoid being hit. Thankfully, crisp and responsive controls mean you can skilfully and reliably do so, but you’re bound to get caught out at times. Lose all of your health and you’ll be taken back to the last checkpoint you activated, which is usually not too far away.

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Image: SoulGame Studio

If you are having trouble with Minishoot’ Adventures, the developers have put in numerous features to ensure that you never need to get overly frustrated. Aside from three difficulty levels being available, you can choose from three fire modes, with one of them even shooting for you. On top of that there are accessibility options that allow you to slow the speed of the game down, as well as enable infinite health and/or energy if you wish.

As you’d probably expect, bosses are a real highlight here. They’re large in size and generally put up a challenging fight, but with patience they can be overcome. Exploring the world to reach and put them out of commission is exceedingly enjoyable, though, and sometimes it’s worth revisiting areas with new skills you’ve gained to see what other secrets you can unearth. Clever map design even makes it easy to do so, thanks to nifty shortcuts that can be unlocked.

Minishoot’ Adventures is a game that’s easy to bestow praise upon. It’s easy on the eyes, being clean and colourful, and its soundtrack is a bit of a treat. But most important of all, it’s an absolute joy to play. From the minute you take control of your small ship and discover that it’s a joy to manoeuvre, chances are you’ll be hooked. From then on, you’ll just be focused on exploring the game’s wonderfully crafted world and making your ship mighty.

This review of Minishoot’ Adventures was facilitated by a code provided by the game’s publisher. It’s available on PC.

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Minishoot' Adventures is an absolute delight, combining intense twin-stick shooter gameplay with a charming world that begs to be explored.
Minishoot' Adventures is an absolute delight, combining intense twin-stick shooter gameplay with a charming world that begs to be explored.
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  • Clean and colourful visuals
  • Crisp and responsive controls
  • Gameplay rewards exploration

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