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When is the Once Human beta end date?

A woman, a man and a fuzzy llama creature in front of a sky full of fireworks in Once Human.

Want to know when the Once Human beta end date is? Afraid it’ll be over before you can get in? Here’s the answer.

Once Human’s third beta end date is May 17th, though this post-apocalyptic survival MMO, in beta on PC and mobile, is proving so popular that you might have a little difficulty getting on.

There are two Once Human betas, a mobile beta and a PC beta, both of which kicked off on April 5th. As explained on the Once Human beta announcement page, this beta will run for approximately 42 days so it should end May 17th. It’s possible it may end slightly earlier, but it could also be extended.

How do you apply for the Once Human beta?

If you’ve participated in one of Once Human’s previous two PC betas, you don’t need to reapply, you can log in with your old account. But if you’ve not played before, or want to play the mobile beta, you’ll need to apply. Here’s what to do:

  • To get into the PC beta, head over to the official Once Human website and get the pre-download beta launcher, then download the beta. The download is, according to developer Starry Studio, limited to 150,000 downloads, though no-one has reported that limit being met.
  • To play the separate mobile beta, on Android and iOS, you have first be in the United States, Canada, Germany, and France and then apply online here, filling out a questionnaire. Starry Studio will randomly select people to participate in the beta. Given that the beta’s begun, there may or may not be spaces left.

Starry Sky also has a code giveaway from now until the 12th of April. You can find out more about that here, though the giveaway doesn’t specify what the codes entitle you to.

So, if you were wondering just when is the Once Human beta end date, the answer is it ends on May 17th.

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