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Silent Hill 2 fans think James has had a Sonic-style redesign, with an all-new face

Silent Hill 2 remake, two versions of James Sunderland, a man with blonde hair.

Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake has fans thinking protagonist James Sunderland has been given a Sonic Hedgehog the Movie-style makeover, coming away with a new face. But are they right?

Silent Hill 2’s reveal trailer was the subject of some criticism, much of it around protagonist James Sunderland’s new appearance. Compared to the original game’s James, he appeared a little older, and slightly gaunt. It wasn’t a bad look, by any means, but the contrast between him and OG James was undeniable.

However, Bloober/Konami have switched up the game’s Steam icon (via SteamDB), revealing a James who looks more in line with his original appearance. It’s not a 1:1 copy but it’s a marked difference from that original trailer. So what’s going on? With the game set to release this year, has Bloober had a sudden change of heart? Is this a dramatic redesign on a par with Old Sonic/New Sonic? Not quite.

James’s face is different from his reveal trailer self, absolutely. But this isn’t some late-game change. As pointed out by artist October Keegan, James had a different face in the Silent Hill 2 combat trailer, released a couple of months ago. And given the time it takes to cut a trailer, that would have been in the game for a month longer at least.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the James we saw in the original reveal trailer was from a cutscene. The character models in those are sometimes more detailed than the in-game models, so visually there may well be discrepancies. And it’s not necessarily the case that the change was down to fan feedback, characters can and do change through the course of a game’s development.

So it seems that, whenever the Silent Hill 2 remake arrives, we’ll be getting a James Sunderland whose face is somewhere between the original and the reveal trailer’s self. Bloober Team’s remake drops this year, so it won’t be too long ’till we can find out for ourselves.

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