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Truck Driver: The American Dream’s Brave Girl update adds a female protagonist but no velociraptors

Truck Driver: The American Dream, a red and white truck next to a No Velociraptors sign.

Truck Driver: The American Dream has a free update that adds in a female protagonist and makes some much-needed improvements to the trucking sim. But we just can’t get past its ‘Brave Girl’ subtitle.

We tackled Truck Driver: The American Dream back in October, remarking that it felt like an Early Access game. So this meaty update couldn’t have come a moment too soon. It adds 6-7 hours of new story content, where you play as new trucker Emma, trucking to support her family. She’s got a young daughter so every cent counts, though all those hours on the road can’t be good for their relationship.

You can find the full patch notes on developer SOEDESCO’s site, but it’s an impressive amount of content that, hopefully, will bring Truck Driver: The American Dream closer to the game it should have been at launch. Here a few of the highlights:

  • AI traffic improvements
  • Updated environmental audio
  • Numerous new locations
  • 20 new Freedom to Roam missions
  • Addition of random road traffic incidents
  • Added more animals (Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 only)
  • Revamped engine audio
  • Overhauled fines logic
  • Traffic now uses horns if you stop too long in front of them

But calling it Truck Driver: The American Dream Brave Girl Update is doing a number on us. Our brains kept flip-flopping between Jurassic Park’s infamous ‘Clever Girl’ scene and some patronising trucker patting her on the head. Then we started thinking about velociraptors driving trucks and.. let’s just say it took us a while to get back on track.

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Truck Driver: The American Dream’s Brave Girl update is out now, and you can pick the game up on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. And, SOEDESCO, if you could get working on the Velociraptor Update, that’d be great.

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