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Turbo Golf Racing review – It’s golf, but not as you know it

Golf isn’t the most exciting of sports, which is perhaps why Hugecalf Studios has created its own take which involves competitors taking part in vehicles. In Turbo Golf Racing there are no tees or clubs. There’s also no leisurely stroll between swings. Your vehicle is the only tool you need to get your ball in the hole, which makes for a fast-paced sport that’s effortlessly entertaining.

A multiplayer-focused title, Turbo Golf Racing has two main game types: race and golf. Jump into a race, and it’s all about getting your ball in the hole at the end of the course as fast as possible. With seven other competitors all racing alongside you, success comes down to having expert control of your vehicle, knowing where to best hit your ball to direct it where you want to go, considered use of power ups, and having a good knowledge of the courses you’re playing on. With points awarded depending on your position, the ultimate victor is decided after three holes have been completed.

The golf match type, on the other hand, is much closer to an actual game of golf. The core idea is the same — using your vehicle to hit your ball and get it in the hole — but here it’s how many hits it takes that matters. After each hit your vehicle is reset, and you’re given a small amount of time to line up your next shot. This is the mode for those that want a bit more strategy, then, and the power-ups found in the race match type are absent. As you’d expect, these types of matches require a longer time commitment, too, not only because of their stop-start nature, but also because five holes are played a rather than three.

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Image: Hugecalf Studios

While the standard golf mode pits you against seven other human opponents, there is a one-on-one golf mode also available. Complete enough races, too, and you can take part in ranked race events. Throw in the ability to create custom matches, choosing everything from the match type to whether bots are enabled or or not, and you have a game that provides hours upon hours of multiplayer fun. It’s just a shame that there are no local multiplayer options. We’d love to be able to race with friends in split-screen, or play golf via passing a controller around.

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Despite multiplayer being the focus of Turbo Golf Racing, however, there is a single player Time Trial mode. It essentially challenges players to complete all of the game’s holes against the clock; the race match type repurposed to cater for just a solo player. It’s genuinely fun, though, and a good place to start before heading online. Aside from learning the courses, and how things like boost pads and rings that catapult your ball closer to the hole work, you can also get yourself accustomed to power ups. Coming in both active and passive varieties, you can momentarily make your ball sticky, for example, and make it so that your ball and vehicle aren’t slowed down by rough patches or bunkers.

Depending on the mode you play, you’ll make progress to unlocking a variety of awards. Play online and you’ll earn experience, with each level up granting a reward such as a new vehicle shell or avatar icon. And whether you play online or in the single player time trial mode, you’ll make progress towards completing a large number of missions, which more often than not reward players with gears or gold trophies. These can then be used to purchase vehicle parts and more from the in-game shop. Needless to say, there’s a lot to work towards, and your time invested in the game always feels rewarded.

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Image: Hugecalf Studios

But forget all the rewards and cosmetics – even without them, Turbo Golf Racing would be hard to put down. This is a game that captures the very essence of fun, being easy to pick up, somewhat challenging to master, and hard to put down. Its colourful visuals provide plenty of eye-candy, its varied courses keep you on your toes and get ever more devious, and its controls never get in the way of the action, making every minute spent with the game a joy. Even when you’re losing, you’re generally having a good time.

It’s just a shame that there aren’t more people playing. We’ve been playing Turbo Golf Racing on PS5 for review, and if we turn off cross-play it’s pretty much impossible to find a match online. And this is despite the game launching at a bargain price. Still, thanks to cross-play, it’s easy to find matches against PC players, and if there are some empty spaces they’re filled by bots. We do hope that more players take a punt on Turbo Golf Racing over time to keep the community buoyant though. It deserves it.

It’s been a long time since we’ve enjoyed jumping into an online game as much as Turbo Golf Racing. Combining the high-octane thrills of an arcade racing game with the basic rules of golf, it’s a unique experience that’s easy to get into but has enough depth to reward those that learn its ins and outs. Complete with a single player time trial mode to provide some solo fun, we just wish it had some local multiplayer options, making it a go-to party game.

This review of Turbo Golf Racing is based on the PS5 version, with a code provided by the game’s publisher. It’s available on PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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Turbo Golf Racing
9 10 0 1
Turbo Golf Racing is the most entertaining online multiplayer game we've played for a long while, turning golf into an exhilarating fast-paced sport played with vehicles. Its single-player time trial mode complete with leaderboards proves to be an enjoyable time sink, too.
Turbo Golf Racing is the most entertaining online multiplayer game we've played for a long while, turning golf into an exhilarating fast-paced sport played with vehicles. Its single-player time trial mode complete with leaderboards proves to be an enjoyable time sink, too.
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We liked...

  • Fast-paced online action that's always fun, win or lose
  • Clean, colourful visuals
  • Single player time trials mode is a nice addition

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  • Some local multiplayer options would be nice

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