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1000xRESIST, a woman in a sci-fi style outfit and helmet, saying "Watcher, we've been lied to."

1000xRESIST review – A gripping, dystopian sci-fi adventure

1000xRESIST made us angry in the best way possible. Sometimes games thrust you into their dystopian world and expect you to fight the man because you’re the hero and that’s your job. But, just a few chapters in, 1000xRESIST had instilled in us righteous fury and, just when we thought we’d got a handle on things, it gave us even more reasons to tear everything down.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where ‘the surface’ is just a fever dream, this gorgeous, captivating adventure boasts one of the most memorable stories we’ve experienced. An alien virus wipes out most of the world’s populace and the few ‘survivors’ live underground in a bunker.

And if being the last of humanity wasn’t enough stress, you’re actually a clone of the virus’s sole survivor, Iris. She’s worshipped, with cult-like devotion, as ‘AllMother’, whose love and wisdom is beyond reproach. Think you can see where this is going? Chances are, you’re wrong.

Because while you start off delving into AllMother’s memories, part of a ceremony known as Communion, 1000xRESIST tosses curveball after narrative curveball. It goes on to tell a tale spanning whole lifetimes, laden with secrets and regret. There are dashes of humour and hope, but it’s the story’s grimmer elements that’ll hook you from beginning to end.

1000xRESIST, one character questioning another.
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1000xRESIST juggles a host of familiar themes, from cultural isolation through to dehumanisation and government corruption. But it never feels like it’s retreading old ground. And it makes your quest (or quests, since you play as multiple characters) so personal that even when you’re not seething at your own society, you’ll still be hooked.

Gameplay-wise, there are a few very basic puzzles, and sections where you grapple through someone’s memories. But it’s virtually impossible to fail. 1000xRESIST might, at first glance, look a little like Stellar Blade, but there’s no hacking and slashing in sight. Trauma doesn’t have a conveniently-glowing weak spot.

There’s much, much more to the game than exploring memories, but literally making you a Watcher gives the game one hell of a strong start. We found ourselves wishing we could undo the selfishness we witnessed but, separated from it by a chasm of decades, all we could do was try and deal with the consequences.

Speaking of consequences, there’s a moment where your own actions come home to roost, and the ‘presentation’ (for want of a better word) that conveys this is downright unsettling. No matter what you come to think of Iris, the folly of her deification is neatly woven throughout the game.

1000xRESIST isn’t without its flaws, including a graphical oddity or three. Playing on the Nintendo Switch, my character’s mask was barely visible. And while it makes sense that you’d want to see their face, I did a double take each time the game made the point the air was potentially fatal.

Another irritation is that the upper hub area can be a maze to negotiate. Yes, you can hold down a button to highlight characters but half the time you wander over only to find a barrier between you and them.

From its weighty themes through to its truly alien aliens end engaging characters, there’s so much to love here. If you’ve the slightest interest in sci-fi, especially if you’re fed up with familiar tropes, 1000xRESIST is a must-play.

This review of 1000xRESIST is based on the Switch version of the game, via a code provided by the publisher. It’s available on Switch and PC.

1000xRESIST review - GameSpew's score

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Set in a a thoroughly unique dystopian world, 1000xRESIST is a gripping sci-fi adventure exploring weighty themes, ensuring you're thoroughly invested in your fate and that of your flawed world.
Set in a a thoroughly unique dystopian world, 1000xRESIST is a gripping sci-fi adventure exploring weighty themes, ensuring you're thoroughly invested in your fate and that of your flawed world.
Total Score

We like...

  • Unique take on dystopian society
  • Emotionally weighty storyline
  • Plenty of twists and turns

We don't like...

  • Navigating the game's main hub is tiresome

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