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SF6 - Akuma Screenshot 4

Akuma arrives in Street Fighter 6, along with a balance update

Fan-favourite demonic warrior Akuma joins the roster of Street Fighter 6 today, marking the end of Year 1 content. And he’s not the only reason to return to this latest entry in the Street fighter series, with a game-changing balance update and more arriving alongside him.

Head on over to the Battle Hub and players will find a new “Giant Attack” raid event, which pits all players in each Battle Hub server against an oversized Akuma. Points can be earned by completing various activities, and by unleashing a mega-powered Hadoken to defeat this powerful foe by 31 May, special rewards can be acquired.

That’s not the only new Battle Hub activity, either. Those confident of their skills can seek out new special Battle Hub cabinets that allow them to take on SiRN Akuma, who’s faster, smarter and even fiercer than the standard version. Rise to the challenge and there are exclusive rewards available.

Outside of Battle Hub content, a new mechanic has arrived in Street Fighter 6 to spice up the combat further. All 22 characters in the game can now perform what is called a Recovery Drive Reversal move, which can be performed while getting back up from a knockdown. This, along with what is called the Major Battle Balance update, will make Street Fighter 6 feel refreshed, with each character given a makeover. You can find a full list of changes to each character on the Street fighter 6 website.

Rounding out today’s explosion of Street Fighter 6 content are all-new Outfit 3 designs for all four Year 1 DLC characters, as well as new Avatar Items, new Challenge Screens and new Combo Trials. Throw on top of all that a new Custom Music Setting and new BGM Music Bundles being available, and there’s perhaps never been a better time to return to Street Fighter 6, or jump into it for the first time.

Check out the Akuma Update Launch Trailer below.

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