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Anger Foot will make you want to kick things… but in a good way

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Set for release sometime later this year on PC, Anger Foot will inspire you to kick things. And not because it will frustrate you or make you angry. Instead, it’s simply way too much fun to introduce your foot to an enemy’s face. Or a door, even.

Things aren’t alright in the aptly named Shit City. Your prized shoe collection has just been stolen, and you’re going to do all it takes to get it back. It’s a journey that will take you through slums, skyscrapers and more, encountering a whole host of lowly criminals along the way. But thanks to a wide range of weaponry being available as well as your trusty feet, you have everything you need to put things right.

Going hands-on with Anger Foot, it instantly grabbed us with its bold, colourful presentation. This is a stylish game with over-the-top characters in an interesting world. And then there’s the banging, bass-driven soundtrack that ramps up along with the action. It won’t click with everyone, but within seconds you’ll know whether you’re vibing with Anger Foot or not.

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Image: Free Lives/Devolver Digital

When it comes to the actual gameplay, imagine Hotline Miami but played from a first-person viewpoint. In each of Anger Foot’s stages you need to clear an area — the floor of an apartment, for example — as efficiently as possible. Along the way, there will be numerous enemies to deal with, and you can either shoot them down with whatever weapons you can pick up, or simply kick them.

As well as the existence of a timer to measure your performance, each stage also has a trio of objectives to complete. One of these is typically to just complete the stage, with the others being more challenging such as doing so without taking damage, or only using your feet. The more objectives you complete, the quicker you unlock a range of footwear you can equip on your character, each providing a specific perk such as replenishing ammo when kicking enemies.

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Image: Free Lives/Devolver Digital

Anger Foot does have some unique features that separate it from Hotline Miami, however. It doesn’t simply take one hit to be killed here, for example, giving you a little more of a fighting chance to complete any given stage. Its environments are more interactable, too. You can make use of explosive barrels to kill your enemies, or shoot things like fire extinguishers. Ultimately, it’s always worth keeping an eye out for something you can use to get an advantage.

Kicking things really is the main draw here, though. You can kick enemies into one another, kick doors to squash whoever’s unfortunate enough to be behind them, and kick random objects to weaponise them. It’s powerful, and simply never gets old. And so, as the release for Anger Foot draws closer, we can’t help but get excited about kicking things in the full game. Anger Foot may not be all that clever, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

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