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Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 remake

Blade is set in the Silent Hill universe and this vending machine proves it

Did you know that Blade, the Wesley Snipes vampire-slaying trilogy, is set in the same universe as Silent Hill? Us neither, but thanks to one sharp-eyed player we’ve got concrete proof and we’re not letting anyone convince us otherwise.

Twitter user NubZombie was watching Blade: Trinity and spotted that the ‘COLD drinks’ vending machine that crops up in that movie also appears in Silent Hill 3, with a save point plastered over it. But that’s not all.

Thanks to the Video Game Soda Machine project, we also know that it appears in Silent Hill 2. That’s all the proof we need to confirm the Blade movies and every Silent Hill game share a single universe.

Okay, maybe that is a teensy bit of a stretch. But we’re absolutely fascinated by this discovery, for a few reasons. Firstly, we love to see what kind of monsters Silent Hill would spawn from Blade’s psyche. Secondly, there’s a real-life version of this machine, and you can go right ahead and buy one. But, most importantly, it opens the door for a gloriously silly Tommy Westphall-style situation.

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If you’re wondering who the heck Tommy Westphall is, allow us to enlighten you. There was an eighties TV show called St Elsewhere which the season finale revealed was all in the imagination of an autistic boy. As endings go it’s a little out there, but it’s not the strangest we’ve ever seen.

However, because the show and its characters had crossed over with other shows, author Dwayne McDuffie came up with the tongue-in-cheek argument that Homicide, the X-Files and a host of other shows were also products of Westphall’s imagination.

From now on, we’re going to be keeping our eyes open for this vending machine. And the moment it puts in an appearance, it brings that game or movie into one singular, shared universe. So forget Fortnite and the MCU, open yourself to the wonder that is the COLDDrinksiverse.

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