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Vampire Dynasty, a vampire with his hands at his chin while a female vampire stands behind him.

Bloodsucking sandbox Vampire Dynasty gets a Steam Next Fest demo

If vampires are your thing, you’ve probably had your eyes on bloodsucking sandbox adventure Vampire Dynasty and in June, there’ll be a Steam Next Fest demo for you to sink your teeth into.

This open-world adventure casts you as an up and coming neck-biter and, either co-op or solo, you’re tasked with building your own little undead empire. From piercing necks to building castles, you’ll become your very own Dracula.

Vampire Dynasty’s demo, available as part of Steam Next Fest from June 10 to June 17, likely won’t let you conquer the whole world. But it should give you a taste of things to come, for when the game launches into Steam Early Access later this year.

We’re absolutely going to be checking it out, and not just because we miss Legacy of Kain. But there’s one snag. This whole thing sounds a little familiar. In fact, it sounds like V Rising, which has recently exited Steam Early Access.

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That’s not to suggest that developer Mehuman Games or Toplitz Productions is intentionally copying V Rising. Toplitz has a whole host of ‘Dynasty’ games in its stable, so maybe they were always going to get round to vampires. But with V Rising sitting at Very Positive on Steam, Vampire Dynasty may need to work to eclipse the competition.

Could Vampire Dynasty’s story give it the edge? Mehuman boasts that it will have a “..dramatic storyline filled with decisions and far reaching consequences”, which absolutely has our attention.

Why? Because the one thing that’s always fascinated us about fictional vampires and their castles is that there’s often a tipping point, when the peasants pick up their pitchforks and torches and come pay the bloodsucker-in-residence a visit. Will Vampire Dynasty let you push the populace too far, leading to them all raiding your castle, pitchforks and stakes in hand?

Hopefully we’ll find out this June 10th, when Vampire Dynasty’s demo drops. In the meantime, you can wishlist it on Steam here.

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