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Crow Country will get a hard mode in future update

Crow Country review body
Image: SFB Games

Crow Country is available now on PC and consoles, and it appears that people are liking it. A lot. Give our Crow Country review a read if you want to find out more about it. For those who have completed it and would like to play through it again but with a greater challenge, however, we have good news: a hard mode is on the way.

Developer SFB Games has laid out a content roadmap for the game, giving a glimpse of how Crow Country will be improved going ahead. Firstly, the game will be receiving a patch shortly that will sort out some of its troublesome bugs, and that’s for all platforms. The game’s soundtrack by Ockeroid will also imminently be made available for those who want to hear its haunting melodies outside of the game.

Following all of that, a hard mode is eventually going to be added, allowing players to make their way through the Crow Country theme park while experiencing more hardship. It will be worth playing through the game again on PC as well, as Steam Trading Cards will be introduced around the same time. For those who have worked hard to complete the CrowQuest, a setting in the menu is going to be added to allow you to keep the reward, too.

Needless to say, this isn’t quite the end for Crow Country; players might want to jump in again in the near future to make use of these new features. And further ahead, the game is going to be localised in additional languages, including Japanese, Italian, Korean and Chinese.

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