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Post-apocalyptic survival game DECIMATED is launching on Epic Games Store

Coming later this year, DECIMATED from developer Fracture Labs is set to launch on Epic Games Store, it’s been announced today. A third-person PvP and PvE online survival game, DECIMATED gives players the freedom to explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The heart of DECIMATED is a rich and immersive world that’s been designed to push players’ survival instincts to their limits. Following an apocalyptic event, players must find a way to survive against the odds, coming up against environmental hazards, mutated beasts and, of course, rival survivors. In their battle to survive, players can salvage pieces of advanced technology, find secret treasures and discover the true perils of a fractured society forced to live in the harshest conditions.

Over the course of its development so far, DECIMATED has amassed a sizeable following with 23,000 members in its Discord and more than 60,000 followers on Twitter/X. Many of those fans are participating in the game’s closed alpha testing.

DECIMATED has been brought to life with the support of an Epic Mega Grant and the backing of 46 investors back in December 2021. Fracture Labs ultimately accepted investment of $3.5M from various companies including Mechanism Capital, Spartan Capital, Polygon Ventures, Good Games Guild, Israel Blockchain Association, Dutch Crypto Investors, Metavest Capital and more.

Integration with the DIO token gives DECIMATED’s economy a unique twist. It’s integrated into the game using the Solana chain, and it’ll be compatible with all of Fracture Labs’ future games. It means that DECIMATED has a real digital economy, giving incentives for every decision players make. All items, whether traded or found while exploring the world of DECIMATED, will have a value within DIO, making in-game loot more even more thrilling than usual.

There are many ways to earn currency in DECIMATED. Perhaps you’ll salvage cargo as you explore the world, or maybe you’ll uncover forgotten technology. You could ambush a convoy for the loot they’re carrying, or head out on a risky mission for big rewards. You can also trade what you’ve found on the virtual market.

DECIMATED recently announced it is acting as an official sponsor of crypto event Token2049 Dubai, which underscores the game’s commitment to innovation in blockchain technology and its focus on immersive gaming.

There’s no firm released date just yet for DECIMATED, but an open alpha test is scheduled for later this year. With the game now listed on the Epic Games Store, it’s an exciting moment for fans that should see the community grow even further.

To find out more about DECIMATED, visit https://www.decimated.net.

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