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Devil Inside Us Roots of Evil

In Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil, faith is your weapon

There are many horror games released by independent developers these days. An alarming number, in fact, which makes it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil by Fernando Tittz and Ahldain Michael managed to capture our attention, however, simply for the fact that it casts you as a priest.

A story-driven horror experience, Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil puts you in the shoes of an exorcist called Aughust Heylel. His ordeal begins in 1984, when he visits a house where a horrific murder took place. It’s there he encounters an evil greater than anything he’s ever come up against before. And so, even once he’s dealt with the presence, he finds himself returning some 30 years later to battle with it once again.

Like most indie horror games, Devil Inside Us is very rough around the edges. It’s not all that impressive visually, and the English voice acting suffers not only because of its poor quality, but also because of the sub-par translation of its script. The gameplay here is pretty rudimentary, too, with you generally just pottering around the house, opening up cupboards and drawers to see if there’s anything useful to add to your inventory.

Devil Inside Us Roots of Evil 2
Image: Fernando Tittz, Ahldain Michael

There are some very basic puzzles for you to solve, however. And what really sticks out to us is that, as a priest, your primary tool for both offense and defence is a cross. If you feel there’s an evil presence in a room, holding up your cross and praying can dispel it, perhaps opening up the way forward. The same goes for when an evil entity manifests and tries to attack you: simply raise your cross, keep it focused on your foe, and eventually they’ll be subdued.

The problem is, you only have a limited amount of faith. Run out and the forces of darkness will soon have their way with you. Thankfully it can be restored by using rosary beads, much like how your health can be restored with a med kit. Spoiler: you can also get a shotgun later in the game as well, letting you take a more gung-ho approach to some encounters.

Ultimately, Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil isn’t going to blow you away. But if you’re after a horror game that lets you raise a cross and shout “The power of Christ compels you!” in your living room while exorcising demons, this is it. It’s fairly short and quite rough around the edges, but at least it stands out in a sea of indie horror games chasing the success of the terrifying P.T.

Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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