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Dungeon Drafters screenshot

You’ve got two days left to buy this Devious Deckbuilders bundle from Humble

Are you in the mood for a bargain? Do you enjoy playing a deckbuilding game? If you answered yes to both of those questions, hoo boy, has Humble Bundle got the deal for you. Its Devious Deckbuilders bundle is offering up seven great card-based games for just £15.89.

That’s a serious bargain, considering the seven games are worth £127 altogether if you were to pay RRP. In fact, you’ll pay more than £15.89 for just one of these games — so even if you just play a couple of them, you’re more than getting your money’s worth.

In this Humble Bundle, you’ll find:

  • Book of Hours
  • Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles
  • Dungeon Drafters
  • Mahokenshi – The Samurai Deckbuilder
  • Zoeti
  • Gordian Quest
  • Floppy Knights

It’s an odd selection, we’ll agree: These aren’t the big names that come up when people talk about deckbuilders. But that’s what makes this bundle so great: these are true hidden gems that you probably don’t already have in your library.

When we played Zoeti, for example, we said “its poker hand twist on typical card-based battler gameplay makes it stand out from the crowd”. We found there to be a few instances of a lack of polish, but it’s now been out for over a year, during which time the developers have applied several updates and patches. We’ve no doubt it’s even more enjoyable than ever now.

As for Dungeon Drafters, which we wrote about back in March, we called it a “captivating, moreish adventure”, praising its blend of old-school charm and modern sentimentalities.

Devious Deckbuilders bundle from Humble

Get 7 deckbuilding games on PC for just £15.89

If you’re a fan of card-based games, you’re going to want to get your mitts on this fantastic bundle from Humble. You’re getting £127 worth of games for less than £16. There’s only two days left, though, so hurry.

As always, purchasing from Humble Bundle means you’re supporting charity. This time, you’ll be donating to Cool Effect, a charity that wants to reduce carbon pollution and fight against climate change.

So: play some good games, help a good cause — all for pocket change. Just don’t sleep on this Devious Deckbuilders bundle: you’ve only got two days left before it expires.

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