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Disney Dreamlight Valley sunken ruins

How to complete The Sunken Ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Read on to find out everything you need to know about completing The Sunken Ruins quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To begin The Sunken Ruins quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you simply need to talk to Merlin. However: check your quest list in the main menu before you begin. Merlin might be busy, and you might need to wait a little while before you can start the quest. Spend a half-hour or so doing something else, then check again.

Once Merlin’s available, talk to him. You’ll need to find ‘flickers’ in order to continue investigating the hidden mysteries of Dreamlight Valley. There are a few key places you need to check:

  • The Moana realm
  • The Ratatouille realm
  • The Wall-E realm
  • The Wishing Well in the Plaza (x4)
  • The Wishing Well near the Docks on Eternity Isle (x4)

To save you some time, you can simply fast travel to each location: head to your map in the main menu, then press square/X to fast travel. You can even fast travel to Realms now! (Note: you can’t fast travel from a realm. You’ll need to use the glowing exit pad to take you back to Dreamlight Valley, where you can fast travel again.)

To find the flickers, equip your Hourglass (R2/RT). Press square/X to use the Hourglass, then follow the blue curve/arrow to where the flicker might be hidden. You’ll likely need to use your Hourglass multiple times in each area before you find the flicker.

Once you’ve got them all, talk to Merlin. Follow him to the ancient ruins on Eternity Island — they’re near EVE’s house. Talk to Merlin again. Enter the ancient ruins, then talk to him for a third time.

Now, time to explore the ancient ruins and take some photos. You’ll need to head to the north, east and west chambers in order to photograph some artefacts for Merlin. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A mysterious pedestal in the West Chamber — this is the large golden sun motif on the wall
  • An ancient computer terminal in the North Chamber — the stone pedestal directly in front of the door
  • A set of musical notes in the East Chamber — these are hard to miss! Literal music notes made out of stone directly in front of the door

That’s it: you’re finished with The Sunken Ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Now, onto the next quest: you can choose from talking to EVE, Gaston or Rapunzel.

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