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Disney Dreamlight Valley Daisy Duck

How to complete ‘You Have Mail’ and get Daisy Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Completing the ‘You Have Mail’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the way to get Daisy Duck, the latest villager, to land in the valley. Here’s everything you need to know.

The ‘You Have Mail’ quest should be in your quests list if you’ve got the latest update of Disney Dreamlight Valley installed. Select it from the menu then go and talk to Mickey. He’ll tell you he’s received a letter from Daisy Duck, and she wants her house setting up in the valley straight away.

Her house will be added to your inventory, so it’s up to you to choose where to put it. Press triangle/Y to enter your inventory, then choose ‘furnish’ from the side menu. Once you’ve selected a location and placed the house blueprint, interact with the Scrooge sign. You’ll need to spend 20,000 coins to build it. (If you need help raising the funds, head to our handy guide on earning money in Disney Dreamlight Valley.)

Once you’ve built Daisy’s house, she’ll appear in the Valley, as easy as that! Go and greet her, then follow her into her house and talk to her again. She’ll tell you about the boutique — one of the new features that’s landed in the latest update of Disney Dreamlight Valley. By placing the boutique, you’ll be able to sell your own custom clothing and furniture designs — pretty cool, right?

How to make a Wonderland Amplification Elixir and place the Disney Dreamlight Valley boutique

But before you can do so, you’ll need to gather materials to craft a Wonderland Amplification Elixir. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3x Dream shards – You’ll find these by digging in sparkling patches or removing night thorns
  • 5x Carrots – Buy seeds from Goofy in Peaceful Meadow; they take 15 minutes to grow.
  • 3x Topaz – Mine from rocks in the Plaza (or the Docks and Courtyard on Eternity Isle)
  • 3x White daisies – Grows in Peaceful Meadow

When you’ve got everything, head to a crafting bench and make the Wonderland Amplification Elixir. You’ll find it on the ‘Potion & Enchantment’ tab. Then, head into your inventory (triangle/Y) to use it. Return to Daisy’s house and use your watering can on the small house — that’s the miniature boutique! — in the middle of her floor. Once it’s watered, pick it up.

Now, head back out into the valley and find a place for the boutique to stand. Once it’s placed, go inside and talk to Daisy. She’ll tell you how to use the boutique.

How to use the boutique

Interact with any one of the displays to place a piece of clothing or furniture on it. You can only use Touch of Magic designs, however, so it needs to be something you’ve created yourself.

You’ll need to place something to continue with the quest, so if you’ve never customised your own item before, head into your inventory (Y/triangle), then go to ‘Wardrobe. Choose ‘Customize’, then ‘Add new’. From there you can change the colour of items, add various decals to them and more. So go to town! Once you’re done, interact with a display in the boutique to place your item on display.

Talk to Daisy when you’re done: she’ll ask you to complete a “boutique challenge”

Completing a boutique challenge in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Boutique challenges will be available every day, but before you can complete the You Have Mail quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to wrap one up. Talk to Daisy and ask “What’s the challenge today?”

Your prompt might be different, but for me it was “something that uses shoes, seating, casual, black, simple, calm.” See the raised area within the boutique? Here’s where you need to place your challenge items. You can add any furniture here – it doesn’t have to be something you’ve designed. Same for clothing: wear the outfit you want to submit yourself, then interact with one of the mannequins. When you think you’ve matched all the prompts, talk to Daisy and select “Did I complete the challenge”?

Be aware that if you choose to cancel the challenge you can’t start a new one until the next day.

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