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Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to complete Does Not Compute in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Following on from The Sunken Ruins quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to talk to EVE to begin the Does Not Compute quest. Here’s everything you need to know.

Find EVE and talk to her to begin the Does Not Compute quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. She’ll give you a map, which you’ll need to investigate from within your inventory. Press Y/triangle to pull it up, and select “use”. It’s a map of Eternity Isle, with five key locations marked on it.

The map shows you where you’ll need to go in order to find ancient artefacts for EVE. Handily, it also shows you which tool you’ll need in each area. You can view the map below:

A map from Disney Dreamlight Valley's 'Does Not Compute' quest.
Screenshot: GameSpew

If you’re struggling to work out where each of the locations are, we’ve noted them down below. It’s worth noting that this is not a complete map of Eternity Isle; it cuts off around halfway up.

  • Use your pickaxe in Gaston’s old camp just off Glittering Dunes to find the Ancient Dictionary
  • Dig near the circular stone monument just off The Grove for an Ancient Power Sphere
  • Use your Hourglass in the secret room behind the waterfall (in Ancient’s Landing) for an Ancient Processor Blueprint
  • Dig in the hidden area off the Courtyard to find the Ancient Processor Crystal
  • Fish in the secret beach near The Overlook/The Ruins to find the Ancient Slate

Once you’ve found those, you’ll need to use your Hourglass to find ancient material. You’ll need:

  • 3x Ancient Gear
  • 3x Ancient Plate
  • 3x Ancient Magnet

These could be everywhere, so use your Hourglass all over Eternity Isle until you have all the necessary parts. None of them are particularly rare, so it shouldn’t take too long.

When you’ve found everything, head to a Timebending table to make the Ancient Processor. You’ll find it in the ‘Quest’ section. Then, go and deliver it to EVE.

Next, you need to head to EVE’s house to take some photos of her tech. Here’s what you need to snap:

  • Something round with holes
  • Some sort of power output
  • Some glassy globes

We found that simply taking a full-body selfie stood in the doorway captured everything we needed. Cheeky, I know!

Now it’s time to gather some materials. Hooray, more gathering. You’ll need:

  • 10x Oasis glass: Dig in The Plains, The Wastes, The Oasis and The Borderlands
  • 15x Plastic scrap: Fish outside of ripples in Eternity Isle
  • 15x Copper: Mine any rocks across Eternity Isle
  • 3x Mechanical parts: Craft each one with 1x brass ingot and 1x bronze ingot (if you don’t have the recipe available, craft Brass ingot first!)
  • 2x Brass ingot: Craft each one with 3x copper, 2x zinc and 1x coal

When you’ve found everything, head to a workbench to craft the Universal Adapter. You’ll find it in the Functional Items section. Give it to EVE, and you’re done with the Does Not Compute task in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to complete Gaston and Rapunzel’s missions before heading back into the ancient cave.

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