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Disney Dreamlight Valley Daisy Duck

How to complete Dots & Daisies in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s everything you need to complete Dots & Daisies, Daisy’s level 4 friendship quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

You’ll need to be friendship level 4 with Daisy before you can begin the Dots & Daisies mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you need some help levelling up, we’ve got a handy guide on quickly levelling up friendships. When you’ve reached level 4, talk to Daisy. She’ll tell you about her and Minnie’s little project, but she needs your help getting things off the ground.

Your first task? A gather mission. Of course it is. Here’s what you’ll need to find:

  • 30x Fiber – You’ll need seaweed in order to craft it
  • 30x Softwood – Found on the ground in all Dreamlight Valley areas
  • 3x Blue Hydrangeas – Found on Dazzle Beach
  • 5x Red Falling Penstemons – Found in the Plaza
  • A Sewing Machine – Talk to Mirabel

Note, the quest will only count items in your inventory. If you have items stowed away in crates, you’ll need to get them out for them to count towards your totals.

When you’ve got everything, talk to Minnie. Next, talk to Scrooge, then talk to Daisy. She’ll give you a new top created by Dots & Daisies: put it on. Then, take three selfies while wearing it. When you’re done, talk to Daisy again.

She needs more pictures from you — and this time you need to work a bit harder. Daisy wants you to decorate a section of the beach with four pieces of Playful furniture and accessorise your outfit. Head to the furnish tab (press Y/triangle, then go to ‘Furniture’ on the left), then choose Daisy’s request icon to see what suitable items you already have. You might need to visit Scrooge to buy items.

You’ll also need to customise your outfit to include a pair of sunglasses and some casual shoes. When you’ve taken three photos, return to Daisy and talk to her. Now, head into the castle and go all the way up the steps to the fountain at the top.

You need to choose another outfit for a final photo shoot. You need to wear something purple, elegant shoes, and the Dots & Daisies shirt given to you by Daisy. Once again, take three photos – this time, stood in front of Daisy’s greenscreen.

When you’re done, talk to Daisy again. You’ll now need to give out business cards to Ursula, Anna and Remy. Afterwards, talk to Daisy, then go and listen to Daisy and Scrooge chat. Finally, talk to Daisy one more time to finish up the Dots & Daisies quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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