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Duck Detective: The Secret Salami screenshot

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami walkthrough – full guide and solutions

Are you playing Duck Detective: The Secret Salami? Great choice! This satirical noir detective game puts you in the shoes of a duck with a very important mystery to solve: who’s been stealing lunch at the local bus depot? It may be tongue-in-cheek but its puzzles are very real, and we’re here to help with our Duck Detective walkthrough.

Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to beat Duck Detective, including “deducktions”, where you’ll find clues and how to piece together all evidence.

Duck Detective walkthrough: Quick links

  1. A note on achievements
  2. The Nest Egg
  3. The Entrance
  4. The Suspects
  5. The Client and More Suspects
  6. The Presents
  7. The Message and The Business
  8. The Receptionist and More Business

Getting all Duck Detective achievements including ‘Rage Uncaged’

Before we start, a quick note about achievements! There are only seven to collect through playing Duck Detective: The Secret Salami. Six of them you’ll get automatically by completing the game but the seventh — Rage Uncaged — requires all bins in the BearBus office to be kicked over.

You’ll kick over a bin simply by walking into it, so be sure to do this every time you see a bin. There are two in reception, four in the main office area and two in the kitchen.

The Nest Egg

Duck Detective's office
  1. You’ll find yourself in Duck Detective’s rather sad apartment. Examine the police badge, mobile phone on desk, the loaf of bread on the bed, the noticeboard, papers on the floor in front of the desk, and the letter on the floor in front of the door.


The Duck Detective spent his last money on bread for The Duck Detective.

  1. Answer the ringing mobile phone on the desk.

The Entrance

  1. Read the yellow sign. Move to the right and talk to the koala with sign. When prompted, ask for more details.
  2. Interact with the Bear Bus door to enter the building. Talk to the receptionist. Press Y to examine the receptionist. Look at her eyes, the keychain under phone and her name badge.
Sophie the giraffe in Duck Detective
  1. Go to the box on the left of the room and investigate it. Examine the notes to get two first names, a birthday and information about a stolen mug.
  2. Your suspects page will open up. Click the receptionist. Choose Sophie Wintheimer as her name.
  3. Head to the calendar in the top corner of the room and investigate. Hover over the blue date, the red circle and the giraffe face.


Sophie is feeling sad because nobody has remembered her birthday.

  1. Return to talk to Sophie the receptionist. Say happy birthday.
  2. Go through the top door.

The Suspects

The office area in Duck Detective
  1. Examine the piece of paper on the office floor just above where you’re stood.
  2. Investigate the green bag. Focus on the receipt, salami and bag near the handle.
  1. Talk to the crocodile then investigate him. Focus on his mug, eyes and shoes.
  2. Next, interrogate him by selecting the key icon. Choose the job notes to ask him if he knows who picked you to investigate. Sign his book.
  3. Investigate map on wall. Focus on each of the four station dots.
  4. Go down the steps and examine the desk.
  5. Talk to the stressed-out looking cat then investigate her. Focus on her eyes, headset, and the energy drink in her pocket.
  6. Move up and examine the computer monitor. Investigate it. Focus on the user image, name and password box.
  7. Keep moving though the room and up more steps. Investigate a poster on the wall. Focus on centre of poster, post-it to the left, and the first name and last name at the bottom.
  8. Go through the door that says “come in”.
The manager's office in Duck Detective
  1. Talk to the bear, then investigate him. Focus on his tie clip, forehead, and stain on jacket near right pocket.
  2. Examine the name plate on desk, and paperwork at the other side.
  3. Look at the portrait on the wall then investigate it. Focus on the baby’s face, bottom edge of frame and the secret compartment on the left hand side.
  4. Leave the room.
  5. Open journal with up on dpad the press RB to pan over to suspects page. The crocodile is Freddy Frederson and the cat is Laura Angst.
  6. Interrogate Laura and ask her about Freddy the crocodile. Ask about Sophie the giraffe, then the job sheet.
  7. Open the suspects list again. We now know the bear boss is called Manfred Ernst.
  8. Go back out to reception and interrogate Sophie. Ask her about Laura and the job sheet.
  9. Go to interrogate Manfred. Ask him about Laura and the job sheet.
  10. Open up Deducktions (down on dpad).


Sophie the giraffe works as a receptionist. The bear is Manfred and he is the branch manager. Laura the cat works in customer service. The crocodile called Freddy works in the operating office.

The Client and More Suspects

The kitchen in Duck Detective
  1. Enter the kitchen.
  2. Talk to the sheep with the whisk, then investigate her. Focus on the whisk, her right hand and her hair just above right ear.
  3. Talk to the penguin to her left, then investigate him. Focus on the top of his red case, the bottom of his case and his left foot.
  4. Investigate the fridge. Look at the note twice (once to find a pawprint and once to find a signature) and the red box on the top shelf. Look at the microwave.
  5. Investigate the notice board. Focus on the orange post-it note on the right, the top of the white paper and the post-it note on the top left.
  6. Go to your suspects page. The penguin is Rufus Sederis and the sheep with the whisk is Margaret Whitlock.
  7. Interrogate Margaret. Ask her about everything. Interrogate Rufus and ask him everything you can, too.
  8. Go back to the main office and through the door just down from the kitchen to go outside into the parking lot.
The parking lot in Duck Detective.
  1. Talk to the buffalo, then investigate. Focus on his nose, his right hand in his pocket and the right lapel of his jacket. Go to suspects list: we can fill in his name. Boris Petrovic.
  2. Look at the duffel bag in the bus storage.
  3. Interrogate Boris and ask about everything.


The Client: Laura hired the Duck Detective because his/her lunch was stolen by a coworker known as The Salami Bandit.

More Suspects: Margaret the sheep works in customer service. The penguin is Rufus and works as the janitor. Boris the buffalo is a bus driver.

The Kitchen: Margaret is planning a surprise birthday party for Sophie.

The Culprit: Freddy is being framed by The Salami Bandit because Freddy picked up the wrong bag.

The Presents

  1. Examine Sophie’s presents. There’s a necklace and a plushie to look at. Investigate the book. Focus on the top left of the page, the top right of the page, and the bottom right of the page. Investigate the note in the salami. Focus on the top right of the note, the stamp at the bottom, and the last word.
  2. Talk to Margaret and Laura. Leave the room and talk to Rufus in the main office.
  3. Interact with Margaret’s computer. The password is Purple Eyed Alien (the clue’s in the book that Sophie was gifted for her birthday).
  4. Investigate the PC. Focus on the right side of the screen twice (first message then the second message) and the vacation window on the left.
  5. Investigate Laura’s PC. Focus on the chat icon in the top left, the messages on the left, then the window on the right.


Sophie received the following presents from her colleagues: Laura gave a plushie. Rufus gave a book. Boris gave a necklace. Nothing was stolen.

The Message and the The Business

  1. Go outside into the parking lot. Investigate the notice board. Focus on top left of page, bottom centre of page and first circle in red section.
  2. Talk to Boris.


The Business: Salamis are being illegally imported from Salsiccia.

The Message: Sophie received a silly message

The Receptionist and More Business

  1. Talk to Freddy. Examine the phone on the table and investigate. Focus on the name at top, the first message and the second message. Leave the kitchen. Talk to Rufus and Margaret.
  2. Investigate Freddy’s PC. Focus on profile picture on right hand window, and both item listings in the left hand window.
  3. Go to reception and talk to Boris and Laura.
  4. Look at the phone on the ground near Laura.
  5. Investigate Sophie’s PC. Focus on the pink block on the right, the text window just above it, and the second paragraph on left window.
  6. Investigate the note on Sophie’s desk. Focus on end of first line, second line and start of last line.
  7. Interrogate Laura and Boris about Sophie’s note. Go into the office and interrogate Margaret about Sophie’s note. Go into the kitchen and interrogate Freddy too.
  8. Go outside and talk to Manfred. Interrogate him about Sophie’s note.
  9. Go to Manfred’s office and interact with the painting. Move it when prompted. Investigate it: the code for the safe is CS/00/BD.
  10. It’s a code, with the letters standing for Customer Service, Operating Officer and Bus Driver. The combination is the number of each staff in each department. Laura and Margaret are the two Customer Service workers, Freddy is the only Operating Officer, and thanks to a note near Freddy’s desk, we know that Boris is one of four bus drivers. So: the code for the safe is 214.
  11. Investigate the open safe. Focus on the keys, the left note, middle of right note and bottom of right note.
  12. You’ve now got a key to the server room. Go to reception and unlock the server room door.
The server room in Duck Detective
  1. Examine pile of boxes. Move right through the room. Examine server.
  2. Investigate mirror. Focus on eyes, right jacket lapel, right of hat.
  3. Examine lamp.
  4. Investigate PC. Focus on top square in right window, top square in bottom left window, then top left window.


The Receptionist: Sophie got kidnapped because Sophie wanted to snitch.

More Business: Rufus blackmailed Manfred to make him stay quiet about Rufus illegally selling vouchers. Margaret is the one that provides the vouchers to Rufus.

The Kidnapping: Sophie is at BearBus’s office, in a bus.

The Salami Bandit: Manfred is the Salami Bandit, because The Salami Bandit’s and his/her handwriting are identical.

The Dirty Work: Boris is the Salami Bandit’s accomplice, because the Salami Bandit needed someone who could easily carry out the importing of the salamis.

The Infatuation: Sophie is the Salami Bandit’s accomplice because he/she used to date Boris and the Salami Bandit needed someone who could convince Boris into helping.

Duck Detective screenshot

That’s it: you’ve finished Duck Detective: The Secret Salami. If you’ve knocked over all the bins, you’ll have unlocked all the achievements too.

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