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Echoes screenshot

Echoes walkthrough: Clue locations and full guide

If you’ve picked up Echoes, the thrilling detective visual novel from Nova-box, you’re in for a bit of a treat. Telling a story that spans from small-town intrigue to full-on body horror, there’s a lot to like here. But with some detective work to do and some choices to make, you might find our Echoes walkthrough helpful.

Our walkthrough will take you through every dialogue option to make, point out the locations of all clues in detective scenes and guide you to the ending of Echoes. It’s worth noting, however, that there are multiple endings. Following our choices exactly will get you one of those endings. If you’re striving for another ending, you’ll need to make slightly different choices at key moments.

To navigate this Echoes walkthrough, use the quick links below to jump to a specific chapter. Enjoy playing: you’re in for a treat. Read our Echoes review to find out more about this game before you jump on in.

Echoes walkthrough: Quick links

Episode 1: Greenhearth

  1. Question Gianna Walter.
  2. Look in the evidence box and collect the journal and the phone.
  3. Ask Gianna about Ernest Bull. Ask her if she has any leads. Ask about her relationship with Petrovski. Follow up with ” was your relationship exclusively professional?” Ask about the circumstances surrounding his death. Follow up with “That doesn’t sound like the Arthur I knew”.
  4. Choose investigate and question Ernest Bull. Ask him about the call made on Arthur’s phone.
  5. Go to the diner. Ask Liz Coal if she had a relationship with Arthur. Follow up with ” Are you sure..?”. Insist she keeps talking. Ask Liz about Raymond.
  6. Talk to Raymond. Tell him Arthur was your best friend.
  7. Go to search Arthur’s apartment. Click on the cat and the business card near the blender.
  8. Go question Ernest Bull. Ask him about the business card you just found. Tell him he’s in no danger with you.
  9. Choose to talk to Raymond. He’s not there, so choose to go to the hotel for the night.
  10. The next morning, order any food from Liz.
  11. Choose to investigate Arthur’s apartment.

Clues to find in Arthur’s apartment

Click the cat, the bottle of whisky on the kitchen worktop, the bill in the open drawer, and the sketch in the top cupboard.

Arthur's apartment Echoes
The locations of the items in Arthur’s apartment (we took the screenshot after already collecting the items. D’oh.) Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go question Liz Coal and ask about O. M.
  2. Investigate Pedro Ferra. Tell him not to worry. Ask if he knows Raymond. Say he’s a person of interest.
  3. Go question Oskar Morrison. Say “don’t put words in my mouth”. Tell him you found a portrait. Ask him if he ever drunk with Arthur. Ask who else got a bell.
  4. Go back to Arthur’s apartment. Click the bell, under the upturned table.
  5. Go and question Gianna Walter. Bring up the car sabotage. Ask her about the medication, and follow up with you suspected as much.
  6. Next, question Ernest Bull. Mention the car accidents. Tell him you know he’s still hiding something. Talk about the bells.
  7. Investigate Liz Coal. Ask to see her bell.
  8. Visit Gianna Walter. Ask for Raymond’s medication.
  9. Investigate Pedro Ferra. Ask him where Raymond is hiding. Insist Raymond needs his medication.
  10. Go to the hotel for the night.
  11. Now, you’ll find yourself in Raymond’s hideout.

Clues to find in Raymond’s hideout (interior)

Click on the cassette player, the cat next to the bed, the notebook on the shelf above the bed, the pills on the shelf above the bed (take them) and the notebook next to the lamp.

Echoes Raymond's hideout
The items you can find in Raymond’s hideout. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go and question Liz Coal. Give her the medication. Ask to see the bell first.
  2. Next, investigate Pedro Ferra. Say Raymond thinks you betrayed him. Follow up with Raymond’s not your friend.
  3. Next, question Gianna Walter. Talk about the audio recording.
  4. Go question Ernest Bull next. Talk about the file on him. Negotiate.
  5. Go and question Raymond. Yikes.
  6. Now, go to Gianna Walter. Ask about the bells. Tell her Raymond’s dead.
  7. Go to the bank.

Episode 2: The Secret

  1. You’re with Gianna. Talk about the bank. Tell the truth. Next, talk about Arthur’s cabin. Tell her you had a vision. Finally, talk about Raymond’s murder.
  2. Go to search Arthur’s cabin.

Clues to find in Arthur’s cabin

Click the cat, the cigarette butt on the counter and the piece of wood in the pictureframe above the bed.

Echoes Arthur's cabin
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go back to Gianna. Talk about the safe and the video surveillance. Talk about the carved symbol.
  2. Next, go and talk to Ernest Bull. Ask him about being an informant. Ask him to tell you more about his past. Ask him about the symbol carved into wood. Next, ask about the soldier and a woman. Finally, tell him Raymond was murdered. Ask if he has a theory.
  3. Now, go and question Liz Coal. Ask her to help you. Talk to her about Petrovski’s patients. Insist. Talk about the symbol found in Arthur’s cabin. Finally, talk about the people who went into the cabin.
  4. Now, investigate Pedro Ferra. Ask about the symbol I’m Arthur’s cabin. Then ask about the people in the cabin.
  5. Go and investigate Oskar Morrison. Remain calm.
  6. Go to the morgue.
  7. Time for a new day. Go to Raymond’s hideout first.

Clues to find in Raymond’s hideout (exterior)

Click on the cigarette butt near the police tape in the foreground and the tobacco pouch on top of the barrel.

Echoes factory
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go see Pedro. Tell him you found his tobacco pouch.
  2. Next, question Magnus Lingdren. Ask how Liz is. Say you’ll have a word with Oskar. Tell Magnus you understand. Ask “one of us?” Ask if he can be more precise. Ask who exactly are the “ten”. Ask about the car sabotage. Ask about the woman who broke into Arthur’s home. Talk about his cigarette butt.
  3. Go and search the morgue.

Clues to find in the morgue

Click on the handprint in the foreground and the file in the filing cabinet.

Echoes morgue
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go to Gianna. Talk about the file found in the morgue. Ask if she is certain. Talk about the fingerprints you found.
  2. Go back and search the factory.

Clues to find at the factory

Click on the footprints on the ground and the broken window in the top right.

Echoes factory clues
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Question Pedro. Tell him you went back to the factory. Say “I’ve got some idea”. Tell him you’ll do your best.
  2. Question Magnus Lingdren. Ask if “Tilkitx” means anything to him. Ask about Abel Smith’s notebook. Suggest he killed Raymond for it.
  3. Next, question Gianna. Ask to enter Magnus’ apartment. Tell her your source is Pedro. Ask if you have her blessing.
  4. Go to Ernest Bull next. Tell him you’re not his informant. Ask if Tilkitx means anything to him. Say it’s not his concern. Tell him you’d like to get into Magnus’ apartment. Say you suspect him of Raymond’s murder.

Clues to find in Magnus’ apartment

In Magnus’ apartment, click the photo on the wall, the mug on the coffee table and the gun under the sofa.

Echoes Magnus' apartment
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go and question Magnus. Tell him you know it’s too late. Tell him you searched his apartment. Talk about the gun. Tell him you believe him.
  2. Go to Ernest Bull. Then, go to Liz Coal. Finally, go question Pedro. Tell him not to worry.
  3. You’re now talking to Ines. Tell her you want to help. Ask who she’s talking about. Tell her you’re sure.
  4. Go to Gianna. Tell her you’re there to update her on the investigation.
  5. Return to Ines. Time to look for clues.

Clues to find in the alleyway

Click on the earring near the grate on the floor, the compact mirror near the bins and the notebook near the bins.

Echoes alleyway clues
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Click on the figure in the back of the alley. You’re now talking with Terry Grahm. Ask about Ines. Ask about Terry’s past. Ask what he was looking for in Arthur’s cabin. Tell him you’re ready to go.

Episode 3 – The Hospital

  1. Say all you want to do is clear up Arthur’s murder.
  2. Question Gianna. Ask what happened to Ines. Ask why. Say you understand. Ask her if something happened between her and Terry. Finally, ask what angle you should take. Say you’ll be careful. Follow up with “that’s comforting”.
  3. Go and question Abel Smith. Tell him not to be scared. Say you’ll find Sabrina.
  4. Next, question Adelyn. Ask why Ines’ death has t affected her much. Get Adelyn to tell you more about herself. Let her go on.
  5. Go to Ernest Bull next. Tell him he should be on his guard.
  6. Search the staff break room.

Clues to find in the hospital staff room

Click the file on the chair and the note on the wall.

Echoes staffroom
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Talk to Liz Coal. Ask her what’s wrong. Reassure her.
  2. Choose to question Pedro and Magnus. Tell Terry the priority is finding a way upstairs. Ask Magnus and Pedro what the hope to find in the basement. Say Pedro seems completely different. Ask why he didn’t stop treatment earlier. Ask what he means by “vanished without a trace”. Say Abel doesn’t want to talk.
  3. Go and search Abel’s hideout.

Clues to find in Abel’s hideout

Click on the magazine, the doll and the drawing on the wall.

Echoes Abel's hideout
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Talk to Abel Smith. Tell him you found Sabrina. Ask about his relationship with Arthur. Tell him you found a drawing. Ask him to try a little. Ask about the insect. Thank him. Ask if he knows how to get to the upper floors.
  2. Question Oskar. Ask what he’s up to. Tell him you’re sure he’s hiding something. Ask Oskar about the bell. Insist.
  3. Question Adelyn. Ask her about her work. Ask her to explain.
  4. Go and talk to Gianna. Tell her Adelyn mentioned she was part of the project. Follow up with “still, you’re one of the only survivors…”.
  5. Tell Ernest Bull you agree with him. Say you can do that. Say you don’t think it’s likely that Pedro is the foreman. Tell Gianna it would be better coming from her.
  6. You’re now in the basement.

Clues to find in the hospital basement

Click on the emergency plan on the wall and the register on the door frame.

Echoes basement
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Talk to Adelyn. Tell her as long as they remain together they’re not in any danger. Say “are you sure?”. Tell her “good idea”.
  2. Question Liz Coal. Say Yes. Say no.
  3. Question Terry. Tell Abel it’s for his own safety. Say you agree it’s not likely. Tell Abel to stay there. Tell Terry you’re not sure if anything. Say you can’t take the risk.
  4. Question Pedro. Say no. Say okay.
  5. After the scene, tell Adelyn not to panic.
  6. You’re now in a classroom of sorts.

Clues to find in the classroom

Click the notice on the wall, the memo on the back wall, the door at the back and the key on the desk to the left.

Echoes classroom clues
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Talk to Gianna. Tell her she’s on the list of students.
  2. Question Liz. Tell her just a bit longer. Say you’re just following procedure. Tell her you believe her.
  3. Question Terry. Say “well, erm…”. Insist.
  4. Talk to Oskar. Say “Hang on…”. Tell him you’re not letting him out of your sight. Say “You’re right”.
  5. Question Adelyn. Tell her you’re doing your best. Ask her about the psychic conditioning pamphlet. Tell her she was experimenting on children. Say you found a grade sheet. Ask where the children came from. Ask her opinion on the foreman’s identity.
  6. Next, talk to Abel. Tell him he’s safe. Ask about the gas leak. Ask why he insisted on going. Say “Does Sabrina like the big muscleman?”. Ask about the mental conditioning. Insist.
  7. Talk to Gianna and Ernest. Tell them about questioning Abel. Next, talk about Terry, then Adelyn, Oskar, and Liz. Choose to lock up Abel.
  8. Say okay. In the lab with Oskar, say “wait…”. In the storeroom, click the two large boxes.
  9. Talk to Adelyn. Say “If that’s the case I’d be delighted to help you”.

Episode 4 – Jodie

  1. Choose the death of the patients. Say yes, of course. Tell her it would put her in danger.
  2. Search the apartment.

Clues in Ricky’s apartment

Click on the newspaper, the ringing phone and the baby bottle.

Echoes Ricky's apartment
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Tell Jodie “of course”. Ask James who the victim is. Ask if there’s a suspect. See if there are any clues.
  2. Search the crime scene.

Clues to find in the student room crime scene

Click on the Polaroids, the drawers and the laptop.

Echoes student crime scene
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Examine the pile of photos. Click the tan mark on Garrett’s wrist.
  2. Go and question Garrett. Ask him his relationship with the victim. Ask if Martin had any enemies. Tell him you’ve got proof of his guilt.
  3. You’re back in Ricky’s apartment. Click on the baby in the pram. Click the flyer on the coffee table. Click the newspaper.
  4. Tell Jodie you have faith in the justice system. Tell James that’s a relief.
  5. Tell Agent Curtis “And yet…”. Say it’s a gut feeling.
  6. Question Gianna Walter. Tell her Jodie has been kidnapped. Say yes. Ask if she’s going to help you. Ask about the status of the inquiry. Say at least we know the truth. Ask what happened to Terry and Abel. Question Liz about the progress on the Foreman. Ask if Oskar is like Liz Coal.
  7. Question Ernest Bull. Tell him your wife has been kidnapped. Show him the letter. Say yes. Show him the bell. Tell him you agree. Ask what he knows about Oskar. See what he knows about Agent Parker. Ask about the Foreman.
  8. Question Louis Parker. Tell him that you need to convince Curtis your wife is here. Ask why that might help. See what he can tell you about Rose Morrison. Ask why he’s helping you. Tell him your best friend had been murdered.
  9. Question Rose Morrison. Tell her you’re Ricky Fox. Be surprised. Tell her about the note. Ask when she last saw Oskar. Ask about the radio equipment. Find out more about the bunker. Ask about Oskar’s plans. Ask what Oskar was like.
  10. Go and search the bunker.

Clues to find in the bunker

Click the cellphone and the notebook.

Echoes bunker clues
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go and question Agent Curtis. Tell him you want to see Abel and Terry.
  2. Go to pay Abel and Terry a visit. Tell Terry you’re sorry. Say “So Oskar is trying to locate someone…?”.
  3. Question Agent Parker. Tell him you need to scan the contents of the phone.
  4. Question William Curtis. Accept his apology. Accept his invitation.
  5. On the map of Greenhearth, click signal A, signal B and weak signal.
  6. Go and search the abbey cloister. Click the monk in the foreground. Tell him you’re looking for Steven Lloyd. Click the next monk, and say “what do you mean, now?”. Finally, click on the Monk in the distance.
  7. Question Father Diego. Ask him about the wounded woman. Ask if he can describe her.
  8. Question Gianna. Tell her you’ll go and look.
  9. Search the abbey cellar.

Clues to find in the abbey cellar

Click on the sketch on the foreground, the sweeping monk, the strange symbol on the pillar and the blood on the floor.

Cloisters Echoes
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go and question Ernest. Say “Your contacts?”.
  2. Go and question Agent Parker. Ask about Steven Lloyd. Ask about Tilkitx. Talk about the symbol drawn in blood. Ask what he thinks of the drawing.
  3. Question Gianna and tell her about Bull’s warning. Tell her you think you can believe Ernest. Say she’s right.
  4. Go to Father Diego. Convince him to let you see Lloyd.
  5. Question Steven Lloyd. Say Brother Jeremiah? Tell him he’s in danger.
  6. Search the cloister. Click the piece of paper on the floor.
  7. Search the cellar.

Clues to find in the abbey cellar (part two)

Click the harmonica and the piece of paper.

Echoes clues in the cellar
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Question Steven Lloyd. Play the harmonica. Ask about the creature. Ask what the bell does. Follow up with “Like the Foreman?”. Ask about Tilkitx. Ask about the Viracocha survivors. Leave the premises. Accept the Lloyd wants to stay.
  2. After the dramatic scene, say “okay but how?”.
  3. Time to search the staff room.

Clues to find in the police staff room

Click the body on the table, the cat, the photo on the table, the body slumped on the worktop and the map on the wall.

Echoes police break room
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Ask Agent Busby to tell you what he knows. Ask what happened. Get him to tell you what he knows. Tell him he’s lucky to be alive. Ask if he knows where to find Parker. Ask if knows the location of Oskar Morrison.
  2. Check with Gianna and leave the premises. Stop Gianna.

Episode 5 – The Dam

  1. Search the abandoned house.

Clues to find in the abandoned house

Click the bloodstain, the open door and the crowbar on the floor.

Echoes abandoned house
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Search the garage. Click the radio on the desk, the briefcase, the three sheets of paper on the floor, the police car and the body. (Sorry, we somehow forgot to screenshot this room!)
  2. Consult Gianna. Consult Ernest. Consult Oskar.
  3. Search the abandoned house again. Click the cat on the table and the drawing on the floor.
  4. Consult Gianna. Tell her all is not lost. Ask for her help starting the car.
  5. Consult Oskar. Tell him you’re on the same wavelength. Show him the case with electronic equipment.
  6. Search the abandoned house again and click the toolbox on the right side of the screen.
  7. Consult Gianna. Say you found a toolbox.
  8. Search the garage again. Click the papers in the box to the left of the screen.
  9. Consult Ernest. Say that’s not the priority. Select “check back and leave”.
  10. You’re now in the bank reception.

Clues to find in the bank reception

Click the photo on the desk, the lighter, the PC monitor and the smoke detector up high on the wall.

Bank reception Echoes
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Now you’re in the safe room. Click the USB drive, Tell Ernest “do we really have time for this?”. Click the telephone. Call your family and then Oskar’s family. Click on the safes on the right hand side.

That’s it: all that’s left is to watch the dramatic conclusion, and you’ve finished the game. We hope you found our Echoes walkthrough helpful!

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