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Elden Ring, with a fighter aided by ghost wolves attacking a soldier and a ghost solider.

Two years later, a player discovers how to beat Elden Ring’s most frustrating enemy

It’s been over two years since Elden Ring was released and with Shadow of the Erdtree round the corner, a player has discovered how to beat one of the game’s most infurating foes.

We’re not talking about the game’s bosses, though they’re plenty tough enough. No, the enemy we bear a burning hatred for is Elden’s Ring’s massive Silver Sphere enemies. Just when you think you’ve avoided them, these Indiana Jones style boulders roll right back at you, chasing you around and mowing you down.

You can kill them, but there’s another, unique way to beat these Elden Ring foes, as discovered by Redditor Simahosa. They found that using the ball emote, which you receive after being reborn by Rennala, makes you immune to their attacks. They’ll still murder you if you get up when they’re on the warpath, but it’s a strange trick that, for all we know about From Software, could be entirely intentional. Simahosa discovered this entirely by accident, after being sent to Nokstella.

“I began to look for ways to be sent back and what better way to do it other than the ball. Welp, balled myself up and waited,” they explain. Only instead of getting rolled over, turned into a nasty red stain, the balls in question just started shoving them around, perhaps seeing them as a smaller, weaker sibling.

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The video, which you can view above, doesn’t show what happened next, but given you can stay in an emote, they could have gone for a cup of tea, and come back to find that the ball was still nudging them around like a concerned parent. We’re going to be diving back into Elden Ring, in time for Shadow of the Erdtree’s June 21st release, and you can bet we’re putting this cheeky trick to the test.

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