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Eternal Threads walkthrough: Best ending, unlock all scenes and achievements

Available now on consoles after being on PC since 2022, Eternal Threads is a fantastic narrative experience with an intriguing sci-fi slant. As a time-travelling agent, your job is to change a series of events over the course of a week to save six housemates from a house fire. If you need some help making the right decisions, hopefully this Eternal Threads walkthrough can help.

Our Eternal Threads walkthrough will show you what decisions to make in order to unlock the best possible ending. That includes keeping each housemate alive and ensuring they go on to live their best lives. We’ve also included information on unlocking each door in the house, watching each scene and uncovering all possible outcomes, and unlocking every trophy/achievement.

Eternal Threads walkthrough – quick links

Notes and FAQs

Our walkthrough of Eternal Threads is based on a “Normal” playthrough of the game. In the Abridged version, not all choices will be present, and you’ll have less scenes in general to go through.

You can play events in the timeline at any point, and you can jump forwards and backwards. Some events won’t become available until you’ve made certain choices, so that’s something to bear in mind.

How to stop the fire: You can’t actually stop the fire, even though it seems pretty straightforward to be able to do so (fix the damn power box!). According to the time traveller, it has “major consequences” on the timeline. Instead, you simply need to alter everyone’s timeline ever-so-slightly in the week leading up to the fire to make sure they all get out unscathed. The house will still burn, but everyone will be safe.

How to save your game: There’s no ‘save game’ option in Eternal Threads. Instead, it autosaves after watching any clip. So as long as you don’t leave part-way through watching a clip, you don’t need to worry about losing any progress.

Can you run? Yes – hold down R2/RT to run in Eternal Threads. You never have far to go, with the entire game taking place in a house, but it’s still handy to be able to move around a little quicker.

Eternal Threads walkthrough: achieving the best timeline

We’ve presented all the correct choices in chronological order. We highly recommend you watch ALL of the available clips (and if you want all achievements, you’ll need to). But for the purpose of this first part of our walkthrough we are only focusing on the ones required to get the best ending and to save all housemates. You’ll miss out on lots of key moments in the story if you skip scenes.

Every time there’s a corruption event (i.e. a decision to make) we’ve highlighted the correct choice in a grey box. Sometimes you’ll have to first make the wrong choice in order to find an important object (and we’d recommend playing through every choice, anyway: investigating the differing timelines is part of what makes Eternal Threads so special).


  1. Go through the door on your right , then turn right into the dining room. Place a Visualiser in the far corner by approaching the icon and pressing X/A.
  2. Leave the dining room and go through the door opposite into the living room. Place a Visualiser in the front bay window.
  3. Leave the living room and go up the stairs. Place the signal booster on the landing just in front of you.
  4. Go back down the stairs and approach the fireman in the front entrance. Press X/A when prompted.
  5. Press triangle/Y to bring up the timeline, and select the very first event. Go to Tom’s room, which is on the ground floor hallway, to the left past the stairs. Walk up to Tom and press X/A to watch the event.


08.00: To Vet or Not to Vet – Book vet appointment for Frank.

Let’s look around Tom’s room. Examine the Last Will and Testament in the wardrobe, the gardening receipt pinned on the filing cabinet, the rent book in his right-hand bedside cabinet and the World Wide Collections letter in the left-hand bedside cabinet.

Before we continue with the timeline, let’s look around the downstairs of the house.

Go into the living room. Examine the DVD by the TV, the fidget spinner on the mantelpiece, the home electrics manual in the drawer in the shelving unit, and the TV remote on the coffee table.

Go into the dining room. Examine the shopping list on the ironing board, the takeaway menu on the table, the screwed-up building merchant’s letter in the bin, and the CD on the wall shelves.

Enter the kitchen. Open the drawer in the unit and look at the photo.

Pull up the timeline with Y/triangle and choose Event 004. Head upstairs into Linda’s room, which is the door to the right at the top of the stairs.

08.09: Not in Kansas Anymore – Take the guitar and posters away.

Let’s look around Linda’s room. Examine the photo on the windowsill, the glasses beside the bed, the mobile phone inside the suitcase, and a letter from the trash can (it’s in the corner behind the door).

Pull up the timeline and choose Event 005. Go to the bottom of the stairs.

08.10: Any Post? – I’ll double check…

Go to the timeline and choose Event 007. Go up both sets of stairs and in the second door on the left.

08.26: Saved by the Bell – How’s uni?

Let’s have a look around Neil’s bedroom. Examine the mobile phone on the radiator, the letter in the desk drawer, the CD on the shelf, the postcard on the inside of the wardrobe door, and the games controller by the bed.

Go to the timeline and choose Event 009. Leave Neil’s room and go across to Ben and Jenny’s room. There’s no choice to make here, but we need to gain the knowledge that Jenny has a key to Racquel’s room.

Let’s examine Ben and Jenny’s room while we’re here. First, go in the left-hand bedside cabinet to get the key. Then look at the phone on the couch, the pills by the TV, the work schedule on the wall next to the shelving unit, the phone on the desk near the window, the Doctors4All note in the bottom desk drawer and the postcard in the right-hand bedside cabinet.

Go to the timeline and choose Event 15. Leave Ben and Jenny’s room and go next door to Racquel’s room. Examine the ball poster on the unit beside her door before you unlock it.

18:02: A Little Fixer Upper – How did you two meet?

Look around Raquel’s bedroom. Examine the pregnancy test in the wardrobe, the photography book on the shelf, the newspaper clipping in the right-hand bedside cabinet, the photo on the art desk, the doll on the radiator and the phone on the left-hand bedside cabinet.

Choose Event 018 on the timeline. Leave Raquel’s room and go down the first set of stairs.

23:31: Tears Before Bedtime – Leave her be…


Choose Event 020. Go downstairs, then around the hallway and into the basement. Go through the door on your left to find the pool room.

01:15: Texting the Ex – Don’t send text…

Before we leave, let’s have a look around. At the bottom of the stairs, examine the mobile phone. Walk behind the stairs to examine the label on the guitar and the locked door.

Go into the room on the right and examine the framed newspaper article on the wall, the smoke alarm, the certificate in the bedside cabinet on the far wall and the locked wardrobe.

Go to Event 023. Head out of the basement and up the stairs, and up the stairs again to reach the landing. Interact with Neil to begin the event.

08:32: Morning Sickness – Too much wine last night…

Select Event 29 on the timeline. Head to the kitchen and interact with Tom to begin the scene There’s no choice to make here, but you’ll learn the location of the backdoor key, which you’ll need shortly.

Interact with the creepy wooden doll on the shelving unit and rotate it to find the key on the back. Open the back door, then place a booster outside when prompted.

Go to Event 030. Head into into the kitchen. Interact with Tom to begin the event.

18:35: You’ve Got a Big Mouth – Let me make my own mistakes…

Go to Event 031. Go upstairs and into Raquel’s room. Interact with Raquel.

19:02: Thanks for the Clothes – Doll…

Go to Event 032. Head downstairs into the living room, and interact with the characters to begin the scene.

19:30: Medical Drama – It was a job offer…

Go to Event 036. Go upstairs to Neil’s room, and talk to Neil to start the event.

21:09: Licensed to Drink – Stay in…


Go to Event 041. Interact with Raquel to start the scene.

08:30: Got you a present – Take test…

Select Event 047. Go downstairs and in to the dining room. Talk to Tom to begin.

20:07: Drinking for two – Drink…

Select Event 057 on the timeline, and move into the kitchen. Talk to Tom to begin the event.

22:40: Miranda – No…


Go back to the timeline and select Event 073. Head upstairs into Neil’s room, and interact with Ben or Neil to start.

00:10: Friday Night Fallout – Admit there’s a problem…

Select Event 075. Go downstairs and follow the hallway around to the back door. Go outside and interact with Linda.

01:30: Night Shopping – Hmmm… How sorry?

Go to Event 087. Head to Raquel’s room and interact with Raquel.

10:52: Who’s this? – Her name is Megan…

Open up Event 090. Head to the kitchen and interact with Kieran to begin the scene.

13:32: Where’s the Spoon? – Say nothing…

Go to Event 095, which takes place in Ben and Jenny’s room upstairs. Interact with either one of them to begin the scene.

22:35: Suspicious Minds – It’s not mine…


Open up Event 096 and head into the back yard. Interact with Raquel.

00:15: Late Night Smoke – Follow Tom…

Play Event 097 and head into the basement. Open up Event 103. Head into the hall and interact with Kieran to begin.

10:12: Are You Going Out? – Bike ride…

How to unlock the wardrobe in the basement in Eternal Threads

  • Next up is Event 104, which takes place in the back yard. Interact with Raquel to begin.
  • We need to make the wrong decision here first in order to get the key for Tom’s secret room. When prompted with the corruption point, choose “Lie and Deny”.
  • Next, choose Event 106 which takes place on the landing at the top of the stairs. At the corruption point, select “Search Tom’s room for a key”.
  • Now, watch Event 107 play out, which takes place in Tom’s room downstairs. Interact with Raquel to start it. She’ll find the key inside a box in the top drawer of Tom’s desk. Open it up to collect it.
  • Head into the basement to unlock the wardrobe to find what secrets Tom has been hiding! Collect the key off the desk, examine the book, and examine the safe. Look at the nursing home letter on the other desk.

Now to get the timeline back on track. Select Event 104 and head into the back yard. This time, make the right choice.

11:30: Disappearing Act – Trust her…

Go watch Event 105 down in the basement. Next, choose Event 114 and go to the kitchen to begin.

12:20: Got a Weasel Problem – I’m being blackmailed…

Go to Event 117 and head to the ground floor hallway. Interact with Linda to initiate.

17:00: Husband at the Door – Okay, let’s talk…

Choose Event 119 and head to the back yard. Interact with Raquel.

17:15: For Better or Worse – Third option…

Linda will now stay alive at the end of the timeline (1/6), and the “Rescuer” trophy/achievement should unlock. Go to Event 122 that happens in the backyard. Talk to Ben to begin.

18:30: You got two grand? – Tom’s being blackmailed…

Choose Event 124 and head upstairs into Raquel’s room. Interact with Jenny to begin.

19:04: Borrow a camera? – Yes

How to open the combination lock in the basement in Eternal Threads

Now Jenny has borrowed a camera from Raquel, go to Ben and Jenny’s room and look in the waste paper bin. You’ll find a crumpled note from Raquel with a combination to the darkroom on it.

You don’t need to remember the combination: your character all automatically input it once you’ve found the note. Go down into the basement to unlock it, and you’ll get the Locksmith achievement.

How to open the safe in Eternal Threads

In the dark room, open up the filing cabinet just as you walk in. Open the bottom drawer and pull out a book: 1206 is circled. It’s the code for the safe in the secret wardrobe room.

Head to the safe and interact with it to open it. Interact with the visualiser – what on earth? Interact with the mobile phone and listen to Tom’s message. Having found and opened the safe, you’ll now be able to see Eternal Threads’ secret ending.

Go to Event 125 on the timeline, which takes place in Ben and Jenny’s room.

22:30: Something to tell you – What happened next?


Go to Event 126 which takes place in the living room. Interact with Ben to begin.

07:15: The old homestead – Think about it…

Go to Event 128, out in the backyard, and interact with Linda or Raquel to begin the scene.

08:03: Secrets and Lies – Tell me…

Neil will now be alive at the end of the timeline (2/6). Go to the timeline and select Event 132. Again, it’s in the backyard so interact with Linda to initiate.

09:03: Must have been a cat – Raquel’s doll…

Choose Event 137 on the timeline. Head into the basement and interact with Linda at the bottom of the stairs.

19:12: Washing dirty laundry – Go confront Tom…

Go to Event 142, and head into the kitchen. Interact with Tom, Ben or Linda to begin the scene.

20:04: Let’s talk about Neil – Tell them about his dad…


Go to Event 148 down near the pool table in the basement. Interact with Jenny or Raquel to begin.

09:25: So what is it? – I’m going to stop…

Go to Event 150 and head to Tom’s room. Interact with Tom or Neil to begin.

09:55: A punchy apology – Maybe I can help…

Go to Event 151, which is upstairs in Raquel’s room. Interact with Raquel to begin.

10:12: Alas poor Megan – Get rid of the doll…

This choice should change Raquel’s status to alive. That’s 3/6. Choose Event 154 and head down to the basement. Interact with Tom or Raquel to begin.

12:02: Shall we go see your mum? – Tonight…

This decision changes Tom’s status to alive. That’s 4/6. Choose Event 156, which is in the kitchen. Interact with Linda or Tom.

13:08: Because of us? – Fix my life…

Select Event 159, and head to Neil’s room. Interact with Neil to begin.

21:33: Neil phone home? – Phone home…

That decision has changed the fate of Linda and Neil back to dead, but don’t worry: we’ll fix it again soon. Select Event 162, which happens in Ben and Jenny’s room. Interact with Ben or Jenny to begin the event.

22:07: Final confession – I’m pregnant…

Ben and Jenny’s statuses have now changed to alive. We’re back up to 4/6. Go to Event 168 and head to Neil’s room. Interact with Neil to begin.

22:45: To be continued… – Play a video game…

This choice has changed Neil and Linda’s status back to alive, and with that you’ve saved all six housemates and resolved their issues. You should unlock Savior and Righter of Wrongs achievements.


Select the Conclusion Event from the timeline (01:54). There’s no scene to watch here but you can read about the fates of each of the six housemates.

Select the Mission Complete event on the timeline (01:57) to complete the game. Head out into the backyard and interact with any of the characters to see it play out. Head up to Linda’s room to see the secret ending play out. You’ll now unlock the Beam Me Up Scotty achievement.

Achievement/trophy clean-up

After completing the game (if you’ve followed our guide), you should have unlocked:

  • Beam Me Up Scotty (for saving everyone and finding the secret ending)
  • Rescuer (for saving one housemate)
  • Locksmith (for opening all four locked doors in the house)
  • Saviour (for saving all six housemates)
  • Righter of wrongs (for saving all six housemates while also resolving their personal issues).

We still have a few to unlock.

Good Listener

To get the Good Listener achievement/trophy, we need to listen to voicemails on all six housemates’ phones. We’ve already heard Tom’s. Here’s how to get everyone else’s:

  • Jenny: Change Event 125 (Something to Tell you, Sunday 22:30) to Jenny telling Ben she’s pregnant, and change Event 162 (Final Confession, Tuesday 22:07) to Jenny telling Ben her pills have stopped working. Then look at Jenny’s phone to hear a voicemail from her dad (it’s on the sofa in her room).
  • Ben: Change Event 126 (The Old Homestead, Monday 07:15) to Ben turning down the job offer on the phone with his mum. You’ll find his phone on his desk in his bedroom: there’ll be a voicemail from his mum.
  • Raquel: Change Event 154 (Shall We Go See Your Mum?, Tuesday 12.02) to Tom waiting until the next day to see his mum. You’ll find Raquel’s phone on her left bedside table to listen to a voicemail from Megan’s mum.
  • Linda: We’ve already met the conditions for Linda’s voicemail, so simply head into her room and interact with the phone on her armchair. It’s a message from Harry, her husband.
  • Neil: We’ve also met the conditions for Neil’s voicemail. It’s in his bedroom, by his pillow on the bed. Interact with it to listen to a message from his therapist.

Avid Reader

To unlock the Avid Reader achievement/trophy, you need to have read everything that can be read in the house. We’ve already looked at most things, but some things only appear on alternative timelines.

  • Change Event 036 (Licensed to Drink, Thursday 21:09) so that Neil goes out drinking. Go to the noticeboard in the downstairs hallway and look at an Ambergate Sports Hall flyer.
  • Change Event 156 (Because of Us?, Tuesday 13:08) to Linda asking Tom if she can stay a bit longer to find a new place. Go to her room, and you’ll find Kieran’s school report in her left-hand bedside cabinet drawer.
  • Go into Raquel’s room and look in her purse at the bottom of the bed to find a receipt for flowers.


To unlock the Investigator trophy/achievement in Eternal Threads, we need to watch every possible scene. Doing this, we’ll also unlock Secret’s Out and Morbidly Curious for a clean sweep.

Many scenes can be watched on the current timeline without making any changes, so watch any that remain unwatched. To get the missing scenes, we’ll need to change some decisions and move away from the “perfect” timeline we achieved. We’ve laid out every change you need to make in order to watch all scenes below.

You don’t need to watch a scene again to make a change: simply select it on the timeline and change the decision. It will automatically update the timeline if any new scenes open up.

Important: Unless otherwise noted, undo each change once you’ve watched all scenes so you’re always starting with the finished “perfect” timeline.

Change Any Post? (Wednesday 08:10) to Neil not finding anything for Ben. This unlocks Potential 032 (Postal Drama), Event 039 (Early Morning Chat) and Event 100 (Mammoth Hunting).

Change Tears Before Bedtime (Wednesday 23:31) so Neil checks on Linda. This unlocks Potential 019 (A Bottle of Merlot).

Change Texting the Ex (Thursday 01:15) so Tom texts Miranda. This unlocks Potential 021 (He Texted Her) and Potential 025 (Textual Consequences).

Change Morning Sickness Blues (Thursday 08:32) to Raquel threatening Neil to keep quiet. This unlocks Event 094 (I Know About Jenny).

Change Medical Drama (Thursday 19:30) to Ben not telling Jenny about the job letter and Final Confession (Tuesday 22:07) to Jenny not saying anything. This changes Pills and Pillows (Tuesday 22:15) to a decision event. Choose Ben telling Jenny about the job offer, which leads to an argument. This unlocks Event 165 (Alone in the Dog House), Event 167 (Cried Herself to Sleep) and Event 185 (No Cure For The Doc).

Leave the above choices as they are, but also change Shall We Go See Your Mum (Tuesday 12:02) so Tom decides to wait until the next day to see his mum. This unlocks Event 164 (Doghouse Reilly), Event 166 (Do You Want to be Alone?), Event 171 (No One to Watch Over Me), Event 187 (Wakey Wakey) and Event 197 (All By Myself).

Leave the above choices as they are, but change Doghouse Reilly (Tuesday 22:30) so Ben and Tom go to the pub and Do You Want to Be Alone (Tursday 22:32) so Raquel stays with Jenny. This unlocks Event 172 (Comfortably Numb), Event 173 (Late Night Movie), Event 184 (Gonna Get the Doc) and Event 186 (Ladybirds Fly Away).

Change Licensed to Drink (Thursday 21:09) to Neil going out to drink. This unlocks Potential 040 (What Happened to You?), Event 115 (Where’s Your Bike?) and Event 120 (I Lost Your Bike).

Change Licensed to Drink (Thursday 21:09) to Neil going out drinking, then change What Happened to You (Friday 07:45) to Ben pointing out Neil gets in a lot of fights. This unlocks Event 069 (More than Gandhi),

Change Got You a Present (Friday 08:30) to Jenny refusing to believe she’s pregnant. This unlocks Event 092 (Pudding and Custard)

Change Miranda (Friday 22:40) so Tom doesn’t reject Miranda. This unlocks Potential 058 (No-one Steps Up), Event 077 (Sobering Up), Event 079 (Linda’s Welcome), Event 082 (Ex for Breakfast), Event 136 (Are You Okay Down There?), Event 155 (Moving Out), Event 174 (Bruised and Drunk), Event 177 (Surfing in the Dark), Event 182 (Tryin’ to Wake the Dead) and Event 194 (Out for the Final Count).

Leave Miranda (Friday 22:40) so Tom doesn’t reject her, and also change Drinking For Two (Friday 20:07) so Linda stays sober. This unlocks Event 059 (Someone Steps Up), Event 062 (Linda to the Rescue), Event 064 (What the Hell Linda?), Event 066 (Worst Script Ever), Event 068 (You’re Tom Cruise), Event 070 (The Three Amigas) and Event 076 (Quality Time).

Once again leave Miranda (Friday 22:40) so Tom doesn’t reject her, but also change You’ve Got a Big Mouth (Thursday 18:35) to Tom admitting to Ben he could need some help. This unlocks Event 059 (Someone Steps Up), Event 061 (Raquel to the Rescue) and Event 063 (What the Hell Raquel?).

Change Where’s the Spoon (Saturday 13:32) to Jenny admitting she’s pregnant. This unlocks Event 091 (Spoon Aftermath), Event 188 (A Terrible Choice) and Event 191 (Together Until Death). Choose to leave Ben in A Terrible Choice to unlock Event 190 (Jenny Leaves the Doc).

Change Suspicious Minds (Saturday 22:35) to Jenny admitting she’s pregnant. This unlocks Event 101 (Mammoth Revelation).

Change Disappearing Act (Sunday 11:30) to Tom denying Raquel’s suspicions. This unlocks Event 108 (Narnia Here I Come), Event 110 (My Green Heaven), Event 111 (As If Nothing Happened), Event 112 (So… The Basement?) and Event 113 (Taking a Tour).

Change For Better or Worse (Sunday 17:15) to Raquel sympathising with Linda’s marriage problems. This unlocks Event 158 (Drinking and Packing), Event 179 (No Answer at the Door) and Event 193 (Alone in the Dark).

Change Borrow a Camera? (Sunday 19:04) so Jenny doesn’t ask to borrow a camera. This unlocks Event 131 (Camomile Tea for Two), Event 170 (Here’s Looking at You, Kid), Event 175 (One Step In the Dark) and Event 196 (Overcome by Smoke).

Change Washing Dirty Laundry (Monday 19:12) so Neil stormed off to be alone. This unlocks Event 139 (Questions and Answers), Event 152 (Remote Control?) and Event 160 (Could Murder a Drink).

Change Because of Us? (Tuesday 13:08) to Linda telling Tom she’s finding a new place. This unlocks Event 181 (Fireside Meeting)

Leave Because of Us? as it is and change To Be Continued… (Tuesday 22:45) to Neil getting some sleep. This unlocks Event 183 (Let’s Get Outta Here).

Put everything back to perfect conditions, but change To Be Continued… (Tuesday 22:45) to Neil getting some sleep. This unlocks Event 192 (Linda in the Smoke) and Event 195 (Out the Window)

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