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Don't Kill Them All, a group of orcs sitting around watching a magic show.

Forget Warhammer, Don’t Kill Them All wants you to hug an orc

Could it be that Orcs just need a hug? Fika Productions, developers of the superb Ship of Fools, certainly think so. Their upcoming game, Don’t Kill Them All, throws Warhammer out of the window and has you teaching orcs the value of mindfulness, self-care and more.

Don’t Kill Them All is a turn-based strategy game that casts you as a half-orc life coach, tasked with turning a Warhammer-standard band of Orcs into a more caring bunch. If you think that sounds like an uphill struggle, you’re absolutely right, but we’re seriously looking forward to it.

You still have to bring glory to your orc clan. But, according to Fika you’re doing it “while remaining mindful, prioritising relationships, and sustaining your environment”. But not everyone’s onboard so you could have to deal with sabotage from less progressive quarters.

There’s base-building as well as combat, and you even get to put on magic shows for your orcs. Yes, really. You’ll have to keep an eye on their mood, so distractions could prove a real boon. The trailer below shows the orcs taking on a giant spider which sounds like it could be just a little demoralising.

It’s still early days for Don’t Kill Them All. But we’re big fans of what we’ve seen so far, the animation and exasperated main character in particular. Your orc band gets a ‘combat’ ranking, but it’s not exclusively murder-based, instead it also factors in how many resources you’ve gathered. We can just imagine its well-meaning protagonist face-palming as they survey each pock-marked battlefield.

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Don’t Kill Them All is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, with a delivery date of as September 2026 (on PC and console). It’s halfway-funded after just four days, so it’s almost certainly going to hit its target. Rewards tiers included stuffed boar plushies and the chance to be immortalised as an in-game orc. So if you feel like giving an orc a hug and proving Warhammer wrong, back Don’t Kill Them All’s Kickstarter campaign here.

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