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Galacticare guide: Making money, saving patients and improving your hospital

Are you playing Galacticare, the game we dubbed Theme Hospital in space? You’re in for a treat: this sci-fi sim is a great deal of fun. You’ll be building the best galactic hospitals you possibly can, treating patients from a range of species and doing your utmost to stop them dying in your corridors.

While much of Galacticare is easy to get your head around, we’ve put together a guide, answering the burning questions you might have. We’ve focused on earning money and improving your hospital — you know, the tasks you’ll need to do time and time again in order to succeed in every level. Hopefully reading through our Galacticare guide will help your hospital career reach the stars… see what we did there? (Sorry, yeah, that was terrible.)

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How to earn money in Galacticare

While saving lives and curing patients is important, earning money in Galacticare is equally as important. Primarily, you’ll earn money each time you cure a patient, and you’ll also earn a sizeable cash reward for completing a mission in a level. Got an emergency batch of patients coming in? You’ll be rewarded nicely for managing to help them all.

Galacticare doesn’t have a loan system, but you can go into the red. Even if your bank balance is in the negative, you can keep spending. But that doesn’t mean you should: once you hit negative numbers, you’ll only have 10 minutes to get out of debt. It can be handy if you need something quickly, but make sure you can get back into the black otherwise you’ll face a game over.

If you need cash in a pinch, you can sell items in your hospital by clicking on them and selecting “demolish”. Keep an eye out for the golden Solark bugs flying around your hospital, too: clicking one of them will bag you an instant 3,500 cash.

How to keep patients happy

Your patient happiness in Galacticare depends on a number of things. You can check how a patient is feeling by clicking on them — and you’ll also occasionally get a glimpse of their opinion in a thought bubble.

By using the “Lenses” option, found at the bottom of the left-hand menu, you can see certain areas of your hospital that need improvement. Fixing most of these will have a direct impact on your patients’ happiness.

Generally speaking, though, you’ll want to make sure you’re hitting these three goals to keep patients happy in Galacticare:

  • Make sure you have enough treatment rooms. Typically you’ll need more than one for each ailment, particularly when you get an emergency in. If you don’t have enough rooms, patients will need to wait too long. And nobody likes being in a long queue. The same goes for reception, too: you’ll likely need more than one reception desk.
  • Make sure corridors are decorated nicely. You’ll need a mixture of ordinary objects – i.e. cabinets and floor decals, curious objects (things like “BAZ” letters and other curios), art and plants.
  • Place down plenty of seating. Is there anything worse than standing up when you’re feeling poorly? Make sure you’ve got plenty of seating in your hospital corridors, and make sure they’re sensibly placed to ensure corridors can still flow freely.
Galacticare screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew

Is there a sandbox mode in Galacticare?

Yes. Well, sort of. You won’t find a “sandbox” option in the main menu, but once you’ve started playing through the campaign, you’ll uncover some sandbox levels.

After you’ve completed the first level, an area called Babylo Getaway will open up, which is a dedicated sandbox level. More will be available as you progress through the campaign too, like Bokeh Waystation 4-12.802.

On top of this, once each level of the campaign has been completed, it turns into a sandbox level of sorts, letting you continue to grow your hospital however you wish.

How to train doctors in Galacticare

To train doctors in Galacticare, you’ll need to build a training room. The bigger you build it, the more training modules you can fit in, so a large room can be beneficial. You can either choose a doctor and drop them into the room (click on them and select “teleport”), or let doctors assign themselves.

How do I hire janitors in Galacticare?

The thing with Galacticare feeling a lot like Theme Hospital and Two Point Hospital is that you expect everything to be the same. It’s not! One key way that it differs it that you don’t need to hire janitors. In fact, in the world of Galacticare, janitors simply don’t exist.

Instead, the medibots that are buzzing around your hospital are essentially janitors, and you’ll get a number of them automatically when you start work in a new hospital.

How to get more medibots

Medibots can be bought from Baz — the huge alien who acts as a shop — when he visits. They can also be crafted in your inventory menu. Select “crafting” on the right-hand side of the inventory panel then choose medibots. You’ll need enough crafting currency to do so though. You’ll earn crafting currency as you play and by clicking on certain bugs that appear in your hospital.

How to unlock new items and decorations in Galacticare

There are lots of decorative items in Galacticare, and only some of them are unlocked from the outset. You’ll unlock more simply by playing: they’ll be given as rewards for completing challenges and tasks. But you’ll also earn a type of currency as you can play which can be exchanged for new items.

From the main menu, visit the Galactic Exchange (press B/circle to access the side menu then toggle to the shopping cart icon). You’ll see a range of items available to be unlocked, providing you can afford their asking price.

Galacticare screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew

How to research new rooms in Galacticare

You don’t need to: new treatment rooms will automatically become available to you in Galacticare as and when you encounter the relevant illness. While you can build a research room in Galacticare, your main research targets are various room and hospital upgrades.

How to increase your hospital rating in Galacticare

In every hospital you play through in Galacticare, you’ll have a hospital rating. Rated out of five stars, this measures pretty much every element of your hospital, from how well you’re treating patients and how happy they are to how it looks.

Generally speaking, your rating will improve naturally over time, as you grow your hospital, heal more patients and place more function rooms. But if you’re playing in a sandbox level, your goal is to simply reach a five-star rating. Getting those last few points can be rather difficult.

These are the main areas to focus on:

  • Increase decorations. Place rugs, posters, artwork and plants everywhere. Making sure all of your corridors are covered by decorations will help, but also decorating each treatment room, too. You’ll need to ensure you have decorations from different categories, i.e. a mixture of ordinary and abstract decorations.
  • Have vending machines aplenty. Your staff and visitors will need food and drink, so make sure you’ve got vending machines dotted around your hospital.
  • Place upgrade devices in treatment rooms. These are things like technique monitors, holo docs and efficiency regulators. You can either buy them from Baz when he visits, or craft them yourself from your inventory menu.
  • Keep queues to a minimum and deal with patients quickly. Have lots of rooms, enough reception desks, and free-flowing corridors with plenty of space!
  • Have enough staff, and keep them happy. Have a good staff room (or multiple staff rooms, if your hospital is big enough) to help ensure your staff are resting regularly, and generally keeping happy.
Galacticare screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew

How to repair rooms

Sometimes your hospital will be hit with meteors and rooms will get damaged. Repairing rooms in Galacticare is pretty easy, thankfully. Do nothing, and your medibots will fix things up for your automatically.

If you have a repair kit in your inventory, however, you can instantly repair it yourself. Open up your inventory, select the repair kit, then select the room (or item — they can be used on things like vending machines and toilets) you want to use it on.

Can you build bathrooms in Galacticare?

This is another way that Galacticare differs from Theme Hospital or Two Point Hospital — you don’t need to build bathrooms. Instead, toilets are standalone cubicle that you’ll find in the items menu. You can place these anywhere in corridors. Yeah, we don’t really like the idea of placing them just anywhere, either. Thankfully, you can also find dividing walls in your items menu to give your patients some privacy.

How to unlock new areas and expand your hospital

Look for greyed out “inactive zones” on the outskirts of your hospital. They’re typically filled with boxes, and look like storage areas. Simply click in one of them. If you have enough money you can unlock it instantly and start building in it.

How to improve corridor congestion in Galacticare

One thing that, for us at least, was frequently flagged up as a problem in Galacticare is corridor congestion. This means how busy your corridors are and how much room there is for people to move around.

Think carefully about object placement and ensure that there’s always enough room for patients to move around, especially when it’s busy. It’s worth bearing it in mind right from the building stage, too, ensuring there’s always a wide corridor available as you’re placing rooms.

You can check your corridor congestion by choosing the “Lenses” option on your left-hand menu. Choose the corridor congestion option and troublesome areas will be highlighted in red.

How to save your game

Saving your game in Galacticare is as easy as treating Star Warts. Simply open up your options menu choose “save”. That’s it. Done. You can’t have multiple save files, however, so if you fail at a mission, you’ll just have to deal with it.

How many illnesses are there in Galacticare?

There are 23 illnesses altogether in Galacticare, including Space Invasion, Star Warts, Regolithic, Shattered Arm, Jellification, Aroma Borealis, Cranial Fracture, Metalhead, Space Fright, Twisted Tail and Hypersleep Crust.

How similar is Galacticare to Theme Hospital or Two Point Hospital?

Very. It plays out more or less identically, except it has a unique sci-fi setting and, of course, its own set of silly illnesses.

There are numerous changes, too. You don’t need janitors or nurses, for instance, you’ll get visited by giant space beasts, and unique tools like holo-doc emitters mean you can operate rooms without having real staff in them.

But, generally speaking, if you’ve played a lot of Theme Hospital or Two Point Hospital, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with Galacticare.

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