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Hades II screenshot

Surprise! Hades II is out in early access today

When Supergiant Games said Hades II would launch into early access relatively soon after its technical test, it wasn’t kidding. Today, Hades II is out in early access on Steam, meaning anyone can jump in and play.

Of course, the early access version of Hades II is not the full version of the game, but it is still content-packed. Supergiant says it already has more environments, enemies and fully-voiced characters than Hades ever has, but there’s plenty more to come. Key areas, narrative events and certain gameplay systems are still to come during the course of early access.

As for how long Hades II will be in early access, Supergiant Games can’t give a specific timeframe. It’s expected to remain in early access until the end of 2024 at the very least, but it could extend well into 2025 depending on how this stage of development goes.

Part of the development process involves taking on board player feedback. Supergiant will be actively monitoring feedback from their community across Discord and Steam, and changes will be implemented based on feedback.

So: if you want to get involved in shaping the finished product of Hades II, jump on the early access version and engage with the community. While the game is not finished yet, we can say with confidence it’s already something rather special. Based on our time with the technical test, Hades II is very much what you’d expect a Supergiant game to be: something rather special indeed. And over the next several months in early access, we’re sure it’s only going to get better.

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