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Helldivers 2 reviews

24 hours later, and Helldivers 2 Steam reviews are quickly recovering

It’s been 24 hours since Sony reversed its decision to make PSN sign-in mandatory for Helldivers 2 players on PC, and the swathe of negative reviews are quickly being reverted.

If you missed the drama, let’s get you caught up real quick. Following an announcement on Friday that players would soon need a PSN account to play Helldivers 2 on PC, the community did not take the news well. Players declared they’d never play again, with review bombing and Steam refunds coming left, right and centre. Thankfully, on Monday morning (6th May), Sony went back on their decision, announcing that PSN accounts would, in fact, not be mandatory.

Yesterday lunch time, Helldivers 2’s recent reviews on Steam were “mostly negative”, with a “mixed” score overall. Thankfully, they’re now on their way back up. As of 10am BST today, the game has a “mostly positive” overall score, with “mixed” recent.

It seems people who left negative reviews are gradually editing them to become positive. We’d expect that in the coming hours and days, the reviews will continue to climb higher and hopefully will soon be back to where they were before this whole debacle.

The game itself certainly doesn’t deserve negative reviews: it was extremely well received at launch, and has continued to be praised by players. However, even Arrowhead employees were encouraging players to leave negative reviews as a way of making their voice heard to Sony. It seems to have worked, and hopefully the short-lived spate of negative reviews won’t have a lasting impact on what is otherwise an excellent game.

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