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As Tango Gameworks closes, fans reverse review-bomb Hi-Fi Rush

Tango Gameworks may be no more, but fans have been reverse review-bombing Hi-Fi Rush to mourn the studio behind it. They’ve also been expressing their consternation at Microsoft’s decision to shut the studio, an announcement that came earlier this week.

Actually, maybe consternation is putting it lightly. ‘Raw, boiling fury’ might be a better way of putting it, glancing at a few of the Steam reviews. The influx of positive reviews both praise Hi-Fi Rush developer Tango Gameworks and condemn Microsoft for closing them down.

“Thanks to Tango Gameworks for the best game. F*** you Microsoft”, reads one review. “Tango, Arkane Austin and everyone affected today didn’t deserve this,” reads another. “Tango Gameworks was cooking too much so they had to shut it down, Thanks Microsoft”, reads one of the many, many others. Similar sentiments can be found on the storage pages for Tango’s other titles.

It hasn’t helped that, in the same week Microsoft made the announcement, an alleged internal Microsoft communication (via The Verge) from Xbox’s Matt Booty said Microsoft needed more games like Hi-Fi Rush. Meanwhile, as reported by Games Radar, one former GT dev was showing off the studio’s many awards.

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Because as much fun as Hi-Fi Rush is, it’s far from Tango Gameworks only smash. The same studio gave us The Evil Within and its sequel, and the wonderfully eerie Ghostwire Tokyo. It’s not been delisted, it’s currently on Game Pass, and Limited Run have a physical release of the game in the works. Though, as one Steam reviewer points out, the presence of licensed tracks could prove a problem further down the line.

And what of the other studios, Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog Games and Roundhouse Games? Arkane Austin’s Redfall is not a great game, but the studio’s Prey reboot has been receiving plenty of review-based hugs. Here’s hoping that every one affected by these layoffs lands on their feet and ends up somewhere they’re truly appreciated.

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