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How to add AI bots in Men of War II multiplayer

Men of War II - a green military vehicle driving through shallow water.

Men of War II lets you take on other players around the world, but how do you add AI bots to its multiplayer? Here’s how.

Want to play Men of War II in multiplayer mode without inviting people in? Then you can use AI bots, not unlike the ‘skirmish’ modes that crop up in some other RTS games. But how do you go about it? Here’s how.

First, go to multiplayer in Man of War II. You’ll see a few options which enable you to join existing lobbies and more. You don’t want to do that, instead you’ll create your own lobby and populate it with bots.

So, click on Lobby, then click on Create Lobby and you’ll be presented with two boxes, one for each team. Now, click Take Slot, on one of the two sides. That will add you to one team.

You now need to add the other bots, so click on the three dots next to each slot and choose select AI. Repeat this for each player you want to add.

You can also choose Fill With AI to fill the rest of the slots up, though you can’t have an all-AI team vs an all-AI team, you’ll need at least one human player on one of the teams.

Is this the same as create a skirmish in, say, Supreme Commander or Total Annihilation? Not quite. You still need to be online. Even though there are no remove human players, just you and the bots, you can’t yet play Men of War II offline. There’s an offline patch in the works, but chances are even then you’ll still have to go online to use bots.

So that’s how add AI bots to a Men of War II multiplayer game.

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